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cheap windows vps

If you want to build a website, but don’t have the budget for a dedicated server, cheap windows vps might be your best option. You don’t have to sacrifice performance or features, though.

AccuWeb offers excellent support and a number of features that will make running your site easier. Each plan comes with fast SSD storage disks and guaranteed RAM, as well as weekly backups.


AccuWeb is a web host that offers a wide variety of hosting options, including shared and dedicated servers. It also has a lot of great extras, such as free website migration and a free site builder tool.

It also offers a low-cost VPS service that’s ideal for beginners and experts alike. This service is easy to use, and it comes with a wide range of features, such as SSD storage disks and guaranteed RAM.

The Windows vps plans available from AccuWeb are highly reliable, and they offer a great level of support. They also have an excellent uptime guarantee, so you can rest assured that your site won’t go down.

They’re also known for their high performance, which means that your site should load quickly. They also provide a comprehensive set of tools, such as WordPress and Joomla, for setting up your site.

This is an impressive feature set, and it helps AccuWeb stand out from the crowd of cheap web hosts. They also offer daily backups for most of their plans, as well as DDoS protection and spam filters.

Another feature that makes them stand out from the crowd is their cloud hosting. This is a great option for sites that get a lot of traffic, as it allows you to distribute the workload among multiple servers, so if you have a huge spike in visitor numbers, your website will still be up and running.

The Windows and Linux VPS packages at AccuWeb are highly configurable. They allow you to add extra disk space and RAM, and they even let you change your IP address if necessary. You can also make your server more powerful by adding extra CPU cores.


Hostwinds is a relatively new company in the hosting industry that is attempting to compete with larger competitors. Its founder, Peter Holden, is a technology and development expert, and he has an eye for providing superior customer service.

They offer both Linux and Windows VPS hosting. Both offer unmetered bandwidth, scalable resources, and dedicated live chat support 24/7. The control panel is easy to use, and its interface borrows heavily from the Windows look and feel.

All their Windows vps plans come with SSD storage to increase reading and writing speeds, which boosts website response time. They also include a load balancer to help you distribute high traffic across multiple servers.

This is a great feature for businesses who receive high volumes of traffic. It can reduce the chances of a single server being overloaded, which can cause your site to crash.

Another great feature of Hostwinds is that they offer a money-back guarantee. This can be a real relief if you’re not satisfied with the service, but it does mean that you have to contact them within a certain time frame.

Unlike other cheap windows vps, Hostwinds offers a refund policy that includes a prorated amount for services purchased on an annual or biennial billing cycle. This is a great option for clients who want to test a host before making a commitment.

They also offer excellent customer support through live chat, email, and support tickets. Customers can submit tickets for help with issues such as server sluggishness, networking, setting SSH ports, and more. In addition, they have a knowledge base and tutorials to help you get the most out of your VPS.


Contabo is a German-based host that offers affordable hosting solutions for businesses. It provides a range of Windows vps plans with flexible pricing and excellent customer service.

Contabo’s data centers are highly secure and have excellent connectivity. The company’s servers are also backed by SSD disk space and generous storage limits. However, it does not offer a money-back guarantee.

In addition, there is a small fee for using the US and UK data centers. The Germany data center is free, though.

As one of the cheapest unmanaged Windows vps providers, 1&1 does offer some nice features at an affordable price. It’s not the best Windows hosting solution, but it is certainly competitive.

Besides, the provider is very reliable and delivers fast speeds. It’s a great choice for those looking to grow their business online.

Its Linux-based control panel, cPanel, is extremely user-friendly and intuitive. In addition, it is compatible with a wide variety of server operating systems, including Linux and Windows.

The dashboard at Contabo is easy to use and includes a number of vital features clustered together on the left. You’ll also find quick access buttons and a list of your virtual servers at the center.

The interface of Contabo isn’t as modern and advanced as some other vps hosts, but it does offer all the tools you need to get started. In addition, you can opt to install a free Webmin control panel if you want more flexibility. You can also contact the support team via email, phone calls, and the self-help/FAQ section.


Hetzner is a German-based hosting company that offers a number of different hosting services. It’s a good choice for businesses that are targeting the German market.

They also offer Windows cloud servers and dedicated servers, as well as shared web hosting. Their data centers are located in Nuremberg, Falkenstein, and Helsinki.

Their shared web hosting plans are very affordable, with their “Basic” plan costing only $3.95 per month, allowing you to host 50 GB SSD space and unmetered bandwidth. It comes with a free SSL certificate and supports IPv4 as well as IPv6.

The “Professional” plan, which costs $7.99 per month, allows you to host unlimited sites and includes 20 GB SSD space, unmetered bandwidth, 5 domains, and 5 databases. It’s not as cheap as some other shared Windows hosting providers, but it’s a good value for money.

Another great option is TurnKey Internet, an American-based web hosting provider that provides inexpensive hosting solutions to small and large businesses alike. They offer a variety of cheap VPS and dedicated servers for both Linux and Windows users.

Kamatera is another great alternative to Hetzner, and it’s worth checking out if you’re looking for cheap windows vps that are reliable and easy to use. The company’s support staff is available 24 hours a day via live chat, and they can answer questions and resolve problems quickly.

Finally, DigitalOcean is another excellent Hetzner alternative that’s a good choice for people who want to deploy their servers on other continents than Europe. They also have flexible server plans, and they’re able to help you get the best performance out of your servers. In addition, they have a number of features to choose from, including managed databases and Kubernetes.


Vultr offers a variety of Cloud-based solutions designed to serve any number of needs. This includes hosting a WordPress or WooCommerce website, running an application server, creating a private Cloud data dump, and so much more.

Signing up for Vultr is straightforward, with no special skills required. You can get a free trial, then use your own Windows server license or sign up for one of their affordable plans.

The service also offers Bare Metal servers for enterprises and big data companies that need extra processing power to handle huge traffic and storage. These are charged per hour or on a monthly basis, and come with high-performance CPUs and fast SSDs.

Once you’ve set up your instance, you can monitor it for resource usage to ensure that it doesn’t run out of RAM or CPU capacity. In addition, you can upgrade or downgrade the server based on your needs.

You can also change the operating system of your server once it’s been created. This is a quick and easy process that only takes a few minutes.

Another feature that makes life simple for users is Vultr’s one-click installer. It allows you to instantly install popular web applications and managerial tools on your server.

The control panel is also a major plus for users, as it’s easy to navigate and offers the ability to add additional servers and manage them from mobile devices. It also comes with easy team management and the option to assign privileges to other users.

It’s important to note that Vultr’s pricing is based on the amount of bandwidth and computing power you need, not how many websites or applications you host. That means that a low-end plan may be sufficient for a small site with few visitors, while a high-end one might be too much for a large business.

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