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Kinsta is a great choice for WordPress sites, especially if you’re looking for an affordable cloud host that’s also extremely reliable. They offer a wide range of features and quality security measures, including malware scanning and DDoS protection.

They also make it really easy to manage your site with a handy graphical dashboard that’s designed to be comparable to shared hosting control panels. They also have a live chat service that’s available 24/7.


Kinsta cloud is a reputable hosting provider, with an uptime guarantee of 99.9% and a free CDN, automatic daily backups, and server-level caching for increased performance. The company also offers a number of security features, including hardware firewalls, malware/spyware scanning, and a 24/7 live chat channel.

The company uses a scalable infrastructure that can automatically scale up when traffic increases to meet your needs, which makes it easier for your site to survive sudden spikes in visitors. They also offer transparent monthly visits caps, which will be activated if you exceed your plan’s limits.

For speed, Kinsta combines CDN and caching technologies, making it simple to manage from the dashboard. Its global content delivery network (CDN) spans 275 locations around the world, and it also supports Brotli compression for faster page load times.


Kinsta takes a number of security measures, from using Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates to DDoS protection and malware scanning. These are quality features that help protect your website against attacks.

The company’s security team also uses next-generation firewalls, which are designed to protect cloud environments by combining traditional firewall functionality with more advanced features. These include deep packet inspection, application control, and analysis of encrypted traffic.

Another cloud security practice is micro-segmentation, which divides your deployment into distinct areas to isolate individual workloads. This allows for flexible security policies and makes it easier to detect vulnerabilities.

Another security feature is password security, which requires all users to use unique, strong passwords. Having a strong password policy will help protect your cloud deployment from unauthorized access.


Kinsta cloud has a number of features that can improve the speed and reliability of your website. These include high-end CPUs and Google’s C2 machines on its premium tier network, as well as a global content delivery network (CDN) with over 275 locations around the world.

This feature allows Kinsta to deliver fast pages from the location closest to your visitors, rather than only using the data center where your site is hosted. It also helps reduce latency.

In addition, Kinsta offers a variety of website caching and CDN features, which are all easy to manage from your dashboard. You can track bandwidth usage, top files by request and much more.

The Kinsta team is very good at helping websites speed up, especially those with dynamic visitor interactions like e-commerce sites. This is particularly important during high-traffic periods, such as special offers or large events.


Kinsta offers a simple, transparent pricing structure for all your web projects. They do not offer per-seat pricing, and all features are included in their plans.

Kinsta also gives you access to an intuitive dashboard (MyKinsta) that lets you manage site traffic, disk space and SSH connection from one place. They also provide a staging site where you can test new plugins and website customizations before they go live.

The Kinsta Starter plan comes with 1 website, 10GB of disk space and enough bandwidth for 20,000 visitors a month. The higher-tier plans increase the number of websites, monthly visits and storage space allowed.

Kinsta offers daily backups of your website as standard. They also provide an external backup add-on that will create a copy of your site in Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage for extra protection against data loss.

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