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Do you love animals? Maybe you’ve been looking for a way to make your living by doing something with animals. There are several freelance animal writing jobs that will allow you to write about animals and get paid.

While it’s not the biggest niche for writers or the easiest to break into, it’s a pretty sizable choice. The animal niche is a good choice for writers with experience working with animals or looking to learn about animals.

If you can picture yourself doing research about different animals and writing about them, this is the niche for you. Many of the creatures found on earth are rather fascinating, so you’ll never get bored writing about animals.

Here are many great websites and publications with freelance animal writing jobs for you. If you want to write about animals and get paid, these sites are a great place to start.

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Top 17+ Sites for Freelance Animal Writing Jobs

Horse Network

Write For Horse Network

If you love horses, Horse Network is a good site for you. They offer freelance animal writing jobs for those looking to create fresh, immersive content about the equestrian lifestyle, current events, horsemanship, and more. Writers crazy about horses will do well here.

Horse Network looks for topics about news, sports, health, lifestyle, and more, as long as it has to do with horses. They prefer well-researched content and do accept humorous essays, as well. Articles should be 500 to 750 words each with references.

Pay Range: $50+ and a social share bonus of $100


This site has several categories for several niches. They have an animal category for those looking to write about animals and get paid. If you love animals, Listverse offers a good place to write about them. You will need to create a list-style article with at least 10 things on the list.

Pay Range: $100 per article + a chance to earn a $1,000 monthly prize

Animal Wellness

The top natural pet magazine in North America, Animal Wellness accepts articles from freelance animal writers regularly. They look for articles ranging from 500 to 1,500 words. You can submit to any category, but they really like freelance animal writers for the Animal Passages, Tail End, and Warm & Fuzzy columns. Articles should focus on holistic healing for animals

Pay Range: Varies


A popular dog magazine with more than 250K readers, Bark offers many freelance animal writing jobs for those looking to write about animals and get paid. They prefer articles that take a journalistic approach and they do accept longer and short articles on general tips, how-to, and more. Essays and fiction work are also welcome at Bark.

Pay Range: Varies


Write For Blog Paws

A blog about all kinds of things having to do with pets, BlogPaws loves to accept pet articles from freelance writers. All posts should be 350 to 550 words with exceptions made on a case by case basis. Content must be unique and a variety of topics are accepted by this blog.

Pay Range: $75 per accepted post

Nashville Paw Magazine

A magazine serving the Middle Tennessee community, Nashville Paw is all about pets. It’s a bi-monthly magazine published every other month with an audience of more than 50,000 readers. They accept animal articles for the print version and for the online website about pets ranging from 400 to 2,200 words.

Pay Range: Varies

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A bit of a different take on animals, BirdWatching is a magazine not about pets, but about watching birds. This very popular hobby could be the answer to how you’re going to write about animals and get paid. If you enjoy bird watching and you want to write about it, this publication may be the right choice for you.

Feature articles will run from 1,750 to 2,250 words, while other articles will run from 700 to 900 words.

Pay Range: $400 for feature articles

National Geographic Kids Magazine

You can write about animals for the National Geographic Kids Magazine and get paid. They accept content from freelance writers for their audience of six to 14-year-old children. For their Amazing Animals category, they want stories about unusual animal abilities, friendships, silly situations, and animal heroes. They also offer other categories, such as science, technology, natural history, and entertainment.

Pay Range: Varies


A professional trade magazine specifically for veterinary team members, Firstline looks for writers with the ability to write for the veterinary professional. They love to accept articles from freelancers for several categories. Most articles will range from 250 to 2,000 words.

Pay Range: $50 to $250 per article

Bird Watcher’s Digest

A bi-monthly magazine perfect for those that love bird watching, Bird Watcher’s Digest welcomes freelance writers. If you want to write about animals, specifically birds, and get paid, this may be the place for you. Articles will range from 500 to 2,500 words, depending on the category.

Pay Range: Varies

Earth Island Journal

Write For Earth Island Journal

While Earth Island Journal is more about the environment than just animals, they do seek content about wildlife. If you prefer to write about animals in the wild, this may be the right magazine for you. Along with articles for the magazine, they also seek online articles.

Feature magazine articles will go in-depth and end up around 4,000 words.

