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kinsta plans

Kinsta is a popular WordPress hosting provider that offers a wide range of plans to suit everyone. These plans are based on the number of WordPress installations, monthly visits and storage space you need.

They also offer some great features, including staging areas, a CDN, and free SSL certificates. In addition, they are fast and secure.


Kinsta plans come with a host of features, including IP Geolocation, visitor analytics, WordPress website migrations and staging sites. They also allow you to store offsite backups in Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage for extra safety.

Unlike other hosts that will crash your site and send you an email asking for more money, Kinsta scales its resources automatically to support the growing traffic. This means you don’t have to worry about your website running out of power if your business grows rapidly.

The cheapest tier of Kinsta plans starts with the Starter plan, which allows you to launch one website and has enough resources for up to 25,000 monthly visits. This is a great option for small businesses that need a single website and don’t expect to see a lot of traffic.

The higher tiers of Kinsta’s plans are the best option for those who need more resources, like a website that needs to handle high volumes of traffic. The Business 1 ($100 monthly), Business 2 ($200 monthly), and Business 3 plans all give you a significant amount of resources, including up to 250K visits each.


Kinsta hosting plans are priced based on monthly unique IP addresses visiting your site. They also take into account how many PHP workers are needed for your WordPress or WooCommerce site to operate efficiently.

Kinsta offers several tiers of hosting for both individual and business websites. You can choose between Starter, Pro, Business and Enterprise plans.

You can also select a plan based on the amount of storage and disk space you need. All plans come with a free CDN and access to a staging area for WordPress.

The starter plan is great for a small WP-hosted business website or blog, and can handle a maximum of 25,000 visitors and 10 GB of disk space. But if you’re dealing with heavy files, such as a photographer’s or videographer’s work, then you may want to upgrade.

The Kinsta Business and Enterprise plans are designed for large agencies with heavy traffic. They are subdivided into 4 different types: Business 1 ($115), Business 2 ($225), Business 3 and Business 4. Each of these plans is loaded with features that support a high traffic accumulating website.


Kinsta offers a wide range of features to make sure your WordPress website is always running smoothly. These include automatic daily backups, secure shell (SSH) access for development tasks, and 24/7 support.

The Starter plan includes one website, 10 GB of disk space and enough bandwidth for 20,000 monthly visitors. This is a great starting point for small businesses or those looking to launch an online store.

In addition, you’ll get a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt and access to SFTP for uploading and editing files. The higher-tier plans allow you to host up to 20 websites, 400,000 visits, and 50 GB of disk space.

The Kinsta platform uses Google Cloud C2 machines to provide global availability and high-end CPUs. It also includes the latest versions of PHP and NGINX to help improve performance.


Kinsta offers a variety of support options, including live chat and email. They also offer a dedicated team of experts who can help you get the most out of your site.

They also offer a free demo, so you can see how their servers and dashboard work for yourself. You can even schedule a personalized webinar or talk to one of their sales representatives.

The Kinsta dashboard is easy to use and features a lot of useful information. You can monitor your website performance and get alerts if something goes wrong.

There are many security measures in place to protect your site, including GeoIP blocking, DDoS scanning, proactively stopping malicious code entering the network and self-healing PHP. You can also enable two-factor authentication and limit login attempts.

There are four plans, with the entry-level plan allowing for up to 50 GB of storage and 50,000 visitors per month. Higher-tier plans allow for twice as much storage and a larger number of visitors, along with more PHP workers.

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