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If you’re just looking for an easy answer, it’s YES! Blogging is good for SEO in many different ways. Let’s quickly look at a few of the reasons why blogging is good for SEO.

Does Blogging Help With SEO?

Blogging and SEO go hand-in-hand. Answering this simple question requires you to simply look at what the ranking factor is for blogging. While writing a blog post isn’t going to make your overall SEO better, the things you can do with a blog post will.

Blogging helps with several factors considered in your ranking by Google and other search engines. As long as your blog posts are high in quality, fit with topics making sense for your website, and they are written for readers and SEO, you will gain better ranking from regular blogging.

Top 5 Ways Blogging Helps SEO

Blogging and SEO

Several factors go into how well you rank on Google and other search engines. In addition, they allow you to do many things you cannot really do well with pages or other types of content. Here are the five biggest ways blogging helps with SEO.

1. Freshness

Blogging keeps your website fresh. Google will visit your website to index pages and posts whenever you release a new blog post. This means any new linking you’ve done or gained, and any other factors that have updated will update when Google re-visits your website.

In addition, Google doesn’t like to give searcher old information. When you blog, you are providing fresh, new content for Google to rank.

2. More Time on Your Site

Just as people can get stuck in a rabbit-hole of social media, this can happen with blogs, too. With good blog posts, you can keep people on your website longer, which helps with SEO quite a bit.

Your bounce rate will go down, which is a huge factor and helps you rank better on Google. Blogging helps to keep people reading your content and keep them looking around on your site.

3. Ability to Widen Your Content Net

Blogging also allows you to target a ton of long-tail keywords and gain ranking for more keywords. Pages only allow you to target a handful of main keywords; while blogging helps you widen that net.

If you think of it as a spider weaving a web, the larger your web, the more flies you can possibly catch. Blogging gives you the tool necessary to widen that net and catch more visitors, leads, and profits.

4. Internal Linking Becomes Easy

Is Blogging Good for SEO

Google loves it when you create links inside your posts to pages and other posts on your website. With blogging, you gain more opportunities for internal linking.

If every blog post you create and publish includes a link to a page and another blog post, you’ll gain better SEO on your website. Of course, some posts can include far more than just a couple of links to pages and posts on your site.

5. Ability to Build External Links

While blogging certainly provides opportunities for internal linking, it also allows you to link to external sources. This tells the search engines you mean business and you want to deliver useful content for your readers.

External links to sources for the information you’re providing, help you rank better on the search engines. Blogging gives you a tool to make this happen.

Along with these five ways blogging is good for SEO; it also allows you to attract more inbound links from other websites and blogs. In fact, HubSpot found that blogs earn about 97% more inbound links than just having a website.

With proper blogging, you can gain better SEO for your company website, affiliate marketing website, or just for your blog. Make sure to follow the basic principles of SEO with every blog post and make sure you have your blog set up properly.

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