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You might be like me and think it’s impossible to get published on major travel sites and in major travel magazines. It’s easy to get discouraged, but you can get paid by writing for top travel sites.

By following each site’s specific pitch instructions, you might just be surprised how many of your articles get accepted and pay you hundreds of dollars!

Not only will getting published on the travel sites willing to pay you for your articles put money in your pocket, but it will also give you GREAT samples you can use to attract regular paying clients.

Pick a few of the sites below and start pitching!

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Get Paid By Writing

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Get Paid By Writing for These 30+ Top Travel Sites

Transitions Abroad

Get Paid For Writing For Transitions Abroad

If you have first-hand experience with traveling abroad, Transitions Abroad may be the right fit for you. They prefer in-depth articles on several travel subjects and even offer full-time positions.

Pay Range: $75 to $150 per article

Alaska Beyond Magazine

The in-flight magazines for Alaska Airlines, Alaska Beyond Magazine, uses many freelancers for their content. Topics range from travel destinations to sports to technology, and more.

Pay Range: $150 to $700 per article

Travel Writer’s Life

A website owned by Great Escape Publishing, Travel Writer’s Life uses freelancer writers for all types of travel writing, photography, and more.

Pay Range: $50 to $200 per article

Great Escape Publishing

Get Paid for Writing for Great Escape

Pretty much the same as Travel Writer’s Life as they are under the same company umbrella, Great Escape Publishing accepts travel articles, photography, articles about import and export, and more.

Pay Range: $50 to $200 per article

The Penny Hoarder

You will find The Penny Hoarder repeated a few times in this free list of sites that pay writers because they cover many different categories, including travel. In the travel category, they are specifically looking for “travel on a budget” types of topics.

Pay Range: Varies


Accepting topics on wildlife, geology, culture, natural history, travel, and desert lore, the main focus of DesertUSA is North American Deserts.

Pay Range: $50 per article

Fund Your Life

Specifically looking for personal stories about earning money from anywhere, Fund Your Life, will pay you for your story. They publish stories in the Fund Your Life e-letters, along with in Income Abroad.

Pay Range: $75 to $400

WestJet Magazine

This magazine has four sections, including Seek, Roam, Feast, and Features. Each section offers an opportunity for you to write for WestJet Magazine, which is an in-flight magazine.

Pay Range: Varies

Asian Correspondent

While Asian Correspondent offers plenty of news and current affairs, they also have a category for travel. If you live in the Asian region, this may be the perfect choice for you.

Pay Range: Varies

International Living

International Living Travel Writing Opportunity

Many opportunities are available for writers from International Living. They offer Daily Postcards, International Living Magazine, The Savvy Retiree, and more!

Pay Range: $75 to $350

Theme Park Tourist

Write for Theme Park Tourist

If you love theme parks, you can write for Theme Park Tourist. They prefer a long-term commitment and two articles per month from their writers.

Pay Range: $50 + bonuses of $25 to $150 per article

In The Know Traveler

Not the best choice if you’re looking to make cash, but if you want to get published, In The Know Traveler may be a good choice. They don’t pay very well, but you can get published and use the article as a sample for potential clients in the travel niche.

Pay Range: $10 per article

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5 Best Things

Another site you will see repeated in a few categories is 5 Best Things. They have several categories for writers, including travel. They don’t pay great, but the articles are pretty easy and short.

Pay Range: $15 to $30 per article


A site specifically for women travelers in Asia, Zafigo is always looking for writers. Topics need to be based on traveling in Asia and the Middle East, specifically, tips to make it easier, safer, better, and more enjoyable.

Pay Range: Varies


Write for WanderLust and Get Paid

One of the biggest travel magazines around, WanderLust doesn’t publish many narrative travel features on their site. However, they do publish listicles, guides, advice pieces, and round-up articles. You can write for both their website and the actual magazine.

Pay Range: £90 to £220 per 1,000 published words


A popular travel magazine, you can submit your story ideas to Travel+Leisure and get paid by writing for them.

Pay Range: Varies

Air Canada enRoute

An inflight magazine, enRoute is featured on Air Canada flights. They accept many story ideas having to do with travel, food, shopping, hotels, and more. Articles may range from 200 words to more than 1,700 words, depending on the category and topic.

Pay Range: Varies

Horizon Edition Magazine

Another in-flight magazine, Horizon Edition Magazine is featured on Horizon Air flights. These flights are mainly found throughout the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, California, Nevada, Mexico, Baja, and Western Canada.

