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How to Start a Successful Blog

Starting a blog is easy. However, when it comes to how to start a successful blog, it’s not so easy.

I provide a ton of great tips and tricks to help you reach success with blogging. If you want to start a successful blog, you’ve come to the right place.

Maybe you’re on a super tight budget and you still want to learn how to start a successful blog. I’ve got the solution for you.

Are you smart with your money and ready to invest in your own blog? I will help you decide the right path to running a successful blog and getting there fast.

The analogy I love to use when it comes to blogging is the boulder being pushed up the hill. I’ve used this analogy in other posts and in some of my videos found on my YouTube Channels; One Quick Tip & Life Inspired By Ben.

Simply put, blogging is like pushing a boulder up a hill. It’s hard work at the beginning, but you will reach a tipping point (the top of the hill). When you reach the top of the hill, that boulder will come screaming down the other side faster than you can imagine.

With blogging, your goal should be to reach the top of the hills as fast as possible. When it comes to learning how to start a successful blog, the amount of time and money you can invest, will become determining factors in how fast you reach the top of the hill.

Once you reach the tipping point, the work becomes easier and you will see far more growth. Let’s get you to the tipping point faster, no matter what you can spend to get your blog started.

How to Start a Successful Blog with Just $3.75

How to Start a Successful Blog with 375

I don’t provide a way to start a blog for free because I don’t believe in starting a business for free. With blogging, this means you choose to use a site like Weebly or Blogger, which also means you don’t really own your content or your blog. It’s not the right choice.

Instead, I believe you need to invest at least $3.75 to get your blog started. It’s better if you can invest more, but with $3.75, you can get your blog started.

If you have just $3.75 to invest, here are the steps to get your blog online. Once you’re online, you will want to skip down to the final section of this post to learn how to start a successful blog and not just a blog.

Step #1 – Go to iPage Hosting Here


I am familiar with iPage hosting and used to use them. While they are not my first choice for hosting for bloggers, they do offer a cheap, monthly option with a free domain name. This means you can get started blogging for less than $5.


Step #2 – Choose the WP Starter & Click “Sign Up Now”

Once you’ve landed on the iPage WordPress Hosting page, you want to choose the WP Starter Package. It’s just $3.75 per month (goes up after the initial term).

Step #3 – Create your Domain Name

Your domain name needs to be a .com and it can be your name, or whatever you’d like it to be. Don’t worry about the “Current Total” on this page as we are going to change that in the next step.

Select the .com for your domain name and click the button in the right that says, “Next, choose my term.”


Step #4 – Change the Term

As you can see on the “Term Length” page, you can change your term to 1 month. When you do this, the Current Total will go down to $3.75. If it doesn’t, don’t worry. We will fix it in the next step.


Once you’ve done this, click the “Next, customize my plan” button on the right.


Step #5 – Make Sure Everything is Unchecked

The only thing you need to do on the “Customize Your Plan” page is to make sure everything is unchecked. Often, the Domain Privacy box will be checked, which adds more $$ to your current total.

Make sure everything is unchecked and your current total reads $3.75. If this is the case, click the “Continue to payment” button to the right and finish the process.

You have just discovered how to start a successful blog for $3.75, well, at least the first step. Now, scroll down to the bottom of this post to learn how to make your new blog successful.

How to Start a Blog with $35

Start a Blog with 35 Dollars

If you have $35 to invest in your blog, you can start your new blog with my favorite hosting company, SiteGround Hosting. They provide incredible SEO hosting for bloggers planning to use WordPress.

I have two accounts with SiteGround Hosting and they have always provided the highest quality service for the price. I’ve used other hosting companies in the past and none compare to SiteGround when it comes to providing value for the dollar.

With $35, you will be able to start your blog using the Trial: 1-month option from SiteGround Hosting. This will also include registering a .com domain name.

The steps for SiteGround are found on my Start Here page. Just make sure you change the hosting service period to 1 month and select the StartUp plan.

Go to my Start Here page by clicking here now.

How to Start a Successful Blog for $65

Start a Successful Blog with 65 dollars

New bloggers looking to start a successful blog with $65 to invest will be able to use my favorite hosting and pay for a full year upfront. There is power in paying for things up front, such as your blog hosting.

When you invest in an entire year of hosting, you’ll be more likely to find blogging success. The investment is actually in yourself and you’re making a commitment with your money.

Follow the steps I outline on my Start Here page to create your blog. You will be choosing the StartUp package from SiteGround Hosting and the 12-month term.

Those with $111 to invest have enough to pay for 2 years of hosting upfront and those with $160 can pay for 3 years upfront.

Start a Successful Blog with $250

How to Start a Successful Blog with 250

Maybe you have a bit more to invest in your blog. If you can invest $250, here’s how I would spend the cash to get your blog started and get you to the top of that hill faster.

You won’t have much left at this point, but you will have all the tools you need (same ones I use) to become a successful blogger.

