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Writing about religion isn’t easy, but you can certainly get paid writing about religion if you’re good at it. It’s probably smart to have a deep knowledge of the religious topics you’d like to write about. For example, if you want to write about the Catholic Church, it’s probably a good idea to understand what a Catholic believes and what the church is all about.

It takes the right type of person to get paid writing about religion. With so much controversy surrounding some of the religions of the world, it’s a unique niche for sure. If you want to get paid to write about religion, you need the right sites.

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Get Paid Writing About Religion: 27+ Sites That Pay Writers


Write About Religion With Devo

A magazine devoted to providing meditations for people, Devozine offers writers the opportunity to write both daily meditations and weekend feature articles. This magazine is published twice per month and the readers are from ages 14 to 19. Meditations should be 150 to 250 words long and include scripture when possible.

Pay Range: $10 to $25 per meditation

Secular Pro-Life

While it’s not technically a religious website, Secular Pro-Life is a pro-life blog and you can write for them. If you’re pro-life and you can write from a secular pro-life viewpoint, this blog is interested in your content. They are looking for any pro-life articles of any length not endorsing any religion or any political figure.

Pay Range: $25 per article

Christian Courier

An older publication dating back 70 years, Christian Courier is a bi-weekly publication. They count on freelance writers to help provide content in many categories including Editorials, Columns, Reviews, News Stories, and Poetry. Lengths vary depending on the type of content.

Pay Range: $30 to $70 per piece

The Christian Century

Seeking writers that understand Christian history and theology, The Christian Century will pay for several types of content including articles, poetry book reviews, and blog posts. Blog posts need to be less than 800 words long, while poems should be shorter than 20 lines. Not all types of content are paid, but some are.

Pay Range: Varies

First Things

Accepting opinion pieces, feature articles, and book reviews, First Things looks for all kinds of high-quality content. They are a magazine and accept pieces ranging from 1,000 to 4,000 words. Poetry may also be accepted.

Pay Range: Varies

Image Journal

Accepting submissions for both Image, the quarterly journal, and Good Letters, the daily blog, Image Journal offers a great opportunity for those wanting to write about different western faiths. Posts for Good Letters should be 800 to 1,000 words. Image accepts poetry, longer essays, interviews, artist profiles, work in transition, and fiction.

Pay Range: Varies

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A quarterly, magazine with stories of Protestant Reformers, Leben offers the opportunity to write for them. This is not a theological journal and they prefer articles that don’t deal with theological propositions. Interesting articles that are not preachy are the best choice here and will range from 500 to 2,500 words.

Pay Range: Varies


Articles shorter than 2,200 words may be accepted by Liguorian with a limit of 1,000 words for personal essays. They also accept fiction and other topics.

Pay Range: 12 to 15 cents per published word


Relevant Magazine offers a chance for you to write about faith, international living, and culture. It’s a mainly Christian audience in their 20s and 30s. The articles accepted here should be about topics pertaining to life, God, culture, and more.

Pay Range: Varies


Write For Sojourners

A website about faith in action for social justice, Sojourners accepts report pieces, commentary, and analysis about social justice and faith. They have a mainly faith-based audience and expect articles to be no more than 1,000 words.

Along with their website, they also accept pieces for their magazine. Magazine pieces should be around 2,000 words for a feature article. They also accept reviews and poetry.

Pay Range: Varies


If you have a true story about attaining a goal or overcoming an obstacle as a lesson in faith, Guideposts is the site for you. They accept stories written in the first-person narrative with a spiritual point. It doesn’t have to be your story, however. Stories should be around 1,500 words in length.

Pay Range: Varies

Eureka Street

Articles taking a humane, ethical analysis, or a commentary on religion, politics, or popular culture in Australia or the world are accepted by Eureka Street. They also accept poetry submissions, but poetry doesn’t pay nearly as much as the articles.

Pay Range: $200 per article, a share of $50 for poetry


Get Paid To Write About Religion With Forward

When it comes to American Jews, this is the place for the freelancer looking to write about issues pertaining to this group. Forward covers news, politics, culture, and arts for American Jews, and content is published in both English and Yiddish through many newspapers, blogs, websites, e-books, and more.

They consider trend stories, series, video projects, and multimedia from freelancers. They are also looking for news and news features and will consider historical pieces for brand-new or very compelling stories.

Pay Range: Varies

America The Jesuit Review

America Media will take all types of submissions including feature-length pieces, “Faith in Focus”, “Short Take”, poems, and more. They look for all type of content fitting their audience and their website. Book reviews are also considered.

Pay Range: Varies


Article submissions for both the website and print media are accepted on a rolling basis. They only consider submissions about Buddhism and your article should fit within the theme of the website. Tricycle rarely publish articles over 4,000 words and prefer pieces between 500 and 2,000 words.

