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100-day Blog Challenge

Every two weeks, until my challenge is over, I will provide an update for the 100-Day Blog Challenge I am doing. My ultimate goal is to turn this challenge into an eBook of some sort or a very long blog post, once it’s over.

Currently, today is day 14 for this challenge and this is my 14th blog post. I am not writing any blog posts ahead right now for this challenge. I am writing and publishing the same day, which may or may not stay the same as I move forward.

Why I am Doing a 100-Day Blog Challenge?

This challenge came a bit out of the blue. I decided to do a 100-Day Blog Challenge because I really want to build my blog and create another source of income.

Most of the money I make comes from freelance writing, but I do make some money from blogging and have made even more in the past from other blogs. My main goal is to build the content foundation of my blog quickly and 100 really good, long-form blog posts will help get me there.

I tend to do well with challenges and felt turning this into a challenge made sense for my mind. At the end of 100 days, I will have 100 new blog posts and I am already 14% of the way there with publishing this blog post.

What Have I Accomplished So Far?

Every two weeks, I am going to update these stats so that you can follow along and see what I have accomplished. You can also follow along by following me on Instagram. I post to my story every day when my new blog post goes live.

Stats for the first 14 days include:

  • Number of Posts Created – 14
  • Total Words Written – 23,386
  • Blog Traffic Boost – Approx. 50%
  • New List Signups – 4
  • Longest Blog Post –3,454
  • Shortest Blog Post – 787
  • Average Blog Post Length – 1,670

Along with these stats, my analytics show a lower bounce rate and a higher average session duration. I also have about 50% more page views overall and about 40% more sessions compared to before I started this 100-day blog challenge.

Posts Created Over the Past 14 Days

Along with this post, I have created 13 other new blog posts over the past 14 days including:

Along with these blog posts, I have also been super active on both Instagram and Pinterest. These two social sites are the majority of my marketing and I am also using some SEO tricks within my content. I get about 45% of my traffic from search engines, another 45% from social media, and 10% is a bit random.

I have also gained several Instagram followers and Pinterest followers. Whether those came from blog posts or not, I don’t know, but I do mention both in a few of my blog posts.

Other Challenges I am Also Taking On

My 100-Day Blog Challenge isn’t the only challenge I am currently taking on. In addition, I am also doing a 100-day swimming challenge, and 2 different 100-day YouTube challenges.

My swimming challenge is pretty simple. I am trying to swim once per day for 100 days. That’s it. Nothing complicated.

The YouTube Challenges are a bit different as one is a weekly challenge and the other is a daily challenge, which I have already had to adjust.

The first requires me to record a minimum of 7 videos per week for my channel Life Inspired by Ben. These are product review videos for my affiliate marketing business.

The second started with posting 3 videos to my channel One Quick Tip per day. I have since decided 21 of these per week is simply too much for me to handle, so I am cutting it back to just 1 video per day.

Both YouTube challenges have already produced new subscribers and views on each channel. I am also using the One Quick Tip videos to send traffic back to my blog and I finally saw traffic stats showing that I am getting traffic from YouTube this past week!

100-Day Blog Challenge, First Two Weeks Wrap up

Overall, everything has gone well. I cannot say it’s been easy as there have been days where it has been a huge challenge. However, I have published a new blog post every single day since I started and I only have 86 left to go!

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