Pay Range: 25 cents per word for magazine articles and $100 per online article

Wide Open Pets

If you love pets, you can write for Wide Open Pets and enjoy what you do for a living. They offer freelance animal writing jobs for those let lovers that also enjoy writing.

Pay Range: Varies

Kitty Catter

A website all about cats, Kitty Catter loves to work with talented freelance animal writers. Of course, they are only interested in writers that love cats. Articles may vary in word count quite a bit, depending on the topic.

Pay Range: $15 per 500 words

Reef to Rainforest Media

Write For Reef2Rainforest

A media company responsible for the magazines Coral and Amazonas, Reef to Rainforest Media offers a great choice for those looking to write about animals of the sea. Coral is the world’s leading marine aquarium magazine, while Amazonas is the world’s leading freshwater-only aquarium magazine.

They seek freelance animal writers for both magazines, along with for the blog for both magazines. Blog articles will range from 250 to 1,000 words. Magazine articles may be much longer.

Pay Range: $25 per blog article and $100 to $600 for magazine articles


A bimonthly magazine for reptile and amphibian hobbyists, Reptiles offers opportunities for freelance writers to make money writing about animals. If you love reptiles and you want to write about them, this is the place for you. Articles will range from 2,000 to 2,500 words, in most cases.

Pay Range: $300 per article

American Falconry

If you want to write about falconry, American Falconry is a good place to start. They keep the writing guidelines very look and easy to follow. You can submit your work and get paid to write about animals with this publication.

Pay Range: Starts at $100 per article

Just Labs

A publication geared towards those that own a family Lab, Just Labs needs freelance animal writers to provide content on a variety of topics from puppy issues to feeding to breeding and more. If you own a Lab puppy or dog or you just love writing about them, this is the place for you.

They offer plenty of freelance animal writing jobs with feature stories ranging from 600 to 1,000 words.

Pay Range: 10 cents per word

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

Write For RMEF

The Bugle Magazine is the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation publication and they seek freelance writers to provide articles all about habitat conservation, wildlife management, and natural history. Articles will range from 1,500 to 4,500 words.

Pay Range: 20 cents per word

WCT Magazine

A bimonthly magazine dedicated to Wildlife Control Operators, WCT Magazine offers freelance writers plenty of opportunities throughout the year. They seek topics having to do with wildlife damage control and about specific species, such as raccoons, beavers, moles, and more.

In addition, they also need business-related articles about how to start a business, locating clients, and advertising. Articles will range from 500 to 2,500 words.

Pay Range: $25 to $200 per article

North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

Freelance animal writers will find that the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission is a good place for some types of animal articles. If you want to write about fishing, hunting, outdoor recreation, natural history, conservation, wildlife management, or a host of other topics, this is the place for you.

Articles will range from 1,800 to 3,000 words with plenty of topics accepted.

Pay Range: $400 and up for full-length features and $500 and up for article/photography packages

Tennessee Wildlife Magazine

The publication for the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, Tennessee Wildlife Management (Tennessee Wildlife Magazine) offers freelance animal writers plenty of opportunities. They seek all types of topics on wildlife from fishing and hunting stories to nature appreciation themes. Content is seasonal and writers should keep this in mind.

Pay Range: 15 cents per word

My Expert Advice for Anybody Seeking Freelance Animal Writing Jobs

When it comes to animals, I understand your need/want to write about them. They are fascinating creatures from beautiful show cats to silly puppies to the squirrel that keeps eating your birdseed.

Animals keep us laughing and keep us entertained and they may for great articles. If you want to write about animals and get paid, write about the animals you love. Don’t choose to write for a publication, website, or client just because they pay well.

Instead, choose to write about animals because you love the animals you are writing about. For example, I cannot stand snakes, so writing for Reptile Magazine would probably be a mistake for me. However, I love dogs and have owned several in my life, so writing for Just Labs fits well with my skill set and my love for Lab dogs.

When you seek out freelance animal writing jobs, don’t get sucked into writing about animals you may not love or topics you’re not very interested in. Instead, choose to write for websites and publications you will enjoy writing for.

Maybe the animal niche is just one of the niches you want to write about for a living. I’ve created a MASSIVE list of websites willing to pay you to write about anything and this list covers dozens of niches.

Of course, you can also find a niche you love, such as travel, finance, business, marketing, or one of many other great niches for freelance writers, and get my COMPLETE list of 100+ Websites that Pay Writers by clicking here.

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