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Did you know, you can get paid to write about writing? There are several freelance writing jobs from home you can earn a full-time income from. If you love the idea of writing about freelance writing, there are several websites to choose from.

While the inexperienced writer may struggle to write about writing and get paid, those with writing experience can not only get paid but also help other writers. If you love to teach or you just like the idea of helping your fellow writers while enjoying one of the freelance writing jobs from home, writing about writing might be perfect for you. Here are some of the best websites that pay writers to write about writing.

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Freelance Writing Jobs From Home

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15+ Sites that Provides Freelance Writing Jobs From Home Through Paying Writing Gigs

Freedom With Writing

Freelance Writing Jobs from_Home Freedom With Writing

This website about freelance writing is interested in writers willing to write about writers getting paid for their writing. Yes, that is a mouthful, but this site will pay you for the articles you create. They seek how-to articles, list articles, case studies, and more.

Freedom With Writing actually helps connect writers with publishers that offer freelance writing jobs from home. Lists they publish range from 7 to 50 items per list and article lengths can vary quite a bit. They also accept eBooks from writers, which are usually around 10,000 words.

Pay Range: $30 to $100 for list articles, $30 to $150 for how-to articles and essays, and $500+ for eBooks

Make A Living Writing

Carol is the owner of Make A Living Writing and she accepts guest posts with compensation from other freelance writers. You will need to pitch your idea to her and she loves topics, such as blogging, copywriting, ghostwriting marketing, and more. Articles should be 750 to 1,000 words.

Pay Range: $75 to $150 per article

WOW! Women On Writing

WOW Freelance Writing Jobs

WOW! depends on freelance writers to provide great content for their website. This is one of the many sites that you can use for freelance writing jobs from home and get paid pretty well from. WOW! has an audience of women, so this may not fit for all writers, but those catering to this type of audience will enjoy writing for WOW!

They list the themes/topics they are looking for on their website and the deadline for each. Articles range from 1,000 to 3,000 words.

Pay Range: $50 to $150 per article

A List Apart

With a need for new writers, A List Apart is always looking for those seeking freelance writing jobs from home. They depend on writers to provide quite a bit of their content. Write for an audience of content strategists, developers, designers, and information architects and get paid with A List Apart.

Articles should be 600 to 2,500 words with an average of around 1,500 words. They seek a casual tone and they enjoy cutting-edge topics, along with tutorials and other types of posts.

Pay Range: Varies

Wealthy Web Writer

A website catering to many types of topics from skill-building to the changes within the writing industry, Wealthy Web Writer is looking for freelance writers to provide articles, videos, infographics, and more. They love topics about business skills, web writing, productivity, and anything to help the freelance writer working from home.

Articles range from 800 to 1,200 words with exceptions made for shorter or longer posts, when appropriate.

Pay Range: Varies

Travel Writer’s Life

Travel Freelance Writing

Owned by Great Escape Publishing, Travel Writer’s Life seeks all kinds of content from freelance writers. They also publish a newsletter called, The Right Way to Travel. Not only does this website fit into the Writing niche, but also the Travel niche, sort of.

They seek articles about getting paid to travel, writing when traveling, and more. Successful travel writers will do well with this site and they look for articles that teach readers how to travel better or how to support themselves while traveling.

Articles range from 300 to 600 words for The Right Way to Travel newsletter and may vary quite a bit for other publications.

Pay Range: $50 to $75 for website articles, $100 to $150 for interviews and personal stories, and $150 to $200 for articles with income advice

Write Naked

This publication offers open reading periods allowing you to submit your article ideas. These vary a bit depending on the year and the need of Write Naked. Articles need to be 450 to 650 words in length.

Pay Range: $75 per post


The Write for DOnations program allows freelance writers to write for a community of authors and get paid. They seek tutorial type of content with topics ranging from very beginner-friendly to expert friendly.

Pay Range: $300 to $4300 for tutorials and $75 to $125 to update existing tutorials

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Writer’s Digest

Write About Writing with Writer's Digest

Published eight times a year, Writer’s Digest offers the opportunity for freelance writers to get paid to write about writing. This publication has 60K subscribers and gets more than 20 million views online every year. They welcome work from new writers, but they do prefer articles from experienced writers.

Writer’s Digest doesn’t take any reprints and they love interviews for their Q&A series. Each section of the publication is a bit different. The Inkwell section requires 800 to 900 words per article for lead stories and 300 to 600 words for shorter featured pieces. This section also takes 1,000-word features.

