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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the global economy to almost a standstill and has sent many searching for the best online jobs in America. Many people lost their jobs, and it became difficult for them to run their households. However, despite the challenging situations in the global economy, the pandemic did leave us something good to look forward to – the growth of online job opportunities.

Work-from-home options have increased tremendously in the recent past in America and the other parts of the world. So, if you want to make a reasonable sum of money within the comfort of your homes, you can try some of these options, based on your expertise. Some of these jobs don’t need any special skills or experience; therefore, they are great for beginners as well.

14 Best Online Jobs in America for Any Age to Start Today

Online Jobs In America

Affiliate Marketer (#1 Best Online Job in America)

Affiliate marketing is one of the top jobs when it comes to popular online job opportunities in America and elsewhere. You don’t have to own a business or create your own products/services. All you have to do is to tie up with an online retail giant like Amazon and promote some of its products or services on your website.

When the visitors to your website click on the links that you have published there, they automatically get redirected to the product’s page. When they click this link or buy products from this link, you can earn affiliate commissions. The only prerequisite to becoming a successful marketer is to have a website with a good amount of traffic.

Freelance Writer

If you have a flair for English and love to write grammatically correct content, freelance writing is a great opportunity for you to make money from your homes. Many website owners and online businesses are looking for writers to publish good content on their websites to attract traffic. You can opt for ghostwriting, copywriting, or technical writing, as per your competencies.

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All you need to do is agree to the timelines and submit your work within the deadlines to get paid on time. You can also create your own blog and monetize it well by positing excellent and relevant content regularly. It’s also possible to create your profile on some of the reputable freelancing websites like Fiverr and Upwork, to get more jobs.

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YouTube Creator – A New & Exciting American Online Job

YouTube is one of the most entertaining ways to earn money through online sources. Today, you will find many youngsters earning thousands of dollars per month, thanks to the popularity of their YouTube videos. In a market that is already filled with a lot of content and many channels talking about the same topic, you need to be unique while creating YouTube videos.

To make money from your videos, you need to have a specific number of likes and subscribers to your channel, as prescribed by YouTube. Once you satisfy these conditions, you should regularly create niche content and promote your channel on your blogs or social media platforms to improve its reach and earn money from the same.

Virtual Assistant (Easiest Online Job in America)

Being a virtual assistant is quite easy once you understand the requirements of your client. It is similar to an office assistant’s profile, with the only difference being that it will be done online. Scheduling meetings, looking after the administration-related tasks, and providing customer support are some of the basic responsibilities of a virtual assistant.

The best part of this job is that you don’t need to have any prior work experience. If you know how to use the laptop well, you are sure to find this job interesting. Most of the companies pay their virtual assistants by the hour. Since you can work at your own pace, this profile is definitely one that new mothers or pregnant women can consider.

Medical Transcriptionist

If you are good at typing and listening, you can apply for the role of a medical transcriptionist. The role of a medical transcriptionist is to listen to audio files that may contain lectures or doctors’ theories and then typing out the same content perfectly. So, the more you can type per hour, the more you can earn in this profession.

However, mostly all companies conduct a selection test on the candidates before they hire medical transcriptionists. If you clear this test, you can earn quite decently in the beginning. Your earnings will increase as you improve your typing speed. If you know any foreign language, you get to earn more in this field.

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Web Developer

If you have the basic knowledge of certain drag and drop online tools, you can build a decent website for your client. Many businesses are looking for professionals to develop and design a website for them. The website is the main way, through which they communicate to their existing and potential customers. So, online business owners want attractive websites with crisp, clear, and catchy content.

As a web developer, your main job will be to develop an interactive website for your clients, with different pages to explain more about them and their services. If you also have the technical knowledge of installing chatbot services and other web development tools, this can turn out to be a lucrative profession for you.

Social Media Manager (The Most Popular of the Best Online Jobs in America)

Many businesses have social media accounts, but they are on the lookout for social media experts to manage their business and reputation online. If you know the various engagement tools & techniques used on social media sites, you can work from your home as the social media manager of these companies.

