Finding a job in Birmingham, AL isn’t easy. However, it doesn’t have to be hard, either. The world has certainly changed and you might be seeking a remote freelance job in Birmingham you can do from home.

Many companies are starting to seek freelance workers with skills in many areas, such as writing, coding, design, and more. Whether you’re great at customer service or providing content, Birmingham companies are looking for your skills.

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Type of Remote Freelance Jobs in Birmingham

Remote Freelance Jobs in Birmingham

All types of freelance work can be found throughout Birmingham, AL. When you’re seeking remote freelance jobs in Birmingham, you need to know the most popular types of jobs available.

As a freelance worker, you’ll gain plenty of freedom. You can perform a number of jobs including all of the following, and many more.

Freelance Writing Jobs

A very popular type of freelance job in Birmingham, freelance writing is easy and fun. You don’t need to be a professional writer or even have the skills to start writing right now. Freelance writing can be learned pretty easily online with the right training program.

As a freelance writer, you can make anywhere from about $40K to $200K per year. Good freelance writers can make at least $75K per year and can easily top $50 per hour.

Of course, you will need a few skills, such as fast typing skills and the ability to do research. Don’t worry, though, these skills can be taught.

With the right training and the right list of companies willing to pay you to write, you’ll be well on your way to a new career in Birmingham as a freelance writer.

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Virtual Assistant Jobs in Birmingham

Another very popular freelance position in Birmingham is known as a Virtual Assistant or VA. Many companies are hiring VAs these days because it’s more cost-effective compared to hiring an in-person assistant. The best part, you can train to be a VA and work from home!

If you’re looking for an easy work at home job you can do in Birmingham, AL, becoming a Virtual Assistant offer a great option. You’ll perform a number of simple tasks from making phone calls to setting appointments and much more.

VA positions are available all across the country. This is a remote freelance job in Birmingham you can do from home for a company in Birmingham or even one somewhere else in the world. Just like freelance writing, you can easily gain the necessary skills to become a VA.

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Freelance Web Developer/Programmer Jobs

If you have programming or web development skills, you can work as a freelancer in Birmingham. There are plenty of jobs available for web developers and programmers looking to start working from home as freelancers.

Whether you have a decade of experience or you just graduated with specific certificates, your skills are in high demand. As a freelancer, you’ll be able to take on multiple clients and have more control over your income.

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Remote Graphic Designer Jobs in Birmingham

With the explosion of social media and the way the world is today, graphic designers are in high demand. Most companies like to outsource their design work to freelancers because it’s more cost-efficient and they get better graphics.

If you love design and you have the right skilled, you can become a freelance graphic designer in Birmingham. You can work from home in this remote freelance job and make a nice living.

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Data Entry Jobs Found in Birmingham

One of the easiest jobs to do online is data entry. This remote freelance job in Birmingham can be done from home and you really don’t have to have any special skills. It’s not the highest paying option, but you can still make a nice living as a data entry specialist.

Many companies will hire freelancers with the ability to perform data entry skills. Whether you’re skilled with Microsoft Excel or you need to learn the right program for the job, it’s an easy freelance career to get started with, even if you’re young and inexperienced.

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Other Freelance Jobs in Birmingham from home include:

  • Online Tutoring Positions
  • Call Center Jobs
  • Transcription Jobs
  • Freelance Photography Positions
  • Remote Bookkeeping Jobs
  • Social Media Freelance Jobs From Home

Find out about more types of remote freelance jobs by reading my large list of the Best Legitimate Online Jobs From Home.

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How to Find Freelance Jobs in Birmingham

Freelance Jobs in Birmingham

When you’re ready to find the right remote freelance job in Birmingham for you, it’s important you know where to look. Here are some of the top places to look for a freelance job in Birmingham.

Virtual Vocations

Offering all types of virtual jobs from Consulting to Data Entry to Education to Writing, Virtual Vocations is the top choice for finding the right freelance job in Birmingham. You’ll be able to search by job category, location, travel requirements, weekly hours, and more.

Click Earners

A great website filled with jobs for Virtual Assistants, is a wonderful choice for freelancers in Birmingham. You’ll be able to perform various tasks and projects with complete flexibility to set your own hours.

All you need to get started with is a computer and an internet connection. Your age, background, skills, and abilities don’t matter as they offer training and everything else you need.


There are two specific sections on Craigslist Birmingham offering freelance jobs. You can check the “Jobs” section and you can also check the “Gigs” section. The jobs section will break things down by category and offer actual jobs, while the gigs section may offer one-time jobs, you can do from home.

You can also post an ad in the “Small Biz Ads” section under services. This is a great place to solicit work if you’re looking for remote freelance jobs in Birmingham.


An excellent freelance website with plenty to offer, Toptal looks for the best of the best. If you can get in with them, you’ll be able to make a nice income as a freelancer working from home in Birmingham, AL.


An option for those seeking work from home jobs, such as virtual assistant positions and freelance writing jobs, ZipRecruiter offers plenty of options. It’s a more typical job site but does offer plenty of remote freelance jobs in Birmingham.

While you won’t find job listings on, you will be able to offer your services here. Whether you want to write for a living or work as a Virtual Assistant, you can post a gig here offering your services to potential clients.

Freelancers have turned into a way to make a full-time income without the need for any other job or website. If you want to work remotely as a freelancer in Birmingham, may be the right website for you.

You can also supplement your income by using freelancers on to provide even more for your clients. For example, if you provide blog content for clients, but they also need images for social media, create a package deal for them and order the images from someone on


With a large number of freelancers, there is a bit of competition on PeoplePerHour. However, it’s a great place to promote yourself and find freelance jobs. If you can land a few clients here, you might not need to look for work for quite some time.

When you’re ready to start working remotely as a freelancer in Birmingham, these websites provide a great place to start. You can gain training to become a Virtual Assistant, Freelance Writer, or any other position and take control of your income!

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