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Maybe you grew up on a farm or you love to garden. Garden writing jobs may be perfect for you if farming of any type or gardening of any type is a hobby of yours. Farming and Gardening is a good hobby niche, especially for those with knowledge about either one.

If you know how to grow plants in a garden or on a farm, you might be exactly what one of the following websites is looking for in a writer. Of course, there’s more to gardening and farming than growing plants. You may also be an expert in raising animals or you might know how to write a good review of the products or technology for farming and gardening.

No matter your specific expertise, if it translates into writing farm and garden articles, these sites are for you.

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Garden Writing Jobs From Sites Willing to Pay for Farm & Garden Articles


Write For Country

If you want to write about a variety of topics, Country is the place for you. They offer all types of options including a full list of topics they currently need, which is updated regularly. This publication is all about country living and fits well with the person looking to write about farming and gardening.

Stories should be 400 to 500 words in length with a photo.

Pay Range: Varies

Modern Farmer

A website all about farm, food, and lifestyle, you can write for Modern Farmer. They don’t have much for guidelines, but they do have an area allowing you to submit your article for consideration. They accept articles about plants, the technology of agriculture, animals, and more.

Pay Range: Varies

The Maine Organic Farmer & Gardener

The Main Organic Farmer & Gardener is a newspaper published four times per year. They accept three articles from freelancers per issue.  Topics, such as rural skills, livestock care, agriculture, farming practices, and gardening practices are accepted, along with many others. You can request a sample copy of the paper to get an idea of what they publish.

Pay Range: 20 cents per word, on publication

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Texas Gardener

Seeking articles about gardening on a how-to basis with practical instructions for gardening in Texas, the Texas Gardener is published bimonthly. They have an audience of more than 25K and expect in-depth articles to range from 1,600 to 2,600 words. They also accept column articles, which range from 700 to 800 articles for this publication.

Pay Range: $50 for column articles and $200 for feature articles


Write For Sunset

A Western American magazine with monthly issues and a section devoted to gardening and outdoor living, Sunset offers freelance writers the opportunity to get published and paid. They prefer articles from 450 to 500 words, but do take some from 150 to 300 words.

Topics Sunset looks for include plants, gardens, landscaping, indoor gardening, and articles about techniques.

Pay Range: Varies

My Expert Advice for Anybody Seeking Garden Writing Jobs & Looking to Write Farm & Garden Articles: Be an Expert!

You can’t “fake it” in this niche as real gardeners and farmers will smell your fakeness a mile away.

If you want to write about farming or gardening and get paid, you need to know what you’re talking about. Yes, research helps, but it won’t beat real gardening or farming experience.

Those seeking a garden writing job need to know what they are talking about. Just like anybody looking to get paid to write farm & garden articles needs to be an expert or at least very knowledgeable.

Maybe the Farm & Garden niche is only one of the niches you’d like to get paid to write for. I’ve created a HUGE list of websites ready to pay you to write for them!

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