These companies have the content ready; therefore, all you need to do is to post the content at the right time and promote it across all the social media handles of the company to make it popular. You can also increase engagement on the content by responding to customer queries and feedback, instantly. Make sure that your content posts relevant and high-quality content regularly, for you to take over and promote it as much as you can.

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Event Planner

If you have a hidden talent for organizing parties and events, don’t let that go to waste. You can do that right from your homes, and earn money for that as well. In the USA, many companies and individuals require people to take care of their professional and private events (like townhalls, birthday parties, farewell parties, etc.).

You can apply for such jobs if you think you have it in you to plan & organize the event perfectly. However, it would help your cause if you already have a rich experience of planning many types of events.

Online Teacher (One of the Best Online Jobs in America for Qualified Teachers)

What better way to spread your knowledge in the time of a pandemic than online teaching? You can create a channel or website for yourself, and teach whatever you are capable of, at a reasonable cost. For example, if you know Mandarin very well, you can offer to teach this language in simple steps to others. You can post sample videos to show how different you are from the other online Mandarin tutors that are already available in the market.

If you are truly a subject matter expert in a specific field, and if you can teach concepts uniquely and interestingly, people will be willing to learn from you. In turn, you can earn a decent sum of money from your online teaching modules.

Voice Actor

Do you have a lovely baritone when you speak? Can you modulate your voice well when you express intense emotions? If yes, an online voiceover actor’s job would suit you well. With so many animation movies being launched, the demand for voiceover artists is constantly rising. If you can prove your mettle with one movie, you can definitely go places.

Even if you cannot get a break in films, you can try your luck in reading out audiobooks, plays, etc. You can post a sample of your voice to companies who are looking for artists for you. If your voice matches their requirements, you can earn decent money in this profession.

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Currency/Cryptocurrency Trader

Foreign currency trading is quite popular today, for people who are willing to take huge risks. However, please remember that this profile requires a lot of knowledge and prior experience. It is not suited for beginners, who have no knowledge about how foreign currency exchanges work.

On the other hand, if you have been following the market trends of different foreign currencies, and know to time the market properly, you can make a huge profit due to the exchange rate conversions. However, if the market is highly volatile, you can also lose a lot of money. So, you should tread with caution in this type of job.

If you choose to trade cryptocurrencies, it’s a bit risky, but can pay off huge. Some cryptocurrency traders have started with $100 and turned it into $10K or more time and time again. With the right strategy, you can buy cryptocurrency today and sell it for a profit as tomorrow. Sometimes, you will need to hold it longer, but it can be a very lucrative online job in America.

You can get started with trading Cryptocurrency at or Both are popular exchanges for those wanting to become cryptocurrency traders online.

Travel Agent

Online Travel Agent Job

The pandemic has put a hold on most of our travel plans. However, with the rules relaxing in many parts of America, and with the economy reviving, people have slowly started to travel again with their loved ones. At this juncture, a travel agent with expertise in niche fields is a great online job opportunity.

There are thousands of travel agents all over America, offering attractive plans to tourists. So, you should make your potential customers know how different you are from others.

Having good knowledge and experience in niche areas like budget destinations, destinations for solo travelers, summer tourist spots, etc., is very important to get your online business many views. Attract your customers with interesting plans and itineraries in these particular niches, and you are sure to earn quite handsomely.

Online Juror

This is an opportunity that is available only for the citizens of the USA, right now. If you want to gain some experience before becoming a full-time attorney, you can look for online juror jobs. In this profile, you will provide online services by offering feedback for attorneys on a mock case.

Though not many people know of this profile, it is quite surprising to see that many young law students had applied for this job in the recent past.  You can search online and choose legitimate websites for these job opportunities.

Telephone Nurse

If you have studied nursing and possess the right experience and license, you can work as a nurse right from your home. You can tie up with health sciences or insurance companies to provide your services to the patients registered with them.

