Toy Story Selfie

I am Benjamin Ehinger. I have been a freelancer for more than a decade helping SEO companies and private clients with online marketing. Now, I run my own set of websites sharing information about products in the online marketing world. My goal is simply to provide you with the most truthful information possible directly from my experience with every product I review.

Along with my online marketing efforts, I also love to travel. I am currently traveling the United States with hopes to travel the entire world one day. My wife and I are spending time enjoying the state of Florida including a year at Disney World. We plan to have as much fun at Disney as possible this year before heading back out on our journey across the United States.

My passions also include spending time with my wife, Oakland Athletics baseball, Notre Dame football and reading. While my wife and I don’t have children yet, we hope to one day and we do take care of two four-legged children that go along with us on our adventures. Our dogs have probably marked more territory across this great county than most!