Epcot 4th of July Fireworks: A Complete Review

Epcot 4th of July Fireworks: A Complete Review

While a large number of people were fighting over fireworks real estate at the Magic Kingdom, we were hanging out at Epcot for their show. We had already seen the Magic Kingdom July 4th Fireworks show the day before and I am so very glad we decided to do both shows.

My wife took the time to research the best spots for watching fireworks at Epcot before we headed out. With a small sticky note in hand, filled with the best options, we headed to the park for what we knew was going to be a hectic, yet rewarding day.

Our goal was to potentially ride something first, but just as we did on July 3rd at the Magic Kingdom, we arrived to find people already posting up for the fireworks. We did the same. We walked through Mexico and Norway skipping over what was the third or fourth best spot on the list and headed to Italy.

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When we arrived in Italy, some spots on the stairs of the bridges were already claimed and a few others. However, we were able to scope out a good spot up against the railing and we took it. Once settled in, my wife headed out to get some food, a drink and see if there was a better spot available.

Italy was second on her list and really it was at the top of the list because the first option would have required a table at a restaurant, which wasn’t going to happen. We figured this our pretty quickly as we passed through Mexico and saw the restaurant with outdoor seating was packed.

The Waiting

Epcot Fireworks Waiting

Epcot Fireworks Waiting

I don’t mind waiting when I know the payoff is going to be worth it. I also didn’t mind waiting as much in Epcot because it wasn’t the Magic Kingdom. Epcot doesn’t have nearly as many rides or things to miss out on. Plus, I struck up a conversation with the lady next to me, which kept me busy for a bit. The people watching was pretty good, too.

We claimed our spot at 6:20pm and settled in to wait for the show at 9pm. The wait in Epcot isn’t so bad because you’re probably there for the food and drink, anyway. It’s easy to send someone off to get some food and we took turns so we both had an opportunity to get up and stretch our legs.

My wife and I shared the guacamole from Mexico, which was great and she had a margarita. I had two of the darker German beers and we had planned to get more food, but my wife ran into the first rude Disney employee of our year at Disney.

She wanted to get food from the Liberty Cafe in American, but when she arrived, more than an hour before the fireworks were going to start, a very rude woman told her they were closed for the fireworks. She was so distraught she didn’t even think to go to Japan, which was our next choice for food.

After arriving back at our spot, she told me the story and I was a bit in shock. We haven’t run into any rude employees yet, so this was out of the ordinary for sure. Regardless, we didn’t end up getting any dinner, which meant we were going to be a bit hungry until we left the park and could stop for some food. We did have some snacks with us, so it wasn’t the end of the world.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Rain at Epcot

Rain at Epcot

Not long after my wife arrived back from the Liberty Cafe Debacle, it started to look like a storm was rolling in. About 15 minutes before the show was going to start, the sky opened up and said, NO FIREWORKS TODAY!

The Disney guy got on the loudspeaker and informed us all the show would be delayed. It rained pretty good for about 20 minutes and lightening was certainly in the area. Our section filled up right before 9pm (I don’t think everybody believed or understood the announcement), and then emptied out a bit again at about 9:30pm.

Those willing to wait were rewarded with an incredible fireworks show around 9:45pm.

The Epcot 4th of July Fireworks Show

Epcot July 4th Fireworks Show

Epcot July 4th Fireworks Show

The show at Epcot is the same as their normal show, but it has a better finale for the 4th of July. Since we had yet to really watch the entire show, this was a double treat for us. With the Magic Kingdom 4th of July Fireworks Show, you don’t really get any elements of the normal show.

The show starts with the large globe coming out and plenty of fireworks to the music. However, what made this show so incredibly special was the finale. I have seen several fireworks shows in my life, but this one was certainly one of the best. If you enjoy loud booms, plenty of colors and a finale filled with more fireworks than you can handle, this is the show for you.

My wife actually thought we might be under attack during the finale because it was that good. I think the 4th of July Fireworks at Epcot were better than the show at the Magic Kingdom, but they are also very different. Epcot does their regular show with an incredible finale, while the Magic Kingdom does a completely different show.

My recommendation, if you have the ability to see both shows, do it. Go see the Magic Kingdom 4th of July Fireworks on July 3rd and go see the Epcot 4th of July Fireworks on July 4th.

I am so glad we did this as we may not renew our annual passes next year if we decide to travel out west or if other circumstances have us leaving Florida for more than a year. We took advantage of an opportunity and we will never forget these two amazing fireworks shows.

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