When people know about your services, they will give you a call. Then, you can give detailed information on the diagnosis and the treatment process that would continue. As a telephone nurse, you can also help patients recuperate quickly, by keeping a tab on their status.

Apart from these jobs, you can also try some of these profiles when searching for the best online jobs in America. The market for these profiles has a huge potential, waiting for you to tap it and make the best use of the same.

You can download my list of 100+ websites that pay writers for free and use this extensive list to find freelance writing jobs that pay well.

A Few More of the Best Online Jobs in America

American Online Jobs

Copy Writer

Suitable for innovative individuals, this one of the best online jobs in America involves writing copy for businesses in any form (email, videos, ads, text-based content, etc.) to help them sell their products/services.


You can start your own blog on niche content. You can post high-quality and engaging content on it regularly to attract viewers. Once the traffic to your blog increases, you can also place links for products or services on your blog. These links will earn you money through affiliate commission, when a visitor clicks on them.

Podcast Host

Once you have tasted reasonable success with your YouTube channel, you can create podcasts on the same content, and then launch them on other streaming platforms.


A translator translates content from one language to another, depending on the requirements of the client. If you know some foreign languages and possess a good typing speed, you can earn decently in this field.

SEO Expert

As a search engine optimization expert, you will help companies improve their ranking on Google page ranks. You will help with the latest SEO tools to improve the visibility of your client’s website or social media site.

Home Care Coder

Usually used in the field of medicine, a home care coder helps medical professionals with specific codes for specific types of ailments. They have to keep diligent records of all patients.

Data Entry (An Entry-Level Online Job in America)

The profile of a data entry operator doesn’t require any college degree. Even a school dropout can do this job very easily, provided he is good at typing. The faster and more content you can type in an hour, the higher you can earn.

Phone Customer Service

Many companies are on the lookout for virtual customer service representatives to handle customers. You don’t need a college degree for this job; all you need to do is possess good communication skills and a pleasing personality.

Bilingual Guest Services Representative

This is almost similar to the “phone customer service” job. However, the major difference here is that you will be required to provide customer support in English and any other language that the client wants. Having a thorough knowledge of at least one foreign language is mandatory for this profile.

Inbound Customer Service

This profile involves talking to customers of the company you are working for and convincing them to make a purchase. It also involves calling up prospective customers to introduce them to your services, handling customer complaints, solving their queries, etc.


Online content is growing at a phenomenally high-speed today. With lots of video games, movies, and television shows being launched almost every day, an animator’s job is in great demand.

Grant Writer

Many organizations (private and public) have to write lengthy applications to the government to receive grants. If you are aware of the terms of writing a grant, and if you have a flair for writing grammatically correct content, you can apply for the post of a grant writer for these companies.

Graphic Designer

Most online businesses are in need of graphic designers to give new meaning to their brand, logo, website appearance, and so on. If you are a certified graphic designer, you have an edge over your competitors.


If you are confident about a subject, you can instruct the same others through online sources. Teaching & instructing them will give you a chance to spread your knowledge to the world and make money.

Internet Security Specialist

Many companies are looking for internet security specialists today to protect their business emails and websites from cyber threats, phishing, and more. Our job would be to set up firewalls and provide them with top-notch security standards.

Survey Taker (A Super Simple Online Job in America)

Beginners can take up many online surveys and fill them for money. It doesn’t pay much, but you don’t have any experience or college degree for this.

Virtual Recruiter

Here, you work from your home and screen candidates online to ensure that you hire the person with the right skill set.

Final Thoughts About the Best Online Jobs in America

As you can see, you can make decent money from many of these online jobs in America. However, please remember to apply for jobs only from legitimate websites to avoid disappointments later.

These legitimate online jobs give you the golden opportunity to make money, within the confines of the four walls of your room. So, they give you the flexibility to work when you can, without any stress.

If you’re looking for an online job in customer service, Virtual Vocations offers many listings for this type of work. Find out more about the companies looking to fill legitimate customer service online jobs by visiting the Virtual Vocations website here.

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