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Having just gotten my hands on Magic Submitter, I decided to take some time to write up a review for it. I hope that it will help you decide whether this product is right for you. I’ve included a few of the features that I like the most, as well as some of the features that I don’t.


Using the Magic Submitter Scheduler, you can set up a campaign and automatically drive traffic to your website. It is a powerful automation tool that allows you to use hundreds of content types. It is perfect for people who are looking for better search engine results. The Magic Submitter is an incredible tool that can help you bring your site to the top of Google.

The software is designed by Alexander Krulik, a developer who has been creating software for over 15 years. He has developed several platforms to assist SEO professionals and online business owners.

It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. It also offers free access to 60 video training courses and live coaching calls.

In addition, the software allows you to submit to more than 2000 different content sites. These include social media sites, blogs, Web 2.0, and article directories. You can add websites, add articles, and configure your campaign.

The tool is multithreaded, meaning you can build tier 2 and tier 1 links. It also integrates with the Magic Article Rewriter. The software displays a preview of your articles, allowing you to correct errors before submission.

Magic Submitter provides you with a wide range of options and allows you to create profiles across different blogging and bookmarking sites. These accounts are important for avoiding spam filters.

The product includes a scheduler that allows you to set a time frame for your campaign. The product also allows you to add a captcha solver and a spinner. You can also configure the number of times you want article backlinks to be bookmarked.

You can also access software updates. In addition, the product includes forums and a support team that can answer your questions.

Large collection of video sites

Having the ability to promote your website with videos can increase your sales and traffic. There are several services that allow you to host your videos. Some can offer features like a drag and drop page builder and accept multiple payment gateways. You should also choose a video hosting service that offers robust analytics tools.

Magic Submitter is a software program that allows you to submit content to websites and video sites. It provides an easy-to-use user interface and pre-built templates for adding your content. You can also automate your submission process with a scheduler. This can help you build various backlinks in no time.

The Magic Submitter is an excellent way to drive more traffic to your website. This is a powerful tool that has helped many websites generate thousands of new customers. Whether you’re an online marketer, blogger, or social media enthusiast, it can give you a boost in the search engine rankings. It’s one of the best ways to generate sales, traffic, and backlinks.

The tool provides a variety of different reports, including engagement, play rate, completion, and other metrics. These reports can help you get a better idea of how your videos are performing.

It’s important to organize your videos for the best experience. This means categorizing your videos, as well as displaying them in the most effective way. The software’s granular organization options will help you keep your videos in order, while allowing your visitors to browse your website with ease.

You can use Magic Submitter to submit content to over 2000 unique content sites and blogs. This includes sites like YouTube, press release, and PDF sharing sites.

Press-release sites

Using press-release sites to get your content in front of a mass audience is one way to get some media coverage. These services allow you to write up your release as an article and then submit it to a number of news publication sites. Some of these services also offer other services such as social media influencer access.

Magic Submitter is an automated tool that allows you to submit your content to a number of different websites. These include social networking sites, web 2.0 sites, bookmarking sites, and blog sites.

The software is designed to improve your search engine ranking by sending more traffic to your website. It also tracks how many people are engaging with your content.

The software claims to be able to get your site to the top of Google in record time. It also claims to send you qualified traffic. This is a claim that you will probably find difficult to verify.

The software’s interface isn’t exactly newbie-friendly. You’ll have to make several profile accounts on a variety of sites, which will require a bit of extra effort on your part.

The software does offer an impressive array of features, including a free video training vault. It also provides free software updates. The company offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. There is also a support team available to help you out with any issues.

The software’s creator, Alex Krulik, claims that it has helped his clients achieve search engine ranking for their websites. In addition to that, he also offers monthly live coaching calls to his members. These callers provide valuable tips and advice on marketing and SEO.

Getting to the top of Google’s search results is no easy task. It takes a lot of work, and it doesn’t happen overnight.

PDF sharing sites

Using PDF sharing sites for SEO can be very effective, especially if you have a website that offers products or services. Many popular companies and news sites use these sites to promote their products or services. These sites help you increase the visibility of your site and get more traffic, which in turn can lead to more sales. You can find a list of the best free and paid PDF sharing sites below.

Calameo is a free document publishing platform that lets you create interactive web publications in real time. You can also create your own public folder to store all your files.

PingPDF is a great site for SEO, as it allows you to upload keyword-optimized PDFs and wait for them to be indexed. You can also set an expiration date for your PDFs. You can even upload all your files to pCloud, a personal cloud space. It is free for Apple users, but you can purchase a desktop plan.

ISSUU is another good option for PDF sharing. It has a wide variety of features, including converting your PDF into magazine-style content. You can also share your PDF files on the web, and read them without signing up for a subscription. You can also upload your documents to Scribd, a free online file-sharing service.

It is important to build a diversified backlink profile for your website. This will help you achieve higher rankings in search engines. However, relying on article spinner tools can be detrimental to your SEO.

Magic Submitter is a great tool for boosting your online presence and driving more traffic to your site. The program has a pleasant user interface and is easy to use for newbies. It is a complete package, and will allow you to run a steady link building campaign for weeks. You will be able to access a free video training vault with 60 training courses. You will also receive live coaching calls to answer any challenges you may face.

User interface

Among the many tools out there for building backlinks, Magic Submitter is one that is worth considering. This software is designed to help online businesses improve their search engine ranking and attract more traffic to their website.

It works by submitting your content to hundreds of websites on the internet. Some of these include article directories, video sites, and niche blogs. However, you can also create your own custom list of sites.

It also includes a scheduler that allows you to automate the process. This is especially helpful if you are a busy professional. It is also easy to use and has a pleasant user interface.

The Magic Submitter system is easy to understand and is very powerful. It will not only boost your online business, it will also enable you to outshine your competition. You can access the system’s free training videos, forums, and live coaching calls.

The software has the ability to automate a number of different tasks, including registering accounts, creating backlinks, and managing Off-Page SEO campaigns. It is even capable of generating professional reports. It is a very useful product for a reasonably affordable price.

It is a powerful tool that has been tested and verified. It has been developed by an expert software developer. Despite its impressive features, there are some downsides to using this tool. Some users may find the scheduler too time-consuming. Other users may prefer to manually select the next task.

While this software is impressive, you still need to do your research before buying it. A few programs offer similar functionality at a much higher price. There are also several free programs that will do a comparable job.

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