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Becoming a freelance writer was one of the best decisions I ever made. I often wondered what the highest paying freelance writing jobs were and it took me years to figure it out.

You don’t have to wait for years. I am here to answer this question and help you find a high-paying freelance writing gig. Before we get to the list of high paying freelance writing jobs, let’s look at a couple of other questions.

Is Freelance Writing Profitable?

Yes, freelance writing is very profitable, if you know how to find clients and provide great content for their websites and blogs. Some writers make six figures, while most will earn above $50K per year.

The best part, you get to work from home without a boss.

Are Freelance Writers in Demand?

Content marketing is one of the fastest-growing online marketing strategies today. Freelance writers are in high demand and those with the skills can make a very nice living.

Marketing Mag has predicted the industry will be worth about $300 billion by the end of 2020. The best part, the demand keeps growing and freelance writing is nearly recession-proof.

Now that we have discovered the fact that freelance writing is profitable and in demand, let’s look at some of the highest paying freelance writing jobs you can land today.

17+ Highest Paying Freelance Writing Jobs Available Today

Paying Freelance Writing Jobs

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Of course, the freelance writing job or client you can land will depend on your experience. However, I don’t want you to think you need experience in a specific area to land a freelance writing gig.

I started with very little experience in the niches I covered and still landed high-paying clients. The key is to create excellent samples for the industry/niche you want to cover. Good samples go a very long way to landing high-paying clients.

Here are some of the top freelance writing jobs that pay the most.

Cosmopolitan Magazine

Pays more than $100 per article, but you will have to follow their specific guidelines. Not everybody can write for Cosmo, but those that can will certainly get paid well.


It’s not a place offering just one of the highest paying freelance writing jobs, but a job board offering several high-paying writing jobs. BloggingPro is one of the best places to find jobs and you can often find companies willing to pay $100+ per article here.

A Fine Parent

Another online community paying well, A Fine Parent will pay as much as $100 per article.

Carve Magazine

While you will have to pay a $3 submit fee with Carve, if they publish your fiction, they will pay you $100+.

Freelance Mom

A great choice for the mothers out there looking to become freelance writers or find high-paying freelance writing jobs, Freelance Mom pays $75 to $100 per article. You will need to submit topic ideas to their editor with the first paragraph and an outline.

Income Diary

One of the best websites offering as much as $200 per article, Income Diary provides plenty of opportunity for freelance writers. They will ask you to write at least 1,500 words per article and they want content about social media, making money, SEO, and more.

If you can provide high-quality articles, this may be the high-paying freelance writing gig for you.


If you’re into science fiction and fantasy, Clarkesworld may be the perfect choice for you. They accept submissions with at least 1,000 words and all the way up to 16,000 words. The rate they pay is rather high at 8 to 10 cents per word.

If you write 10,000 words of science fiction for them, you could make as much as $1,000 from just one story!

Power For Living

Another great choice on this list of the highest paying freelance writing jobs, Power For Living is for the Christian freelance writers out there. It’s a weekly publication and they access all types of submissions paying between $125 and $375 per article.

Transitions Abroad

If you love to travel, Transitions Abroad may be the perfect choice for you. They stake articles on traveling, studying, volunteering, working, and living abroad. Digital nomads will love working form them and they pay up to $150 per article.

Sports Spectrum

If you’re a Christian freelance writer with a background in sports, you can make as much as 21 cents per word from Sports Spectrum.

Another 11 Choices for Highest Paying Freelance Writing Jobs

Highest Paying Freelance Writing Jobs

  1. Wow! Women – Up to $150 per article
  2. Scary Mommy – Up to $100 per article
  3. Puritan Magazine – Up to $100 for essays and $60 for poems
  4. Big Grey Horse – $125 to $200 per article
  5. Chicken Soup for the Soul – $200 for 1,200-word articles
  6. Cicada Magazine – 25 cents per word up to 9,000 words
  7. Reader’s Digest – $100 for a 100-word personal story
  8. Boulevard Magazine – Up to $250 for poetry and $300 for prose
  9. AARP – Up to $1 per word
  10. Babble – Up to $150 for 1,200-word articles
  11. The Sun Magazine – Up to $2,500 for stories

There are a ton of great places out there for freelance writers to make a living. If you’re looking for even more of the highest paying freelance writers, make sure to download my FREE list of 100+ websites that pay writers by going here now!

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