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Can You Make Money Blogging About Your Life

The simple answer is yes, as many have already started making money by blogging about their life. When it comes to blogging about your life, you want to make sure you know what you’re getting into.

As I have said in several other posts about blogging, you need a plan. Your plan has to be well thought out and easy to follow, or you’ll likely stop working your plan, which will lead to blog failure.

If you’re considering blogging about your life to make money online, you need to know what you’re getting into. Blogging isn’t a get rich quick scheme or something you’ll find success from quickly.

Blogging about your personal life is much different than blogging about a hobby or something else. It can be a bit more taxing emotionally, and you will become more vulnerable. However, it’s a great way to make money by blogging, and it can be rather therapeutic.

How to Make Money Blogging About Your Life

The simplest way to make money if you want to blog about your life is to show off the things you already use. has an affiliate program that allows you to link to any product they sell. You get paid a commission for the sales you generate when someone goes to Amazon through your link.

All you have to do is show off things you already use and love, and then link to them on Amazon. Many bloggers already make money blogging about their personal life using this strategy.

One of my favorite examples of someone that blogs about their life and makes money by doing so is the blog called Gone With The Wynns. My wife and I are full-time Rvers, so this site makes sense for us to follow, but it’s also a great example of a couple blogging (and vlogging) about their life and making money from it.

Another way you can make money blogging about your life is by creating your own products. This is a bit more advanced, but people do it with merchandise, such as t-shirts and coffee mugs. They also do it with downloadable guides or books they sell on Amazon.

There are several ways to blog about your life and make money. It depends on what your life is about and how you go about blogging about it. You can use Amazon’s affiliate program, create your own products, or even take on sponsorships once you grow your traffic to an acceptable level.

A Few Quick Tips For Blogging About Your Personal Life

When you decide you want to get into blogging and you want to blog about your personal life, you need a few tips to help you. The most successful bloggers that blog about their life are so popular because they follow these tips.

1. Write for the Reader, Not Search Engines

Write for the Reader

Even if you want to use SEO as a marketing strategy, you should always be writing for the reader first. Ultimately, the reader is who Google, Bing, and other search engines care about, so they do cater their search algorithm towards the reader.

According to Sara from “When I start a blog post, I choose 1 thing I’m going to say to my readers. It might be a lesson, a biblical or parenting message, a take-away, a shared experience, a rant or even for pure entertainment. But it’s gotta DO something for them, or my readers are not going to bother reading it.”

She nails it when it comes to blogging, and following her example is a great idea!

2. Use Purpose-Drive Blogging

You want to have a purpose when you decide to blog about your life. Whether you’re simply blogging about the everyday life of a new mom or you’re blogging about what you’re cooking each day, have a purpose.

Your purpose needs to go even further, too. If you’re trying to get people to subscribe to a newsletter, that’s your purpose, and it needs to be easy to understand.

According to an article on, “Before you start typing, know what you want to write about and why you are writing the blog.”

3. Be On a Mission

Having a mission is similar to having a purpose, but it goes even further. Your mission may be simply to keep a public journal of your life. It could also be to help others go through what you’re going through.

A blog post from the site The Era I Lived In, puts it very well by stating, “This blog is a mission, it holds much deeper meaning in my life than just telling the world what I went through, who I am, what am I made of and what life made me decide to do in my circumstances. I sincerely wish that by sharing my life-story on a global platform, maybe someone, somewhere, someday will seek inspiration.”

This quote sums up having a mission pretty well, and it’s a great way to blog about your personal life.

4. Add in Emotion and/or Humor

Blogging about Your Life with Emotion

Depending on your personality, you’ll want to add in emotion and/or humor to your personal blog. By adding in true emotion, you’ll gain trust with your audience. The very best blog posts are the ones with good emotion or humor found within.

5. Be Yourself

There is nothing worse than someone blogging about their personal life, but omitting most of their life from the blog. You need to be yourself and be authentic, or you won’t succeed.

Deciding not to write about something to protect your family or changing the names, won’t harm your blog, but only sharing the good without any struggle ever shared on your blog will.

Be you, blog about you and what you’re going through or your audience won’t grow. You want to make sure your readers see as much of you as you can share and the more vulnerable you are, the more likely you will come off as truly authentic.

6. Write Like Your Describing a Snapshot

Good writers know how to make you see the picture just like you’re sitting at the table with them. You don’t want to be a reporter when you blog about your personal life. Instead, you want to write about what happened as if you’re describing a series of snapshots from the event.

For example, my wife and I went through an RV issue our first year, and we broke down on an exit 10 minutes outside of our next destination. If this is all I give you, you cannot see it. All I am doing is reporting information.

However, if I write it like this it paints a picture and makes you feel like you’re actually there.

As the stress level rose, I was quickly walking down the road red gas-can in hand. I could see the station in the distance, pumps gleaming in the sunshine, and the green and white sign became clearer with every step.

We were stranded, right at the top of an interstate exit. The very kind Triple-A truck stopped, adding orange cones around our RV and somebody to direct traffic around us. Many strangers stopped and offered help as we waited for a tow truck that seemed never to show up.

Our green-striped, brown-colored RV looked like a sad bus stuck on the side of the road on display at the top of the hill.

The weather was pleasant with the sun shining and a cool breeze moving the tall grass off the side of the interstate. We panicked, at first, then a calm took over as we realized, this too shall pass.

7. Be Conversational

Blogging about your personal life

Along with writing with color like you’re describing a snapshot from the experience, you should write conversational, as well. Write about your personal life as if you’re speaking to a friend.

Again, this is all about writing like a person, not a reporter. If this is hard for you, record yourself talking, and transcribe it into your blog posts. After a few rounds of transcribing, you’ll get better at writing conversationally.

Can You Make Money Blogging About Your Personal Life? The Final Answer

Whether you want to learn how to make money blogging about your personal life as a side hustle or as a full-time income, it’s possible. Blogging about anything can be profitable if you know what you’re doing.

Starting a blog is one of the biggest obstacles for new bloggers. I have made this much easier with my Start Here page and my 10-day How to Become a Blogger course. You can find it by going here now.

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