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business process automation companies

In the industry of business process automation, there are several companies that can provide your company with the technology you need to get things done. The following are a few of these.

Emerson Electric Co.

Founded in 1890, Emerson Electric Co. serves industrial markets worldwide with its products, services, and technology solutions. It is headquartered in Ferguson, Missouri. The company offers a wide range of products and solutions, including electrical, software, and process control equipment.

The company started off as an electric motor manufacturer, but soon evolved into a world-leading technology solutions powerhouse. Through acquisitions, the company expanded its global presence. Today, Emerson’s global sales are estimated at $6.2 billion.

Initially, Emerson had a difficult time surviving the Depression and World War II. In 1947, the company slipped to a low of just over $1 million. Despite the tough economic times, Emerson remained steadfast in its pursuit of growth. During the 1980s, Emerson grew steadily.

Pentair plc

Pentair plc is a global manufacturer of valves and controls. It was founded in 1966 by five founders who were formally employed by Litton Industries. Initially, the company was intended to manufacture high altitude research balloons. They later acquired Flambeau Paper Corporation.

The company has four business segments. These include Electronic Solutions, Industrial & Flow Technologies, Valve & Controls, and Everpure. Each of these businesses produces industry leading products and services.

Pentair plc has 21 subsidiaries. Some of these are listed on the SEC’s list of public companies. As of December 28, 2022, the company has a 2 ISS Governance QualityScore.

Applied Materials Inc.

Applied Materials is one of the leading semiconductor equipment manufacturers in the world. Its products include chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and physical vapor deposition (PVD) machines and systems, electrochemical plating systems, and wafer- and reticle inspection systems. They are used by manufacturers of silicon chips, flat panel liquid crystal displays (FPDs), solar photovoltaic cells, and other electronic devices.

Applied Materials traces its origins back to 1967. Founded by Michael A. McNeilly, the company initially focused on chip making equipment. As the semiconductor industry expanded, it developed miniaturized circuits and devices. Eventually, Applied Materials began selling its equipment in other industries.


AirSlate is a global SaaS technology company that serves tens of millions of users worldwide. It offers a number of products, including signNow and PDFFiller, as well as document management solutions and no-code business process automation.

AirSlate serves as a digital transformation platform that is used by many different industries. The software helps employees do their work faster and more efficiently.

AirSlate has a number of features, such as its Bots, which automate workflows in just minutes. They use logic and simple instructions to execute actions without assistance. These Bots can integrate with systems of record and transfer data in an auditable and secure manner.


The company offers several solutions that include workflows, forms, and analytics. They also have a variety of integrations and connectors for third-party software and applications. In addition, Nintex has an impressive set of security certifications.

One of the most important features of Nintex is its ability to help you create digital forms. This includes e-signing technology, error rectification, and the ability to automate approval processes.

Nintex is a leading provider of process management software. Its products help more than 10,000 organizations in 90 countries to improve how they manage their business operations.


When it comes to improving productivity and efficiency, you’ll want to consider a Business Process Automation (BPA) solution. These solutions allow your staff to perform tasks more efficiently, so you can focus on what matters most.

Kissflow is a cloud-based BPM software solution that’s designed to automate your business processes with ease. With a powerful visual designer, drag-and-drop form builders, and conditional access capabilities, this no-code application makes it easy to design custom business processes that are both efficient and effective.

In addition to a variety of apps to automate your daily tasks, Kissflow offers an array of other features and benefits that will take your business to the next level. This includes real-time analytics, role-based access, and granular control over your data.

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