If you want to know how to become a blogger or you’ve been searching for a guide about how to make a blog on WordPress, you’ve come to the right place.

My name is Benjamin Ehinger and I have been helping clients create, manage, and market their blogs for well over a decade. Below, you will find everything you need to get started on your journey to starting a successful blog.

How to Become a Blogger – Step #1: Hosting

Yes, technically, you could start a blog for free with one of the free blog services, but you wouldn’t own it. In addition, they all have rules you must follow. I HATE when people tell me what I can and cannot do with something I am creating.

I highly recommend starting a self-hosted WordPress blog for anybody looking to figure out how to become a blogger. Even if you want to start a blog for your company, a WordPress blog is the best choice.

When you chose a free platform, you lose control of your content and what you can do with it. Plus, if you’re trying to learn how to make a blog on WordPress so that you can make money online, you really need to be willing to invest a little bit into the right foundation.

The first of the steps to become a blogger is Hosting. You need hosting and you need the right hosting. There are literally hundreds of hosting companies to choose from and I have used about 15 of the top choices over the years. When I first started my freelance writing career I spent nearly 3 years writing exclusively for web hosting companies, blogs, and news sites. I know the top hosting companies well and for my money, I recommend SiteGround WordPress Hosting.

In my opinion, SiteGround offers the best hosting for SEO (search engine optimization) and for WordPress blogs. It’s incredibly affordable for what you get and I find it to be above the other hosting companies I have used over the years.

How to Become a Blogager

I use the GrowBig account from SiteGround because I have multiple blogs. If you plan to start just one blog, you can get the StartUp Package. Of course, you can always upgrade later when it’s time to start a second blog or website.

Get your SiteGround Hosting Account HERE!

Once you choose your package, you will need to register a domain name. You can do it right through SiteGround. You will want to choose a domain that makes sense for your blog. In most cases, YourName.com or .net will be a good choice, such as my blog, which is BenjaminEhinger.com.

How To Make A Blog On WordPress

Once you enter your domain name, you’ll be taken to the final page to complete payment and get all set up. It’s important to understand, the hosting deal offered by SiteGround is only good for the initial package. You can buy up to three years of hosting up front at this super low rate, however.

For one year, the StartUp package is just $47.40. For two years, it’s just $94.80 and for three years, it’s just $142.20. I prefer the three-year package, as it gives you the biggest savings and you won’t have to worry about paying for hosting for three years.

Once you have your domain name and hosting, you’ll be ready for the next step.

How to Become a Blogger – Step #2: Installing WordPress

When you decide you want to know how to make a blog on WordPress, you’ll have to figure out how to install WordPress on your blog. Luckily, it’s super easy and I am going to walk you through as one of my steps to become a blogger below.

First, you will need to log into your new SiteGround WordPress Hosting account:

Steps To Become A Blogger

Once you’re logged in, you will need to go to the My Accounts Tab and click “Manage Account” for your new domain name.

How To Start A Successful Blog

Now, you will need to click on “Go to cPanel” to get to the area to install WordPress on your new domain name.

How To Become A Blogger Tips

Now, you’re in your cPanel, which is where you will find an area called AutoInstallers. This section has a WordPress logo, which you will need to click on.

How to Make a Blog on WordPress Tips

Once you click this button, you’ll be in the WordPress installation area for your blog. From here, just click “WordPress” and select the “Quick Install” option.

How to Become A Blogger Steps

All you need to do now is select your new domain name, set your username (DO NOT USE the default ADMIN…make it unique), enter your email address, and click the “Install” button.

Starting A Successful Blog

The Limit Login Attempts plugin is fine if you want to use it, but it’s not necessary.

After the installation is done, you will get a login URL, which you should keep in a safe place with your username and password.

How to Become a Blogger – Final Step: Advanced Steps to Become a Blogger

We just covered the very basics to lay the foundation for your new blog. Don’t worry, I won’t be asking you to pay me anything for the advanced steps to become a blogger. These steps are very important and will ensure you have the foundation you need when starting a successful blog.

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