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Poetry is a specialized type of writing, and not everybody can get paid to write poetry. When you want to write a poem for money, you won’t likely find someone that will commission you to write a poem. Instead, you will be writing poems ahead of time and submitting them to sites and magazines hoping they like your writing.

Poetry isn’t the easiest of the ways to make money as a freelance writer, but it’s also not impossible. Not everybody can write great poetry and there are many websites and magazines that pay for poetry. If you want to sell poems for money, the sites listed below will be your best bet.

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Get Paid to Write Poetry: 24 Websites That Pay for Poetry

Some of these sites are specific to only accepting poetry, while others also accept stories and articles. If you want to get paid to write poetry, the sites below will provide you with plenty of options to submit your poems and get published.

The Sun

Write For The Sun

The Sun Magazine publishes all kinds of work from freelance writers. They publish poetry and encourage submissions from all types of writers.

Pay Range: $100 to $250

The New Yorker

If you write poetry, you can get published in The New Yorker. They publish all types of submissions in the Poetry category. You’re allowed to submit up to six poems at a time, but only twice per year. The New Yorker also has an interest in translations of poems never published in English before.

Pay Range: Varies

Black Warrior Review

Submissions for poetry open up throughout the year for Black Warrior Review. Typically, they will accept submissions from December 1 to March 1 and from June 1 to September 1. There is a $3 submission fee. They prefer poems that play with and interrogate genre, form, and language. You can submit up to five poems at one time.

Pay Range: Varies

Carve Magazine

Write For Carve Magazine

All types of poetry are accepted by Carve Magazine. You can submit up to three poems at a time with a $3 submission fee. Submissions are free if you subscribe to the magazine, however. Carve offers feedback on 5% to 10% of the declined submissions, as well.

Pay Range: $25 per poem

Iowa Review

Accepting the best poetry they can find, Iowa Review offers submission calls throughout the year. Submissions cost $4 and must be previously unpublished online or in print. They do have an 8-page limit for poetry but may accept longer poems if you ask first.

Pay Range: $1.50 per line with a $40 minimum

The Missouri Review

Submit your poems to The Missouri Review for consideration with different genres considered. They only publish feature poems from 6 to 14 pages, and they do publish three to five poets per issue. You can submit 8 to 20 pages of unpublished poetry.

Pay Range: $40 per printed page

Three Penny Review

The Three Penny Review accepts poetry submissions of 100 lines or less. They will make exceptions on occasions, but they are very rare.

Pay Range: $200 per poem

Fireside Magazine

Write For Fireside Magazine

Accepting many different types of submissions, Fireside Magazine is a great place to submit your poems. At the time of writing, they were closed for submission of poetry but may open back up at some point. When they open up for submissions, it’s for a short amount of time, so you have to be prepared.

Pay Range: Varies

Poetry Foundation

Of course, the Poetry Foundation accepts poetry submissions. They accept original works and those translated into English.

Pay Range: $10 per line with a $300 minimum and a $150 per page of prose rate

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Submissions are not open year-round for poetry at Crazyhorse. However, when they are open, they prefer submissions of three to five poems per set, and they do allow simultaneous submissions.

Pay Range: $20 per page with a $200 maximum

Alaska Quarterly Review

The Alaska Quarterly Review accepts many types of submissions, including traditional and experimental styles of poetry up to 20 pages. They do not want any light verse poetry, however.

Pay Range: Varies

Arc Poetry Magazine

A 40-year-old magazine for Poetry, Arc is known as the best for contemporary poetry around. They invite submissions from all types of poets, no matter the experience level. Submissions are not accepted from January 1 to May 31 or from august 1 to August 31, however.

Submit up to 3 poems at a time or 360 total lines in a single-spaced format.

Pay Range: $50 per page

Blue Mountain Arts

Write For Blue Mountain Arts

Submit your poems to the Blue Mountain Arts for their Poetry Contest. Your work must be original and in the English language. You can enter as many poems as you would like and they can be rhyming or non-rhyming. The deadline is June 30th, 2020.

Pay Range: Prizes ranging from $100 to $350

Fun For Kidz

Poems from the perspective of a young girl are most likely to be accepted by Fun For Kids for their Hopscotch publication. This magazine targets 6 to 13-year-old girls specifically. Along with poetry, they also allow puzzle submissions.

Pay Range: Minimum of $10 per poem

An e-zine published quarterly, loves to publish poetry. They allow submissions at certain times of the year. They do allow you to submit up to five poems of any length each year. Only poems fitting into science fiction or fantasy will be considered, however.

Pay Range: 1.5 cents per word with a minimum of $30

U.S. Kids

Submit your children’s poems to be published by U.S. Kids in the Humpty Dumpty or Jack and Jill Magazine. Humpty Dumpty targets ages two to six and accepts poems from 4 to 12 lines. Jack and Jill targets ages six to 12 and does not accept poetry at the time of writing.

Pay Range: $25 and up

Willow Springs

Published in the spring and the fall, Willow Springs accepts poetry from September 1st to May 31st. There is a $3 reading fee for all submissions, and you can include up to five poems per submission.

Pay Range: $20 per published poem

50 Haikus

Write For 50 Haikus

Both new and established poets are welcome to submit to 50 Haikus. It’s free to submit and you can submit up to five poems per month.

Pay Range: $1.50 to $10 + a free subscription

The Antigonish Review

Accepting poetry on any subject, The Antigonish Review looks for poetry in English and other languages. They prefer poems of five to six pages in length maximum and accept six to eight at one time.

Pay Range: $5 per page with a maximum of $25

Arts & Letters

Submissions for poetry are accepted from August 1st to January 31st every year by Arts & Letters. They accept up to 6 poems per submission with a $3 submission fee.

Pay Range: $10 per printed page with a minimum of $50 + a free subscription for one year and possible prizes

New Letters & BK MK Press

Submit your poems to New Letters during their open submission period starting on August 1st every year. It usually runs through May 20th, and you can submit up to six poems for consideration.

Pay Range: Varies


Accepting submissions during the year, Poetry allows one submission at a time. They receive as many as 150,000 poems every year and publish many throughout the year.

Pay Range: Varies

Strange Horizons

Write For Strange Horizons

High-quality SF/F, speculative, and slipstream poetry will be accepted, along with modern and exciting poems by Strange Horizons.

Pay Range: $40 per poem regardless of length

Cricket Media

Offering four magazines catering to ages six months to 14 years, Cricket Media accepts poetry submissions regularly. Poems must fit with the age group and theme of each publication.

Pay Range:  $3 per line with a $25 minimum

My Expert Advice to Get Paid to Write Poetry

While I am not a poet, I can tell you; those who don’t get paid to write poetry don’t follow the guidelines of the sites and magazines they submit their work to regularly. This means they don’t get read, either.

Many of the websites above are very specific about what they want and what they will accept. They may even have a specific timeframe to accept poetry submissions. IF you want to get paid to write poetry, make sure you follow the guidelines for each site or magazine you submit to.

Be aware, if you plan to submit your poetry to multiple publications, not all will like this. Some accept simultaneous submissions, while others don’t. Follow this guideline and the other guidelines provided by each site listed above, and you’ll be well on your way to getting paid to write poetry.

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