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Blogging Under a Pen Name

Many new bloggers are afraid to put themselves out there, so they start blogging under a pen name. There are good reasons to blog anonymously and good reasons not to blog under a pen name. Let’s look at both.

Blogging Anonymously: It Starts with Your Motivation

Choosing to blog under a pen name or use your real name depends on your motivation. Are you trying to create a personal brand? Do you have a motivation to become famous?

The motivation will dictate how you blog and whether blogging under a pen name makes sense. You’re probably not considering blogging anonymously if you want to become famous, your blog connect to your business, or you plan to blog in order to build connections with people that know you.

Likely, you searching for information about blogging under a pen name because you want to blog about a sensitive subject, you don’t want to be attached to your blog, or you think there could be negative consequences for yourself or your family.

If you’ve started your blog, already, it’s probably too late to use a pen name. However, you can start a second blog.

If you haven’t started your blog yet, you will want to go to my Start Here page and get your blog started after you finish reading this blog post.

Top Reasons for Blogging Under a Pen Name

Blog Under a Pen Name

There are several reasons to blog under a pen name and they don’t all have to do with blogging anonymously. Let’s look at a few of the top reasons for blogging under a pen name.

Separate Blog Personas

Not all bloggers run just the blog you follow under what you assume is their real name and their real face. Many successful bloggers run a network of blogs covering many of the top blogging niches that make money online.

When you have multiple blogs, covering different niches, it makes sense to use a pen name for each niche. This helps to give each blog a persona and separate each by niche.

This was the main reason I used to blog under a pen name. I had several sites I was working on in different niches, and it was common practice to assign a pen name to each, especially back in the days of using article directory sites.

Less Pressure

Going online means you’re putting yourself out there. However, if your blogging anonymously, it may be a bit easier to put yourself out there without worry of someone discovering who you are.



Bloggers start out under a pen name or without a name at all if they are shy, sometimes. Shyness can be a reason to blog anonymously; at least until you decide you’re ready to own what you’re writing under your own name.

Fits Your Niche/Content

Maybe you’re going into a specific niche or writing the type of content that just makes sense for an anonymous persona. Sometimes, using anonymous blogging as a gimmick just makes sense. It can become a part of your marketing strategy.

Why You Shouldn’t be Blogging Under a Pen Name

While there are reasons to blog anonymously or under a pen name, there are several great reasons to avoid doing this. Here are a few of the top reasons why I don’t blog anonymously or blog under a pen name anymore.

Building Traffic Isn’t as Easy

Some of the top traffic tips you can use to build blog traffic won’t be able to be done anonymously. It also makes using social media much harder, and you won’t have a face to show off as a part of your blog or social media.

When you try to build traffic, it’s very difficult to keep your identity a secret. Video goes out the door unless you want to do screenshot videos with a fake voice. Personally, I prefer to do real videos, like those found on my channel One Quick Tip.

It’s Not Personal

People want to connect with you, not a fake persona. Most of us can spot a fake a mile away, and if you follow a blogger long enough, you’ll know they are either real or fake.

Highly Stressful


There will always be a worry of being caught or discovered when you blog anonymously or under a pen name. Someone you know might spot you and expose you in the comments section of your blog or on social media.

While blogging under a pen name can lead to less pressure, it can also become very stressful. You will need extra things, such as domain privacy in order to pull it off.

No True Connections

Blogs are often about connecting with others, and some of the best ways to build a blog include connections. However, when you blog anonymously or blog under a pen name, developing connections becomes far more difficult.

Blogging Under a Pen Name Won’t Keep You Anonymous

Blogging anonymously and blogging under a pen name are similar, but they are certainly different. Think about all the celebrities that use a fake name. They still get recognized in public, and people just call them by their stage name.

When you choose to blog under a pen name, you are choosing a stage name. However, when you blog anonymously, you will have the added pressure of not using your picture or name.

My Final Thoughts on Blogging Anonymously

Blog Anonymously

I don’t agree with blogging anonymously in most circumstances. There are very few people that can truly pull it off and become a successful blogger. If you think you’re one of them, go for it, but most will either quit before they discover success or get discovered along the way.

My Final Thoughts on Blogging Under a Pen Name

If you prefer to use a pen name, that’s fine. Just know, if you use your picture, you will likely become associated with the new name you chose. This isn’t a bad thing, but it’s also not necessary.

Your picture will be a dead giveaway for anybody that knows you, so don’t expect to use a different name and not get discovered. In addition, if you’re trying to hide behind your blog, you won’t be able to use personal stories.

My Recommendations for New Bloggers

I have a few recommendations for new bloggers when it comes to the issue of blogging under a pen name or blogging anonymously.

  • Use Your Name, unless you have a GREAT reason not to
  • Consider a Nickname or create a brand name for your blog, if you truly don’t want to use your name.
  • Use just your first name if you want some privacy while starting your new blog.

I don’t recommend blogging under a pen name or blogging anonymously, especially as a beginner. It’s just more to worry about and often leads to more stress.

When you’re ready to start your blog, make sure you head over to my Start Here page. I walk you through how to get your first blog up and running and I provide a FREE How to Become a Blogger course you can start today!

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