Auto Tweets


Ease of Use




Value for Money





  • Training is very straightforward and easy to follow along!
  • Very viable business model with plenty of room for expansion.
  • Offers a solution for actually cashing in on Twitter and other Social Media platforms!
  • One-time set up with very little work needed after initial set up!


  • Takes longer to set up than stated.
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Discover the Truth about the Passive Income Stream Set up with my Auto Tweets Review below!

When you pick up the Auto Tweets program, you will have the ability to set up an automated passive income stream from Twitter and it will only take a few hours. With social media becoming one of the top marketing strategies online, it’s no surprise a product like Auto Tweets offers the ability to cash in.

The claims are pretty strong as they claim you only need a few hours to set up a passive income stream. However, there is merit in the claims, as they are not trying to tell you that you will make a full-time income for sure. There is no guarantee, of course, but you can certainly use Auto Tweets to set up an ongoing, nearly automatic source of income.

Auto Tweets Review

Auto Tweets Review

The goal of Auto Tweets is to allow you to set up a completely automated business. Even if you have no experience and you don’t have a Twitter account, you can set up the system to target an audience and make you money.

You can add up to 300 total Tweets to the system and there’s a set of video tutorials to help you set it all up. The video tutorials make the process of setting up your automated business easy!

Auto Tweets Review

Auto Tweets Review

The key to the system is choosing a target audience. Once you have done this, you will be able to set up automated tweets including all types of options, such as inspiring quotes, affirmations, beautiful pictures and affiliate links.

You’ll simply create a new Twitter account and start adding your tweets to the system. The account settings section will also allow you to set the Tweet frequency and you can even set up an RSS feed to ensure you have even more tweets on autopilot.

The guide found within the tutorial section will walk you through, step-by-step and help you set everything up. It will give you helpful notes about each type of tweet and how to add your own articles and blog posts if you prefer, but these are not necessary.

Auto Tweets Review

Auto Tweets Review

Overall, Auto Tweets has a ton of potential. It won’t make you rich unless you follow the instructions and you do it right. Then, you have a chance to make some real money with this product.

The best part, if it works with one Twitter account, you can duplicate the process with another and another. Imagine, if you had 10 or 15 Twitter accounts making you $500 or $1,000 per week. Would you be able to quit your job?

Auto Tweets Review

Auto Tweets Review

Auto Tweets Benefits

Auto Tweets offers several benefits including:

  • Ability to Start Immediately
  • Generate a Passive Income
  • Create Residual Commissions
  • No Installation Required
  • Set and Forget System
  • And More!

If you’ve ever wanted to cash in on the social media revolution, now is your chance. Twitter is one of the largest social media sites on the planet and Auto Tweets will help you set up your passive income today!

Auto Tweets Review

Auto Tweets Review

OTO’s/Upsells for Auto Tweets

At this time, there are no Upsells or OTO products for Auto Tweets.

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