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freelance writing websites that pay

If you’re a freelance writer, chances are you spend most of your time looking for work. You need to have a website that demonstrates your abilities and helps clients understand what you can do for them.

One site that can help you find freelance writing jobs is SolidGigs. It searches other websites and job boards for positions that match your preferences. It charges a fee, but it is worth it.


Upwork is a popular freelance marketplace that connects freelancers with clients. Its benefits include its ability to streamline the hiring process and provide a secure platform for payments. However, it also has its downsides. For example, Upwork has a reputation for manipulation. It manipulates users’ profiles and stats to favor those who earn more money, while penalizing part-timers.

To start working on Upwork, create a profile that showcases your skills and experience. Add a professional-looking photo, a link to your portfolio, and details about your education. Then, search for jobs that match your skill set and submit a proposal. Make sure to carefully read each job description to ensure that you’re applying for the right project. Also, remember that you will be competing with other freelancers, so make your proposals stand out. It’s best to focus on a few high-quality projects that you’re qualified for. This will help you get more work in the future.


People-Per-Hour is a freelance marketplace that connects buyers and sellers. It offers a number of benefits, including a variety of payment methods and a workstream that makes communication easy. Buyers can set a deposit in an escrow account, which gives them peace of mind that their money is secure. Freelancers can also create their own offer bundles and set their hourly rate.

It is important to check PeoplePerHour’s fees carefully, as they can add up quickly. They charge a fee to apply, and there are additional charges when you withdraw your earnings. The site also has a variety of currencies, which can make it challenging to understand the exact amount you’ll receive in your local currency.

Users can sign up for People-Per-Hour using their Facebook or email accounts, and they can select a service area from a list of options. Once they’ve completed the application process, they can start searching for jobs. The site allows users to submit up to 15 proposals per month, but there is an option to buy more bids for a fee.


The Contently platform is a popular content marketing website that connects freelance writers with high-end brands. Unlike many other freelance writing sites, it doesn’t feature a “race to the bottom.” Instead, it aims to pair the best freelancers with each client’s needs. This helps them produce more effective content and saves the brand money.

The company scans writers’ portfolios for quality work. When they find one, an editor contacts them with a potential job opportunity. This system has several benefits, including a high pay rate and flexible hours. Writers can also choose the genre of content they prefer to work in, which allows them to focus on their strengths and interests.

Another benefit of Contently is that it offers many opportunities for beginners. The site shares positions in the communications field, and it has a remote filter to help new writers find work from home jobs. In addition, it has a solid gig database that helps freelancers find other opportunities.

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