The Elegant Themes membership will allow you to use a premium WordPress theme for your blog. This will give you far more control over the design and functionality.

I use the Tailwind App for my Pinterest Marketing. It’s a great way to build up traffic and the Tribes Max Powerup gives you tons of power to get your pins shared by others. I highly recommend the Tailwind App if you want to build a successful blog online.

Buffer is my go-to tool for sharing on social media sites, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I really only use it for Instagram and I use it to add even more Pins to my Pinterest account, too.

GetResponse is the tool I use to build my list. This is vital to your success as a blogger and I highly recommend you start using GetResponse to build your email list immediately!

LongTail Keyword Pro is a great tool for researching great keywords for your blog posts. I believe in the power of targeting Long-tail keywords and this is my go-to tool for finding the right ones.

You could invest in a few guides at this point, but I recommend the Kindle Unlimited membership because you’ll be able to devour as many guides as you can handle over the next month. As long as they participate in the program you can check out as many as 10 guides at a time.

I recommend finding guides on blog marketing, Pinterest marketing, Instagram marketing, and other types of online marketing. With this membership, you’ll be able to learn everything you need to become a successful blogger.

How to Start a Successful Blog with $500

Start a Successful Blog with 500 dollars

Basically, if you can invest $500, we are going to take the how to start a successful blog with $250 and up some of the plans to annual plans. Here’s how I would start my blog if I had $500 to invest.

This will pretty much use up the entire $500, and you’ll have all the best tools I recommend for at least one month, some for longer.

The reason I would do 24 months of hosting is due to the money savings it provides. This is the same with upgrading the TailwindApp and powerups to a full year easy. Plus, you will be more committed to Pinterest Marketing, which is one of the best ways for beginning bloggers to market and see great results.

I am also adding in SEOPressor with this plan because it’s a great tool for your overall SEO. It’s the best tool I have found to ensure I have great SEO and far better than the free plugins out there.

You can check out my explanation of each of these tools under the $250 section above.

How to Start a Blog with $1,000

How to Start a Successful Blog with 1000 dollars

When you have $1,000 to invest in your blog, you have a sizable amount to get things rolling. This will allow you to max out your $$ savings on certain tools and really get to the top of that hill faster. Here’s how I would get started.


With $1,000, you can get everything I have used and love with money to spare. I recommend investing the final $145 into Fiverr gigs or additional blogging guides, such as Blog Writers Bootcamp ($20) and Bloggers Road Map ($27). The more you can learn about blogging, the better off you will be in the long run.

The reason I recommend Fiverr is simple. There are so many things you can get done quick and easy on Fiverr, such as logo design, graphics, WordPress setup, Social Media images, and much more. Investing $100+ in good Fiverr gigs from high-level sellers will save you a ton of time.

Becoming a Successful Blogger

Blogging Success

Above, you have all the necessary plans to get you started with the right tools. Now, you need to learn these tools and put everything together.

I prefer to use social media and SEO to build up blog traffic. My traffic is split about 45% social media, 45% search engines, and 10% other. The other traffic usually comes from people linking to me or sources I didn’t set up myself.

The tools I recommend above all make my life easier when it comes to blog marketing. These tools give you a foundation to work with. However, you still need to build a blog on this foundation.

My blog is a great source of information to help you build a successful blog. Some of the posts I recommend for new bloggers include:

Use the advice I provide in these blog posts to become more fluent in blogging. If you want to learn how to become a successful blogger, it starts with the foundation. I’ve given you a great foundation above, no matter your budget.

Once you have the foundation set up, it’s time to really learn how to blog. Along with the blog posts I just provided, here’s a quick overview of how I have built my blog into a successful blog.

1. Consistent blogging

I am currently writing 100 blog posts in 100 days and I am 13 days in. I have already seen my daily traffic nearly double.

2. Pinterest Marketing

My Pinterest account went from a few hundred views to more than 2,500 as soon as I started pinning regularly. I try to pin a minimum of 10 pins per day and often pin around 25 times per day. About 25% are pins I create to promote blog posts or tools I am using.

I also follow plenty of people in my niche daily.

3. Instagram Marketing

I break down every blog post I can into mini-blogs for Instagram. Then, I direct people to my profile link, which promotes my free 10-day blogging guide found here.

4. SEO

About 90% of the blog posts I write have a main keyword and a few sub-keywords. I don’t go after two-word or three-word keywords. I go after four-word and longer, which are known as long-tail keywords.

5. External Links

I try to link to every source I use, along with other blog and websites when it makes sense. This helps to build up “blog karma” and helps the search engines see me in a better light.

This is the quick and dirty of what I do to build blog traffic. It has worked for me and you can use my tips and tricks, too.

Choose a budget, get your foundation set up, and start learning how all these tools will help you build your successful blog. Learning how to start a successful blog doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful.

Keep it Simple Stupid and get to work on creating great content!


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