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Is Blogging Dead?

I chose a topic for today’s post that has sparked controversy and has been written about by most successful bloggers. Is blogging dead? That’s the question I will be answering today.

If you’re a beginner to blogging, you may be wondering if blogging is a waste of time or if it’s something you should pursue. Figuring out if blogging is dead or still alive will help you make your decision.

Throughout this blog post, I will answer the question, is blogging dead in 2019? I will give my own opinion at the end of the post, but I want to let some bloggers, much smarter than I, speak first.

Is Blogging Dead? Gary Vaynerchuk’s Answer

When you search the term, “Is Blogging Dead” in Google, the top result is an article from Gary Vaynerchuk titled, “The One Thing Gurus Always Get Wrong About Blogging.

Gary states that you can start a blog on any social media channel and several other sites, which is true. He also points out that many “marketing gurus” say blogging is dead and that the personal blog has failed.

Gary believes blogging isn’t dead, and it’s actually more alive than ever before. While it has changed and will continue to change, according to Gary, blogging is still alive.

Is Blogging Finally Dead? From the Blog Tyrant

Blogging is Dead

Another article on this subject from a rather large blogger, the Blogging Tyrant posted an article called Is Blogging Finally Dead?

This article points out that many people trying to say blogging is dead will use a Google Trends chart that shows searches for the term “blogging” have spiked and steadily gone down since.

This isn’t evidence that blogging is dead at all, but it’s the smoke and mirrors they like to use. Blog Tyrant adds the search term “start a blog,” and it shows the opposite trend as searches for this term has steadily gone up over the same time period.

According to the Blog Tyrant, blogging isn’t dead. In fact, he says it’s alive and well and provides a few great examples to back it up.

Raelyn Tan – Is Blogging REALLY Dead?

Another article form another rather big blogger says it will answer this question about blogging being dead once and for all. Simply put, Raelyn doesn’t believe blogging is dead and even compares it to email marketing.

She stated, “It kind of reminds me of 2008 when people started crying out that email marketing is dead. 2018.. and it’s still going strong.”

She believes the reason people think blogging is dead because it has become harder to start a successful blog. Make sure you read my thoughts to find out if this is actually true.

Theodore Nwangene: Blogging is Dead and Buried

This article comes from a site called Top Blogging Coach, yet advises you to stop blogging. This seems a bit hypocritical, and it quotes a few popular bloggers throughout that agree.

The title is 100% click-bait, and the article is rather misleading. What this article is really saying is you need to do more than just write blog posts. Theodore advocates for writing with 20% of your time and promoting your blog posts with 80% of your time.

While the title is misleading, he has some good information within the post. However, he also advocated for a strategy Google has put in its’ crosshairs, guest posting. Be careful with the advice found in this article and other articles like it.

What Sean Ogle (The Location Rebel) Thinks

Is Blogging Dead 2019

The final article I want to bring up comes from someone I pay close attention to; Sean Ogle. It was published on the site called Location Rebel, and he points out from the beginning, that every year there are new posts on the subject, is blogging dead.

Sean does point out that things were easier back in 2009, but blogging isn’t dead today at all. He also believes the reason things were easier was due to the lack of competition and the less jaded people. Plus, the search engines ranked blog posts much easier.

My Thoughts

I have introduced you to some of the biggest bloggers I know and what they think. Most don’t believe blogging is dead at all, and I agree with them. In fact, I predict blogging will continue to grow, as I think it’s still rather new.

Marketers pushing the notion that blogging is dead probably have an ulterior motive to say this. Maybe they sell a different strategy or a different product. They could just be after traffic from click-bait titles like a few of the articles you will find if you search the phrase “is blogging dead” in Google.

I believe blogging is the wave of the future, but you cannot just write 300 or 500-word blog posts. As a freelance writer and blogger, I have seen the tides of blogging shift and shorter blog posts simply don’t work anymore.

If you want to find success with blogging, you need to create long-form blog posts. I also don’t agree with spending 20% of your time writing and 80% marketing. That strategy is horrible for beginners.

I recommend writing as often and as much as you possibly can until you have 100 blog posts created. Having 100 posts on your blog will give you a decent net to drive traffic from SEO.

I also recommend going after low hanging fruit with your first 100 blog posts. If you choose to focus on long-tail keywords (low hanging fruit), you’ll have a better chance to rank quicker and easier.

You should make natural SEO or organic SEO, your main marketing strategy, along with social media. Use the SEOPressor plugin for WordPress and choose two social channels out of the following:

Master two of these channels first, and then move on to the others. Of course, you can still share your blog posts on the others, but don’t spend much time worrying about building the other channels.

Blogging is Not Dead: It’s Alive and Growing

Blogging with Social Media

More and more people are starting blogs every single day. Blogging isn’t dead. In fact, it’s so alive that it has become the preferred way to make money online for many.

Of course, you need more than just a blog and a few blog posts. Mix in social media, use YouTube, and build your blog as a long-term business if you want to find true blogging success.

You cannot expect to find success with blogging overnight. Give it six solid months of writing content. Create 100+ blog posts as your foundation. Keep moving forward as you learn and adjust along the way.

Is blogging dead? NO!

Blogging is alive and a great way to make money online. If you’re ready to start your very own blog, head over to my Start Here page and make sure you sign up for my 10-Day How to Become a Blogger course.

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