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cheap minecraft server hosting

The search for the best cheap Minecraft server hosting provider can be confusing. If you’re looking for a reliable service for your game, here are a few factors you should keep in mind.


ScalaCube is one of the best Minecraft hosting services that provides unlimited game servers, server locations and a control panel. Their servers come with strong configuration options and low latency. They also provide DDoS protection and free sub-domain.

The company offers nine different Minecraft server hosting plans. You can choose from a basic plan to a premium plan with lots of RAM.

Some of the features include a choice of four data centers, unlimited game servers, full access to files, and a choice of SSD storage. They also have an Apache web server and FTP file access.

ScalaCube offers a free sub-domain, as well as a choice of MySQL databases. They also offer a Forge version of Minecraft and a custom launcher.

Their entry plan is one of the cheapest plans that you can find. If you opt for their standard plan, you will get 10 players. This includes access to a pre-installed website and forum.

Their servers are powered by Xeon processors, which gives you optimal performance. In addition, their servers have unlimited NVMe disk space.

Having a lot of RAM makes it easier for you to install more mods. Additionally, you can use ScalaCube’s control panel to create your own custom launcher.

You can enjoy one-click installation of over 1000 modpacks. You can also create your own skins and assign automatically downloaded files.

The company’s support is available 24/7. However, they do not offer a money back guarantee.

Aside from the price, you will also have to consider how much tech support you need. Most companies will provide you with an FTP client and full root access. It’s a good idea to have technical support that is reliable.


Hosting a Minecraft server can be a daunting task. You must choose the right hosting provider to ensure that your server will operate as smoothly as possible. Fortunately, there are many options available. Some offer great performance and others are simply unsuitable.

For example, Liquid Web is a reputable company with excellent customer support. They offer a variety of plans, including powerful VPS servers with SSD drives. While their agents do not offer Minecraft-specific help, they do guarantee a 59 second response time.

Liquid Web also offers a 100% network SLA. The company’s DDoS protection is built-in to their servers. This makes for a solid gaming experience.

Another good option is to use a dedicated server. These provide an extra layer of security for your Minecraft game. But they can be expensive. If you’re looking for a low cost solution, you might want to try a shared plan.

Hosting a Minecraft server can be a bit pricey. In order to avoid overspending, you should choose the best hosting service that fits your needs. A reputable provider will have all the tools you need to manage your mods.

In addition to storage, RAM is another key aspect of Minecraft server hosting. The amount you need depends on how many players you expect to play. Ideally, you should have at least 1GB of memory to run the game properly.

When choosing the best hosting solution, consider how much storage you need and how fast the server can load. Also, you should consider how well the control panel works. It’s a good idea to buy a host with a control panel that’s simple to use.

A good Minecraft hosting service should offer features like automatic updates for your plugins. You should be able to switch between different plugins as well.


ShockByte is a cheap Minecraft server hosting provider with a number of features. Its console can help you with simple configuration and IP address assignment. Moreover, it offers a separate section for logs.

It also provides support for Java and Bedrock game versions. It offers unlimited bandwidth and unlimited NVMe SSD storage. The service is available in North America and Europe.

Aside from ShockByte’s low price, it offers a 24-hour money-back guarantee. In addition, it is one of the oldest and most reputable Minecraft hosting providers. Lastly, it has a good rating with 4.6 out of five stars.

While there are several factors to consider when choosing a Minecraft server host, ease of use is often the most important. Some of the best providers offer a user-friendly control panel, and most will even include a custom control panel. This will save you from having to spend a lot of time setting up your Minecraft server.

Other factors to consider are the storage space and RAM. Generally, you need at least 10 GB of memory to run the game. But this number can vary based on the type of server you’re looking for.

Another factor to look at is the customer support. Some hosts will offer live chat or other online assistance. Usually, the best companies have active forums and customer service teams.

Finally, you should be able to launch your Minecraft server in a jiffy. Some providers even have instant setup options. However, it’s important to note that you’ll probably only get the most basic version of the game. Moreover, you may be limited to a few mods.

You should consider a provider that offers an array of plans. Depending on your needs, you can choose a plan with as many as 50 GB of storage and as many as unlimited slots.


RoxServers is one of the top Minecraft server hosting providers. They offer a variety of services, including Minecraft server hosting, ARK Survival and quality servers for all games.

In addition to providing affordable hosting services, RoxServers offers several discounts and coupons. The company also has great customer relations. If you’re looking for a cheap Minecraft server, you can use a RoxServers coupon to get a discount.

Whether you’re new to Minecraft or you’ve been playing for a while, it’s important to choose a server host that’s right for you. It can be daunting to set up a server, so it’s important to find a service that’s easy to use. You also want to make sure you have enough RAM, as that is a big factor in how smoothly your game runs.

If you’re just starting out, you’ll be better off going with a plan that includes a high CPU and a large memory capacity. This will give you enough room for your friends to join you.

A good control panel is essential. Most Minecraft server hosting providers have their own control panels, but you can also opt for a custom one. Your host should have a simple, intuitive interface so you can easily upload files, customize mods, and manage your account.

Another feature to look for is a host’s uptime. You don’t want to be stuck waiting for your Minecraft server to respond to requests. Servers that are more reliable will allow you to have a more enjoyable gaming experience.

If you have trouble with your server, RoxServers has a friendly ticketing team available 7 days a week. For most queries, your request will be answered within 6 hours.


Zap-hosting is a well known hosting service provider that provides gaming server solutions. Their hosting plans are customized and cost-effective. It is also easy to set up and install your server.

Besides providing hosting solutions, ZAP-hosting also offers custom and reliable support. The company has a customer care team that is available on the phone and on the web. They offer online help through ticketing and live chat.

The company also has a large variety of game servers to choose from. You can get your favorite games, whether it is Minecraft, Half-Life, ARK, TESV, or World of Warcraft.

They also provide DDoS protection, so you can rest assured that your server is protected from hacks and other attacks. Aside from being affordable, Zap-hosting offers high-speed SSDs and an automatic backup system.

They also have an easy-to-use control panel. This control panel is built with Plesk, a popular control panel in the hosting industry. And they offer unlimited slots and free MySQL.

The company is also compatible with Coingate and Alipay. In addition, they also accept Paypal. They have a 24-hour support line and a knowledge-based FAQ.

Overall, Zap-hosting is a great choice for those looking for cheap Minecraft server hosting. They offer excellent customer service, original products, and good value.

They have an uptime guarantee of at least 99.95 percent. And, they are located anywhere in the world. Another great feature is their custom-built mobile app. With this application, you can monitor and manage your server from wherever you are.

If you are looking for a Minecraft hosting solution that is fast and reliable, then ZAP-hosting should be your first choice. But keep in mind that their pricing varies from region to region.

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