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Blogging for a Living

There have been several articles written on the topic of blogging for a living. When it comes to the business of blogging, beginners often misunderstand what it means to blog for a living.

In this blog post, I am going to introduce you to a few of the articles written about how to make a living blogging and what they get right and wrong. I am also going to talk about why I believe anybody willing to put in the work can get paid to blog about anything.

Before I get into it, I want you to understand; I am not going to show you how to make a ton of cash overnight. I am also not going to show you how to become rich or famous.

Blogging is a long-term plan and takes dedication, work, and time to achieve success.

When it comes to the business of blogging, if you want to be successful, you have to treat it as a business. Most small businesses take at least two years to break even, let alone turn a profit.

You won’t need to blog for two years to turn a profit, but you won’t be quitting your job by the end of the month, either.

Article #1 – Can You Still Make a Living as a Blogger?

Make a Living as a Blogger

This article was written by Melyssa Griffin, a very well-known and successful blogger. When she speaks, I listen, most of the time.

It’s not a long read, but she does make a few good points. She points out that ads and sponsorship are not the way to make a living from blogging.

However, I do disagree with one of her first points, which is “with a healthy dose of affiliate links and sponsorships, I could be rich!”

While affiliate links didn’t work for her, I do know of others that are blogging for a living, and they use affiliate links almost exclusively.

I do agree that creating your own products is the way to go if you want to really make good money blogging.

Article #2 – How to Make a Living From Blogging

Make a Living from Blogging

Written by Dorie Clark for, this article is a good read and makes a few good points. It’s a bit dated as it was written in 2014, but the concepts are still pretty relevant.

The first point the author makes is “Take the long view,” and I totally agree. You cannot expect to make a ton of cash quickly. Most bloggers don’t see true success until they’ve been at it for at least a year, and some blogs take even longer, depending on post frequency and overall marketing strategy.

A few other great points are made in this article, including:

  • Getting clear on your niche
  • Creating multiple streams of revenue
  • Forget advertising
  • Building a community

Just as Melyssa stated in the first article I mentioned, Dorie is also telling you to forget about advertising. It’s simply not a great way to make money with blogging, and I agree with both of these authors.

I advocate for all the points made in this article, as blogging is basically a way to create a community. Think of it as creating a group of regulars coming into your restaurant every day or at least every week. It takes time to build this regular following, but it’s well worth it.

John Chow made a comment in a recent video, and I hope I get this right. He said blogging is like pushing a snowball uphill. It’s very difficult to get it up the hill, but once you reach the top, the journey downhill is fast and much easier.

Blogging for a living isn’t easy, but listening to the principles of this Forbes article will help you get the business of blogging correct.

Article #3 – Blogging For A Living: How Much Can You Really Make Online?

Make Money Blogging for a Living

This article comes from Financial Samurai and provides a bit more of an overview for those looking to blog for a living. The author starts out by stating it took about 16 years for him/her (not sure) to generate a $200K income through a portfolio, but was able to do the same thing with blogging in just four years.

The article talks about the low barrier to entry since you don’t need much cash to get started. In fact, I detail how much cash you really need in my blog post, How to Start a Successful Blog For $3.75 to $1,000.

In addition, this article goes into detail about who is best suited for blogging, and it’s a good read. The only thing I don’t like is this blogger does promote using advertising as a way to make money online. I am not a fan of this, and while it can make you money, it’s not the easiest or best way to go about it.

There are several other articles written about blogging for a living. I wanted to introduce these three because they are all a bit different, and they all contain good information when it comes to the business of blogging.

5 Reasons Blogging for a Living is Possible

Make Money Blogging for a Living

Maybe you’re not sure if you can really blog for a living and quit your job. Here are my top five reasons blogging for a living is not only possible but achievable if you’re willing to put in the world.

1. It’s Cheap to Start

Like I show in my blog post, How to Start a Successful Blog For $3.75 to $1,000,  blogging for a living is cheap to start. You don’t need to invest a ton of cash to get your blog started.

All you need are the steps found on my Start Here Page and my free 10-Day How to Become a Blogger course. Find them both by going here now.

