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The Movies/TV niche is a huge niche for writers because there are so many ways you can cover this niche. If you want to get paid to review movies & TV shows, you’re in luck.

Some have made a living by releasing spoilers for popular reality TV shows, while others have made a living simply analyzing the different shows out there.

Of course, there’s a huge market for reviews and other types of writing about movies and TV, too. Here are the best websites you will find that will pay you to write about TV and movies, or as they used to say, The Pictures!

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Get Paid to Review Movies & Get Paid to Write About Movies & TV with These 10 Sites

Taste of Cinema

Write For Taste Of Cinema

A website dedicated to movies, Taste of Cinema has more than 600K movie fans coming to their site regularly. They are one of the leaders in the industry and they love finding new contributors eager to provide great content.

Taste of Cinema is specifically looking for writers to create reviews, along with lists of older movies. They are also looking for people to make videos from their lists as a narrator.

Pay Range: Based on Clicks

Screen Rant

Another huge website for those looking to write about movies and TV, Screen Rant provides both Movie News and TV News categories. They also have a category for lists, interviews, and reviews.

Screen Rant is specifically looking for writers to create premium, in-depth content for the featured categories on their website.

Pay Range: Varies


A very popular website for lists, Listverse will pay you to write about movies and TV. They want lists of at least 10 items and they want writers with a good grasp of the English language.

Pay Range: $100 per article


Writer for Cracked

With plenty of categories to write for, Cracked will pay you to write about TV and movies. Whether its reviews or short articles, you’ll get paid to write about things you love within this niche.

Pay Range: Varies


You can pitch your stories to Vice and they will pay you if they accept your work. They don’t have a specific movie or TV category, but they do have an entertainment category you can write about movies and TV for.

Pay Range: Varies

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Another popular site offering an entertainment category, Bustle will pay you to write about movies and TV. They ask that you submit pitches first and if accepted, you will be commissioned to write for them. Bustle offers several examples of the type of work they are looking for and easy to follow instructions for submitting your pitches.

Pay Range: Varies


The leading magazine for the art and politics of the cinema in America, Cineaste accepts work from freelance writers. Feature articles will likely discuss a subject, such as a specific movie or genre of movies and go very in-depth. Feature articles run 3,000 to 4,000 words. They also accept interviews, film reviews, book reviews, and more. Most articles should range from 1,000 to 1,500 words with some shorter.

Pay Range: $18 for “Short Take” reviews, $36 for book or DVD reviews, $45 for Film Reviews and short articles, columns, essays, or sidebar interviews, and $90 for feature articles and feature interviews

Cultured Vultures

Write For Cultured Vultures

Offering both a film and TV category, Cultured Vultures will pay you to write about movies. They are a website run by writers and for writers, specifically. This site is looking for film writers with a passion for the movies. They want writers willing to write 2,000 words about unique movie topics or even shorter articles.

Cultured Vultures is also looking for movie reviewers and those looking to cover the news in the entertainment industry. They accept content about films, gaming, TV, books, culture news, short stories, and poetry.

The length of your writing depends on the type of piece. They like news articles from 200 to 500 words, while opinion pieces should be at least 750 words. Reviews range from 500 words to 2,000 words, or more.

Pay Range: £2 for a feature article + £2 for every 200 page views during the first week of publishing and £1.50 for every news article + £2 for every 200 page views during the first week of publishing

Animation Arena

Animation Arena is looking for those willing to review movies, comic books, and video games. They don’t require any experience, but they do want reviews to be at least 500 words long. They also have a maximum of 10 reviews per month from one author.

Pay Range: $15 per review

PopSugar Voices

Write For Pop Sugar

Offering an opportunity for those looking to create content in the entertainment category, PopSugar Voices provides a large community of readers. You can write about movies and TV and get paid at the same time.

Pay Range: Varies

My Expert Advice for Anybody Looking to Get Paid to Write Movie Reviews or Wanting to Write About Movies & TV: Start a Blog

While many websites will pay you to write about movies and TV, you should certainly start a blog, as well.

As you start to get paid to write about movies and reviews, you’ll likely have some reviews and articles that won’t easily find a home. When this happens, publish those articles yourself on your blog.

Good content about movies and TV can make for a great blog and can help to build up a nice income for a freelance writer.

Write for the websites above and get paid to write movie reviews or just to write about movies and TV, but also start a blog to get paid even more.

Maybe Movies & TV is just one niche you want to cover as a freelance writer. I have compiled a MASSIVE list of websites willing to pay you to write about anything.

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