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You can get paid to write poetry for greeting cards if you know where to look. Of course, writing poetry for greeting cards isn’t the only way to sell your poem for money. There are many other websites that pay for poetry, which I provided in a previous post titled Get Paid to Write Poetry.

If you love to write poetry and you’ve dreamed of selling poems for money, you can write poetry for greeting cards and get paid. While you cannot sell poetry to Hallmark, as they don’t accept freelance work, you can sell your poetry to several other websites.

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Get Paid to Write Poetry for Greeting Cards With These 8 Sites

Below you will find some of the very best websites online that will accept your poetry for greeting cards. If you want to get paid to write poetry for greeting cards, use these XX sites.

Blue Mountain Arts

Write For Blue Mountain Arts

While they are not looking for rhymed poetry, one-liners, humor, or religious verse for their greeting cards, Blue Mountain Arts will accept poetry for greeting cards and pay you for it. Each holiday does have a specific deadline, so make sure to pay attention to those on the submission page.

Pay Range: $300 per poem for exclusive rights and $50 per poem for one-time use in a book

Calypso Cards

Another greeting card company that will pay you for poetry is Calypso Cards. They have several categories and will accept submissions for specific categories throughout the year.

Pay Range: Varies

NobleWorks Cards

There isn’t a ton of information on their website as they ask you to fill out a form to get the writing guidelines. However, they do accept all kinds of poems for cards, and NobleWorks Cards pays for your work.

Pay Range: Varies

Creative RSVP

Write For RSVP

Looking for fresh and innovative messages for their cards, Creative RSVP wants authentic, emotionally inspired, clever, and original poems for their cards.

Pay Range: Varies

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Oatmeal Studios

Those looking to submit humor greeting card poems will love working with Oatmeal Studios. They are all about the funny. However, they don’t want any puns, gross ideas, lengthy poetry, prose, narrowly focus ideas, or mean ideas.

Pay Range: $100 for writer copy

Via Bella

Accepting holiday and occasion card poems, Via Bella allows for all kinds of submissions. They have specific deadlines for every holiday you will want to pay attention to.

Pay Range: Varies

Comstock Marketplace

If you want to submit adult humor poems for greeting cards, Comstock Marketplace is a great choice. They accept all types of greeting cards and pay for your work. Gaglines are the thing they are looking for and will accept most often.

Pay Range: $50 per idea

Avanti Press

Write For Avanti

Sometimes, Avanti Press will accept verse for greeting cards, and it may even lead to a full-time job. When they do accept writing for greeting cards, you want to be prepared.

Pay Range: Varies

My Expert Advice if You want to Get Paid to Write Poetry for Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are a bit unique and take a unique talent to write. Not everybody can come up with the types of poems found on greeting cards.

If you believe your talent is writing poems for greeting cards, whether humorous, emotional, or exciting, you need to know how to get paid to write poetry for greeting cards.

My best advice is very simple: follow the guidelines and write like a crazy person.

You need to submit your work regularly if you truly want to get paid to write poetry for greeting cards. Of course, you can also sell your own greeting cards on a website like, but that requires you to create your own artwork.

With the sites above, you don’t have to create artwork to sell your poems for money. Instead, you can simply get paid to write poetry for greeting cards, but you will need to hustle.

Once you get your foot in a few doors, however, getting your submissions accepted and paid for becomes a bit easier. The good news, greeting card poems are usually very short, and some companies will pay you very well for exclusive rights.

If you want to get paid to write poetry for greeting cards, simply follow the guidelines of each site listed above. Write poems as much as you can and submit as often as each company will allow!

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