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There are many craft and hobby magazines that pay freelance writers. Most of them actually seek out those that love a specific hobby or craft over a seasoned writer.

Writing is an art form and so is the craft or hobby you love. Put them together and you have an opportunity to make some extra cash, or even a full-time income.

Whether you love to write or you just want to make a little extra cash from your hobby or craft, you can write for these 16 magazines and websites that pay freelance writers. Turn your love of any type of hobby or craft into a paying gig today!

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Craft & Hobby Magazines That Pay Freelance Writers

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16 Craft & Hobby Magazines that Pay Freelance Writers

With the internet helping to catapult so many hobbies and crafts into the spotlight, opportunities have opened up. Some hobbies are just starting to become mainstream online with YouTube videos and blogs getting in on the action. While I have compiled a list of XX magazines and websites that pay freelance writers in the craft and hobby niche, I also expect many more are out there or will be soon!

Popular Woodworking


Over the past few years, woodworking has exploded online and Popular Woodworking is looking for writers with knowledge of woodworking. They accept articles about a ton of different things including building techniques, tricks of the trade, and so much more. If you love woodworking and you want to write about it, this might just be the perfect opportunity. They accept articles around 600 words or more.

Pay Range: $50 to $250

Maybe you’re into knitting and you want to write about it. Knitty accepts tutorials and they also accept patterns for their Magazine and website. They do have a deadline for each issue, so make sure you pay attention to the submission deadline found on the submission page.

They usually look for tutorials and patterns having to do with the season for the issue. For example, for the winter issue, they will look for tutorials and patterns for sweaters and anything cozy. also looks for weird things, too.

Pay Range: $150 to $200


You can submit your creative project ideas to and get paid. They look for all kinds of things including writing through their professional program for writers. They do expect a high level of writing and will accept craft writing for all kinds of categories.

Pay Range: Up To $35

Facet Jewelry

If you’re into jewelry, Facet Jewelry might be the right writing gig for you. They have several categories including wire, clay, resin, fiber, cord, stitching, stringing, and more. You can write all kinds of content for them and they even accept submissions from designers of all skill levels.

Pay Range: Varies

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COINage Mag


Maybe your hobby is collecting coins. COINage Mag accepts plenty of content about coin collecting, investing and all things having to do with coins. They look for fresh articles about things, such as coin auctions, currency errors, precious metals and more. Submissions will need to be 2,000 words or more. Some shorter articles may be accepted.

Pay Range: $250

CQ Magazine

CQ Amateur Radio has a magazine and they accept writing submissions having to do with Amateur radio. They have been publishing articles since 1945 on the subject and want your unique expertise on several different subjects. You won’t find a set formula for articles here, but they do have a few basic guidelines.

They don’t pay for all writing, but for some types of writing, they will pay you for it.

Pay Range: Varies

Fine Books & Collections


Accepting articles on several topics having to do with book collecting, Fine Books & Collections is a great publication for the right hobby writer. They seek articles ranging in length from 500 to 2,000 words on many topics. They do plan several months in advance, so make sure to check the deadlines.

Pay Range: Varies


Maybe your hobby has to do with textiles, design, or fine art. If so, Selvedge Magazine might be the place for you. They accept a variety of articles including book reviews, exhibition reviews, featured articles and shorts. Articles may be as long as 2,500 words with some much shorter.

Pay Range: £10 per 100 words offers the opportunity for writers to submit pieces about needlework and get paid. They look for featured articles ranging from 1,500 to 4,000 words, along with articles on projects and techniques, including color charts and design sketches. Not all articles have to be as long as the featured articles, however.

Pay Range: Varies

Sew Daily


Obviously, Sew Daily is all about sewing and if you love sewing, you may just be able to write for them and get paid. They look for original, unpublished work for their website including projects about all kinds of different themes from stitches of all different skill levels.

Deadlines and the type of themes they are looking for change regularly, so make sure to check their website for more information. Featured articles will range from 1,000 to 1,500 words, but other articles of different lengths may also be accepted.

Pay Range: Varies

FineScale Modeler Magazine

Articles ranging in length from about 750 to 2,500 words will be accepted by FineScale Modeler Magazine. They are the place for modelers to submit articles and they stress that you don’t need to be a professional writer. In fact, they prefer a modeler over a professional writer, especially if you can take clear pictures along the journey of creating the model.

Pay Range: Varies

Garden Railways Magazine

If you’re into trains, this is the magazine for you. Garden Railways Magazine accepts submissions from non-writers and writers with good information to contribute to the magazine. They do say that the How-I-Did-It style of articles is the most popular. Whether you want to write about locomotives, structures, plants, or anything else having to do with model trains, they are interested.

Pay Range: $15 per column with a minimum payment of $75. Cover photos are worth $100

Scale Auto Magazine


Whether you’re a new writer or you’ve been writing for a long time, if you love auto models, you’ll love writing for Scale Auto Magazine. They accept submissions from writers of all skill levels and love how-to content, along with features about your own modeling projects. They look for articles from 750 to 3,000 words and may consider articles longer if it’s warranted.

Pay Range: Varies

Classic Trains

Whether you love taking pictures or writing, Classic Trains is looking for your work when it comes to trains. They depend on readers and freelancers for content.

Pay Range: $30 per picture & varies for articles

Model Railroader

Another place for those into model trains to submit work, Model Railroader looks for articles on how-to subjects and more. They also accept pictures and pay for both pictures and articles.

Pay Range: $75 to $100 per printed page

The Quilting Company


If you love quilting, there are several choices for your submissions through The Quilting Company. They have many magazines including:

  • EasyQuilts
  • Love of Quilting
  • McCall’s Quilty
  • Quilting Arts Magazine
  • Quiltmaker

All of these publications accept articles about quilting. They may vary depending on the time of year and you’ll want to check for the type of content they are seeking.

Pay Range: $200 to $400

My Expert Advice about Submitting to Craft & Hobby Magazines that Pay Freelance Writers

My advice is pretty simple when it comes to submitting to any website or magazine that pays freelance writers: FOLLOW THEIR GUIDELINES FOR SUBMISSION!

The number one reason your work doesn’t get accepted, you didn’t follow the guidelines for the website or magazine.

While following the submission guidelines doesn’t guarantee you’ll get published and paid, if you don’t follow the guidelines, you have very little, if any chance.

Along with following the guidelines, remember published articles that don’t pay as high as you would like still make great samples for other clients. When you can show a client you’ve been published in a magazine or on a top website in the craft and hobby niche, you will tip the scale in your favor.

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