2. It’s Incredibly Scalable

The more you post, the more traffic you will gain, and the more money you can make. Blogging is one of the most scalable business models available today.

You are creating a content library, and the larger your library becomes, the more traffic you can gain. As long as you monetize that traffic well, you can make more and more cash from your blog.

For beginners, blogging can be difficult because it takes time to scale. You either need to put in the time to create blog posts or be willing to throw some money at your blog to promote your blog.

While you don’t need any more money than what it cost for hosting, a domain name, and a WordPress theme, you can certainly grow faster with more money to invest.

3. It’s Easy

When you choose a niche you’re passionate about; you’ll find blogging to be easy. It’s overwhelming, at first, because you’re learning something new, but once you get the basics down, you’ll likely find blogging to be rather easy.

Blogging for a living doesn’t need to be difficult. Make it as simple as you can, at first, and build your knowledge over time.

4. It’s Not Going Anywhere

While video content and podcasts have gained popularity, written blog content hasn’t diminished in popularity. Blogging is going to be around for many decades to come. As long as the internet is up and running, you can expect blogging to be a part of it.

5. You can Do it While Working Full-Time or Part-Time

You don’t need to quit your job to start blogging. However, when you reach the point where you’re blogging for a living, you’ll be able to quit your job.

If you want to replace your job with blogging, you certainly can, but you can also build a blog while working full-time. In fact, it’s a great way to create a side income or start a business you really enjoy running.

Will You Really Earn Money Blogging for a Living?

The answer to this question isn’t simple. It depends on you. If you want to discover the basics of how to make a living blogging, you need to go to my Start Here page and sign up for my free 10-Day How to Become a Blogger course.

You have to be the one to decide if you’re going to learn the business of blogging and make a living blogging. If this is something you desire, you will need to become intimate with the following:

  • Patience
  • Writing
  • Posting on Social Media
  • Gaining Knowledge
  • Spending Time in front of a Computer
  • Trying, Failing, Trying again, Failing again, Learning from failure, and Succeeding

Those that get paid to blog about anything have taken the time to build up their writing skills and their blog marketing skills. Blogging for a living isn’t easy. It requires dedicated effort, over time.

Blogging for a Living: Setting Proper Expectation

Get Paid to Blog About Anything

If you go into blogging and expect to quit your job in a month, you’ll likely be disappointed. Unless you have several thousands of dollars to throw at a blog, you won’t see success in 30 days.

Setting your expectations properly will help drive you to success. As a beginner to blogging for a living, you should expect to:

  • see less than 100 visits to your blog in the first 30 days.
  • make nothing from your blog for the first six months.
  • invest 5+ hours every week into your blog, preferable 10+ hours. (The more time you can invest, the better.)
  • hear negativity from friends, family, and strangers on and offline.
  • work your blog like it’s a business.

Blogging for a living really comes down to learning the business of blogging and playing the numbers game. If you need 10 posts to gain 10 visitors to your blog every week, then creating 100 posts should give you 100 visitors per week.

It’s as simple as looking at the numbers and creating quality blog posts until you have enough to drive enough traffic to make money from your blog.

Of course, there’s more to it, but simplifying your expectations and your mindset goes a long way to creating a living from blogging.

My Final Thoughts About the Business of Blogging for a Living

When you want to get paid to blog about anything, you need to get the basics right. Choose the right blogging platform, get the right blog hosting, and create the right design for your blog.

Once you have these blogging basics handled, it’s all about creating high-quality content for your audience. Set aside time to write at least every week, preferably every day. Publish when your post is ready, not perfect, and publish often.

If you create one high-quality blog posts every week for a year, you’ll have 52 high-quality blog posts, which is a great foundation for any blog.

Those willing to put in even more work and create two posts per week will top the 100-post mark in about a year. The 100-post mark is a big milestone for bloggers.

You can push your blog into overdrive by posting every single day. Even if you miss some days for holidays, sickness, and other things, you could have more than 300 blog posts on your blog after just one year.

Commit to the process of blogging for a living instead of looking for instant results. If you’re committed to putting in the work, you will find success, but it won’t be without some bumps along the way.

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