Pay Range: $100 to $450 per article

Delta Sky

The in-flight magazine for Delta flights, Delta Sky, offers writing opportunities for freelancers. They accept articles on travel, lifestyle, and business with word count going from 100 words to 2,000 words.

Pay Range: Varies


Get Paid by Writing for Motorhome Magazine

A Travel, Tech, and Lifestyle magazines for the RV Enthusiast, MotorHome accepts freelance articles about travel destinations, technology, lifestyle, and DIY. Of course, RV-related articles make the most sense for this publication.

Pay Range: $100 to $900 per article + payment for pictures

Porthole Cruise Magazine

If you love cruising, you might want to write for Porthole Cruise Magazine. They accept stories related to cruising, and the parent company PPI Group Publications owns many other publications you can write for.

Pay Range: Varies

Outpost Magazine

A Canadian publication about travel, Outpost Magazine offers opportunities for freelance writers. They publish stores from 800 to 5,000 words.

Pay Range: Varies


A travel site focused on destinations, experiences, and activities, GoNOMAD expected articles to range from 800 to 2,000 words.

Pay Range: $25 per article

Canadian Geographic

Submit your Canadian travel articles to Canadian Geographic, and you could be featured in one of their magazines. They publish both Canadian Geographic and Canadian Geographic Travel each year with many featured stories.

Pay Range: Varies

Escapees Magazine

Escapees Magazine Writing

Another travel magazine for RV travelers, Escapees Magazine, considers travel submissions specific to the RV lifestyle. They may consider stories all the way from 100 words up to about 1,500 words in length.

Pay Range: $50 to $200

Kansas! Magazine

A very niche travel magazine, Kansas! Magazine accepts stories about the state of Kansas only. If you live in Kansas or you want to write about Kansas, they will pay you to write for them.

Pay Range: Varies

Los Angeles Times Travel

A larger magazine that will pay you for the right travel article, Los Angeles Times Travel looks for writers that have taken recent trips.

Pay Range: Varies

Oregon Coast Magazine

Write about a ton of different travel topics for the Oregon Coast and enjoy compensation for your work from Oregon Coast Magazine. Article lengths range from 450 words to 3,000 words.

Pay Range: $100 to $650 per article

Pathfinders Travel

Seeking useful articles with a lively tone, Pathfinders Travel loves accepting submissions from freelance writers. The main audience is African Americans, so keep this in mind. Article range in length from 500 words to 1,000 words

Pay Range:  $150 per article + $20 per photo

Road & Travel Magazine

Covering just about any category you can think of for travel, Road & Travel Magazine offers plenty of opportunities for freelance writers. Articles range from 200 words to about 1,200 words.

Pay Range: Byline Only to $100 per article


A Western American magazine with more than one million subscribers, Sunset offers freelance writers opportunities to get paid by writing about travel in the 13 Western U.S. states. Categories include travel and recreation, garden and outdoor living, food and entertaining, and home design, remodeling, and projects.

Pay Range: Varies

Trailer Life

Trailer Life Article Writing

RV Travelers and those interested in RV travel can write for Trailer Life. Of course, if you’re skilled and willing to do the research, you can write for Trailer Life without having to travel in an RV. They accept all kinds of travel topics as long as they are related to RV travel.

Pay Range: $100 to $700 per article + payment for pictures

Verge Magazine

A travel magazine with a younger reader base from about 17 to 40 years of age, Verge is always looking for good articles from freelancers. A feature article may range from 2,000 to 2,500 words.

Pay Range: $0.10 (CAD) per word for first-time contributors

My Expert Advice for Anybody Looking to Get Paid By Writing for Travel Sites: Follow The Pitch Guidelines!

It just makes sense:

You may be the most talented writer since Hemmingway…

But if you can’t get a single PITCH accepted, it won’t matter, and you’ll never get paid by writing for travel sites.

Make sure you read the guidelines for pitching articles on each of the sites you pitch before submitting. Study them and make sure you cover every single bullet point they ask for from you.

If you don’t read their guidelines and follow them, you might as well shoot yourself in the foot!

Maybe the travel niche is just one niche you want to get paid by writing for. I’ve compiled a MASSIVE list of websites ready to pay you to write for them.

Of course, you can also find a niche you love, such as travel, finance, business, marketing, or one of many other great niches for freelance writers, and get my COMPLETE list of 100+ Websites that Pay Writers by clicking here.

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