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Whether you’re searching for a part-time job or a full-time position, you’ll find plenty of opportunities through the Home Job Directory. This site has more than a million jobs listed from all over the world. You can even browse by industry, location and category. The site is completely free, and you can search for available positions based on your skills and experience.


Besides listing the best remote jobs, Remote Europe also provides the best remote events and co-working spaces. It’s the perfect place to learn about the latest and greatest remote job opportunities while enjoying the benefits of a vibrant community.

EuropeRemotely is a virtual job board geared toward developers living in Europe. It is a great resource for bilingual remote workers looking for the best remote work opportunities. As with any job board, it’s a good idea to use the search engine to narrow down your search. It may be a good idea to subscribe to a newsletter highlighting new vacancies, as well. The site lists a small number of listings for remote jobs, but they are all worth checking out.

In addition to the site’s main page, the company also maintains a newsletter featuring curated news about remote jobs, as well as a newsletter highlighting the most prestigious remote accolades. If you’re looking to take the next step in your career, there’s no better place than EuropeRemotely. Using the site, you’ll find a small selection of listings in various categories, including customer support, design, marketing, and sales. Among other features, the site also offers a unique space for bilingual remote workers.

Unlike most job sites, EuropeRemotely is not only a centralized repository of listings, it also presents a small curated list of the best remote jobs. This is one of the few job sites that offers this service, and it’s an excellent way to stay up-to-date on the latest remote employment opportunities.

Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs is a local tech job platform that allows you to reach a large potential employee pool. The site features job postings, including full time, part time, and temporary positions. It also offers a job monitoring dashboard. The platform is located in Sarasota, Florida. You can post your own job listing for free, or subscribe to a paid plan.

The platform is divided into categories, such as Design, Content Strategy, Business Management, Product, Development, and Marketing. You can find many freelancer profiles, such as web designers and developers. You can choose to search for a job by location, or use the advanced search to find full time or part time opportunities.

You can also sign up for a bi-monthly newsletter, called Remotive, to get access to information about remote jobs. Members are encouraged to share tips and productivity hacks, and they support each other. The site is primarily for developers and creatives, and is a good resource for those looking for work from home jobs. It costs $300 to list a job, but it increases the likelihood of finding a genuine position.

Unlike Dice, Authentic Jobs does not offer a free job posting trial. You can either subscribe to one of two paid monthly subscription plans, or post your own job for free. You can also opt to list your listings on other remote job boards, such as or GigaOm. You can find a wealth of employment postings on Authentic Jobs, and you can customize your listings with optional extras. You can also upload your resume for free. A paid subscription gives you the ability to post a featured job, publish edited job posts, and add job feed integration.


Whether you are looking to find your first remote position or are currently working in a remote environment, Pangian Home Job Directory can help you connect with other professionals in a supportive online community. Pangian offers a free account, which allows you to browse remote positions, apply to jobs, and view updated lists of remote jobs. Its premium plan starts at $10 a month, and gives you access to exclusive job postings from top companies around the world. With a membership, you can also participate in Pangian’s online community, receive virtual trainings, and join the company’s remote academy.

The company offers a great selection of remote positions, but you will find that it is difficult to browse through them. You can also find it a bit slow to post a job listing.

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