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Having a web hosting service is a necessity for any small business and you have to be sure that you choose the right one. There are a lot of companies out there, so it’s important to find one that will meet your needs and help you succeed. You should also look at the services that are offered by the company. This will include Cloud-based or Shared hosting, SSL certificates, and customer support.

Shared hosting

Founded in 1999 by Mike Lavrik and John Quaglieri, InterServer is a well-established company that focuses on delivering reliable and affordable web hosting solutions. The company’s datacenter is in Secaucus, New Jersey.

InterServer offers a wide range of web hosting options, including shared, VPS and dedicated hosting, as well as colocation plans. They also offer a price-lock guarantee, which helps you protect against price increases. They also have a solid customer support team.

InterServer operates on three data centers, including one in Secaucus, NJ. They offer a number of additional features, including enterprise-grade climate control, solid-state drives, and five levels of content caching solutions. They also have a number of ways to customize your account, such as installing WordPress or Joomla scripts.

InterServer has an easy to use interface, and you can access a number of resources from the top menu bar. There are three buttons on the top: Billing, Support, and Settings. These are useful for locating your accounts, purchasing new products, and contacting customer service. You can also access the user management area to manage your domains and websites.

The InterServer web hosting plan offers unlimited storage space, bandwidth, and email accounts. It also includes a free Cloudflare CDN. The hosting service is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, you should be aware that switching to a different package may increase your bill.

The most expensive dedicated servers offered by InterServer are priced at 10GB per second (10GBPS). This is an important benefit, as it helps to minimize server stress and deliver quality service. These servers are great for resource-heavy websites. They come with a variety of other features, such as dedicated IP addresses, cPanel, and free SSL certificates.

The company’s customer support team is also available around-the-clock. You can contact them via the phone, live chat, or through the customer service portal. They provide a variety of payment methods, including credit cards. Despite the fact that InterServer offers a full range of services, they are not as widely known as the more popular web hosting providers.

Cloud-based option

Originally, InterServer focused on reselling web hosting plans. The company has grown to include a variety of different services. It also offers a wide range of pricing options and features.

While InterServer isn’t as popular as companies like Bluehost and HostGator, it’s a great choice for anyone looking for high quality and affordable web hosting. You can choose from an unlimited shared hosting plan, a standard web hosting plan, and even a cloud-based option. It also has a variety of options for resellers and VPS users.

The three shared hosting plans from InterServer offer unlimited storage, bandwidth, and email accounts. They also include free domain registration and automated backups. It’s easy to set up and manage your account through a simple and easy-to-use web-based control panel. You can use the control panel to manage your websites, domain names, and SSL certificates.

If you’re looking for a more powerful web hosting solution, InterServer’s dedicated servers are a great choice. Typically, these are used for sites that require heavy storage and processing. Depending on your needs, you can get up to 10GB per second of performance.

InterServer also offers an incredible price-lock guarantee that protects you from any yearly rate increases. In addition to the price-lock guarantee, you can also request a refund within thirty days of signing up. This makes it easy to change your account without having to worry about the costs.

You can also benefit from a variety of security features, such as SSL certificates and an InterShield anti-malware system. You can also get one-click installation for 381 programs. You can also take advantage of a comprehensive account management portal.

InterServer also boasts an impressive uptime record. They claim to have a 99.9% uptime, though they’re not 100%. They also offer 24-hour, seven-day-a-week technical support. They have staff in the United States, Israel, Mexico, and Brazil.

Although InterServer’s website may be confusing to new users, it is easy to navigate. They’ve done a great job at designing their site. They’ve also added forums and additional support to make it easier for users to reach out and ask questions.

Customer service

Getting great customer service is one of the most important factors when choosing a web host. InterServer has excellent customer support that’s available around the clock. If you ever have a problem, you can contact the InterServer customer service team by email or phone.

InterServer has a great deal to offer. In addition to the usual hosting options, it also offers colocation solutions and virtual servers. Its data center is located in Secaucus, New Jersey. Founded in 1999, InterServer began as a virtual hosting reseller, but soon expanded to offering full-featured web hosting and data services to individuals and small businesses.

There are a number of different InterServer hosting packages, but they’re all geared towards budget-conscious customers. They’re all month-to-month, and they offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you have a question, you can use the company’s ticketing system to submit a support request.

In addition to the customer service department, InterServer provides a free CloudFlare CDN (Content Delivery Network) to ensure that your website stays online, even during power outages. It’s a great way to increase your site’s security and protect it from malicious attacks. The company also includes SSL certificates on all of their plans.

InterServer has been in business for nearly two decades, and they’ve grown to serve hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses across the country. They’re also a partner with the drag-and-drop SitePad website builder.

While it’s not the fastest web host, InterServer does a good job of delivering on the promises of the cPanel. It has a user-friendly interface and it’s easy to manage your hosting accounts. It also includes a lot of useful features, such as an SSL certificate and an uptime guarantee.

The company also has a number of unique features, such as a SMTP scanner that will check whether your mail is being delivered. This feature is a real plus for a company that claims to be “budget-friendly.”

InterServer isn’t as fast as some of their competitors, but it’s not far behind. They are also quite secure, and they’re known for their tech prowess.

SSL certificates

Using a premium SSL certificate protects the data and information on your website. It also increases the number of domains protected. You can choose from several different pricing options.

InterServer offers a range of services for both personal and business websites. It offers affordable, dedicated hosting plans as well as VPS solutions. The company has been in the business for several years. It is a reliable provider that is focused on customer satisfaction.

One of the features of InterServer web hosting is the price lock guarantee. This guarantees the uptime, security, and pricing of your account. This benefit is designed to keep you from having to deal with annual rate hikes. You can also take advantage of free migrations.

InterServer also provides a comprehensive account management portal. This provides users with an easy way to administer their domains, email, and control their sites. They can also order new products from the portal. The interface of the system is clean and easy to use.

There is no bandwidth limit or storage limit with any of the plans. However, the price may increase if you request additional features. The company will let you know if they can meet your needs before you sign up.

InterServer offers a free Let’s Encrypt certificate with each account. This is the first layer of security for your site. The certificate is installed through cPanel, and it renews automatically. You can purchase an extended validation certificate for your site and get it within five days. The certificate shows the green address bar in popular browsers.

You can also choose to enable AutoSSL, which will eliminate the hassles of enabling SSL for your website. You can access this feature by going to Manage AutoSSL. This option is under the SSL/TLS heading. The cPanel will then display a list of certificate purchase options and certificate setup instructions.

InterServer is a reliable company that was founded by two tech-savvy teenagers in dial-up days. Since then, they have expanded their portfolio to include colocation and VPS hosting solutions. The company holds an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

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