Pay Range: Varies

Hope for Women Magazine

Home for Women Magazine offers the opportunity for freelancers to contribute if they provide the right type of content. They cater to an audience with an average age of 35 and all writing should be friendly and conversational.

Pay Range: Varies

U.S. Catholic

Write About Religion For US Catholic

A Catholic website and magazine, U.S. Catholic accepts all kinds of submissions from freelance writers. Feature articles will need to be 2,500 to 3,500 words, while essays should be 800 to 1,600 words. They also offer a sounding board with articles coming in around 1,400 words for this section. U.S. Catholic will also accept reviews, poetry, and other submissions.

Pay Range: Varies

War Cry

A part of The Salvation Army, War Cry wants articles about Christian Growth, Personal Witness, Evangelism, the Salvation Army’s mission, and more. They prefer well-researched articles and have a different theme for every month of the year. Articles, photos, news, fiction, non-fiction, and reprints are considered.

Pay Range: $0.34 per word for new articles, $0.15 per word for reprints

Catholic Digest

A print publication published nine times per year, Catholic Digest accepts submissions for print and for web-only content. Features should be around 1,500 words with other articles around 1,000 words.

Pay Range: Varies

Spirituality & Health

For about two-decade, Spirituality & Health magazine has been available. They offer writers the opportunity to get paid to write about spirituality wit about ten total stories accepted per issue. The sections include Inner Life, Practice, Healthy Body, Biosphere, Enlightened Diet, and Relationships.

They seek articles with no more than 950 words with features and long interviews ranging from 1,500 to 3,500 words.

Pay Range: $200 for stories, $500 for Features

Hevria Magazine

They have opened their submissions for guest posters, which is an opportunity that can lead to a regular writing position. Hevria is a magazine and blog for Creative Jews.

Pay Range: Varies

Religion Dispatches

Publishing reporting, commentary, reviews, blogs, and analysis, Religion Dispatches is looking for all types of submissions. Feature stories are usually between 1,000 and 2,500 words and they will even take urgent submissions if they are tied to the news cycle.

Pay Range: Varies

Catholic Answers

Publishing books, booklets, and magazine articles, Catholic Answers will pay you to write for them. Articles should be 2,000 to 3,000 words in length and relate to Catholic apologetics.

Pay Range: Varies

Charisma Media

A magazine offering articles about God and Christianity, Charisma Media actually offers multiple magazines you can write for. They seek articles for Christians, both Pentecostal and Evangelical, as this is their main audience. Articles should be about healing, end times, Israel, prayer, spiritual warfare, or the prophetic.

Pay Range: Varies

Religion & Politics

Write for Religion & Politics and get paid for your work. They accept all types of articles about religious topics without many guidelines.

Pay Range: Varies

Prairie Messenger

Freelance writers can submit human-interest stories with pictures, poetry, news stories, and feature stories to Prairie Messenger. They seek all types of topics and most articles should be about 950 words. Some longer articles may be accepted if they are exceptional.

Pay Range: $25 per photo, $25 per poem, $60 for comment and feature items, $25 for reprinted articles, $3 per column inch for short features

UPDATE: Prairie Messenger has CLOSED!!


MennoMedia allows submissions for Faith & Life Resources. They seek content about the gospel of Jesus Christ from an Anabaptist perspective.

Pay Range: Varies

Light + Life Magazine

A monthly magazine with about 15,000 subscribers, Light + Life Magazine offers opportunities for freelance writers in the religion niche. About half the articles in each issue come from freelance writers including feature stories, action stories, discipleship stories, and online articles. The length depends on the category and ranges from 500 to 2,100 words.

Pay Range: $100 for feature articles, $50 for action and discipleship articles

Franciscan Media

Accepting articles, Franciscan Media is a Catholic organization and accepts all types of topics including seasonal material. Feature articles should be about 2,000 words. They also accept photography and fiction.

Pay Range: $0.20 per published word

My Expert Advice for Anybody Trying to Get Paid Writing About Religion: Know What You Believe!

I know what I believe, but this isn’t a niche I cover because you really need to know your stuff.

Religious people and those with strong faith are perfect for this niche and it can be rather lucrative if you know what you believe and how to write about it.

Obviously, Catholics should write for Catholic sites, Jews for Jewish sites, and so on. However, sometimes, it’s best to write about a religion you’re not familiar with so that you can learn. Some publications love these types of pieces, too.

Regardless, make sure you are strongly rooted in your beliefs before you enter into this unique niche.

Maybe the religion niche is just one of many you want to get paid writing about. I’ve created a MASSIVE list of websites willing to pay you to write for them.

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