The 5-Minute Memoir section is a recurring column and requires 600-word essays. This section is all about reflection in the life of a writer. Another section called Author Profiles is all about the authors and requires 800 to 1,200 words per piece.

Writer’s Digest also has a section called Writing Techniques, which requires longer articles ranging from 1,000 to 2,400 words.

Pay Range: 30 to 50 cents per word for magazine articles and $50 to $100 for online articles

Barefoot Writer

You can get published with Barefoot Writer by joining their Barefoot Writer Club. This club makes it easier to get your content published in the Barefoot Writer Magazine, which will give you great samples to show off to potential clients.

Barefoot Writer looks for articles for several sections ranging from 400 to 900 words. Sections, such as Monthly Motivator, Cool Tools, Become a Better Writer, Thinking Like a Writer, and Productivity Secrets are all available for freelance writers to contribute to.

Pay Range: $100 to $300 per article


A newsletter seeking freelance writers to contribute 500 to 600 words per article, FundsforWriters wants articles all about earning a living as a writer. Articles can be about how to win writing contests, how to break into specific markets, unique ways to make money as a writer, freelance writing jobs from home, success stories, and more.

Pay Range: $50 for original articles, $15 for reprints

Craft Your Content

CYC Freelance Writing from Home

While Craft Your Content isn’t always open for submissions, when they are, they are looking for freelance writers willing to keep the articles simple, conversational, and story-oriented. The audience for CYC is professional writers, entrepreneurial writers, and entrepreneurs, so topics should cater to this type of reader.

Pay Range: $75 to $150 per article

Be A Freelance Blogger

Lauren is the Community Manager of Be a Freelance Blogger and she looks for freelance writers ready to contribute good blog posts for the site. This site specifically wants stories focused on freelance blogging or anything having to do with this type of blogging.

While this site does offer unpaid guest contributions to help you get your name out there, they also have a Pitchfest, which is paid.

Pay Range: $100 prize for Pitchfest

Freelance Writer’s Report

Since 1982, Freelance Writer’s Report has been taking content from freelance writers looking to work from home and earn an income. Today, they accept articles about how to build a writing or editing business, how to make more money as a writer, and other articles for writers.

They are a newsletter, so they are not looking for lengthy magazine articles. Instead, they are looking for easy to read, shorter articles without any fluff.

Pay Range: 10 cents per edited word


Quill Freelance Writing Jobs

A popular publication for professional writers, Quill accepts work from freelance writers. This is a national magazine that has been around for 90+ years. You can submit your story idea and if it fits with what they like, you may find yourself published in one of the top magazines for writers.

Pay Range: Varies

The Writer

A publication founded in 1887, The Writer is all about the professional writer. It’s an industry publication offering writing instruction, motivation topics, and more. Writers share their expert advice, success, struggles, tips, and tricks in this publication.

Articles for The Writer should be 300 to 3,000 words, depending on the topic and section. The Writing Essentials section, the Market Focus section, Writer at Work section, and the Off the Cuff section look for articles from 1,000 to 1,400 words, while the Poet to Poet section looks for articles 500 to 750 words long. They also offer a Breakthrough section with articles at 1,000 words and a Poet to Poet section with articles from 200 to 500 words.

Each month, the issues will offer different topics to cover and they accept pitch ideas 6 to 7 months in advance.

Pay Range: Varies

A website perfect for the freelance writer, is looking for articles about marketing secrets, authors, books, and more. Articles should be around 600 words in length.

Pay Range: $60 for original articles and $30 for reprints

My Expert Advice for Anybody Seeking Freelance Writing Jobs From Home

While writing for the websites above is a great way to get started, make a connection, and break into the freelance writing niche, there are more ways to find freelance writing jobs from home. Another blog post I wrote called, 7 Writing Websites That Pay You Consistently, includes job boards and a few other sites to find paying clients.

In addition, you can use the work you get published from the sites above as samples for other potential clients.

My best advice for those seeking freelance writing jobs from home is to seek out more than just one type of client. The sites above are great and can become regular sources of income. However, having a few private clients, a few job boards you check regularly, and a few other places to write can help fill in the gaps.

Maybe the writing niche is just one of the niches you want to find a freelance writing job from home within. I’ve created a HUGE list of websites in several niches willing to pay you for your work.

Of course, you can also find a niche you love, such as travel, finance, business, marketing, or one of many other great niches for freelance writers, and get my COMPLETE list of 100+ Websites that Pay Writers by clicking here.

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