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Make Money by Blogging: Can Blogging Pay Me?

Are you looking for ways to make money by blogging? Have you been wondering about the answer to the question, can blogging pay me?

I am here to answer this question and show you how to make money by blogging. If you’re ready to get started now, go to my Start Here page, and I will walk you through how to get your blog set up right now.

You can also check out my blog post, How to Start a Successful Blog for $3.75 to $1,000. I detail how to start making money by blogging even if your budget is just $3.75!

If you’ve ever wanted to work from home and make money by blogging, now is the time. There is no better time than now to discover your full online money making potential.

Let’s dive in and figure out the answer to the question, can blogging pay me?

Make Money By Blogging – Getting Started

Start Blogging for Money

The biggest obstacle for most new bloggers is getting started. If you never get started with blogging, you’ll never make money by blogging.

Those stuck in the mode of learning as much as they can or trying to perfect their blog design will never make a dime from blogging. It’s much better to get started, make mistakes, learn from those mistakes, and move forward with your blog.

The answer to, can blogging pay me depends on you. If you get started, yes, blogging can pay you. Those that never start will never make money by blogging, and the answer will be NO!

Sticking to a Plan to Make Money from Blogging

When you want to make money by blogging, you want to stick to a plan. It starts with creating a plan, and I help you lay the groundwork through my 10-day Free How to Become a Blogger course found here.

You need a plan, and you need to be blind for a while. I don’t mean literally blind, but blind to the dozens of distractions you’ll be flooded with.

Every day, you can end up going down a new rabbit hole by looking at a new program about making money online. So many beginners and even those that have been around for a while get sucked into what they think is the latest and greatest way to make money online.

Sticking to your plan is the ONLY way you will succeed. You don’t need a perfect plan for blogging, but you need a plan. When you stick to your plan, and you follow it, you’ll be able to adjust later, after you’ve built a foundation.

Make Money By Blogging Consistently

If you have a desire to answer the question, can blogging pay me, with a YES, you need to be consistent. Inconsistent bloggers don’t make money.

It’s important to understand what it will take for you to grow a blog and really make money by blogging. In many ways, blogging is a numbers game.

If you write ten blog posts over the first month and those pull in 100 new visitors to your blog, writing another ten blog posts should double your traffic, give or take, right? This makes blogging a numbers game and the more quality blog posts you create, the more traffic you will gain, and the more money you will make from blogging.

A few milestones I think all new bloggers should focus on include:

  • Hitting 100 blog posts – This milestone is usually the first one new bloggers have to hit before they see any type of real income or traffic. Sure, you’ll likely see traffic before you write your 100th post, but making more than a few sales before this mark is unlikely. Get to 100 blog posts as quickly as possible and pass this milestone!
  • Getting Your First Sale – The first sale of your own product or an affiliate product is huge. One sale is all it takes for many new bloggers to continue forward and get #2, #3, and so on.
  • Reaching ten blog visitors per day – When you hit the ten daily visitor average for your blog, it’s a great milestone as you’re just starting to see success. This means you’ll see 300 visitors a month and you can build on this over time.
  • Reaching one full year of consistent blogging – Most successful bloggers will tell you it took them at least a year to really build the foundation of their blog. Remember, you’re building a content library, and you won’t be doing this overnight.

All of these milestones are important as they are steps you will take to reach the tipping point. When a blogger reaches the tipping point, they will truly understand how to make money by blogging, and it will go from difficult to easy.

The tipping point is much like finishing your degree in school and landing that first job. Once you get over this hump, things just get easier.

Can Blogging Pay Me, if I Use Affiliate Marketing?

A resounding YES is how I answer this question. Many bloggers make money by blogging and promoting affiliate products. Some use the Amazon Affiliate program exclusively, while others focus on offers from FlexOffer or other programs, such as ShareASale,, or Clickbank.

With the right affiliate products, you can make money by blogging pretty easily. You can review the products, mention them as tools you’ve used to build your blog, and simply mention them as you’re writing. All you have to do is include your link, and you’ll gain sales.

How to Make Money By Blogging With an Email List

Build an Email List to Make Money by Blogging

The real money from blogging is found within your list. When you want to make money by blogging, you need to build an email list.

Personally, I prefer GetResponse for my email marketing and my list building. They have all the tools I need and I find their backend to be super easy to use. Check them out here.

By building a list, you capture more of the traffic coming to your blog. This gives you multiple chances to sell products to your audience, and it also gives you an easy way to get them back on your blog in the future.

Plus, many of the best affiliate products give you email swipe files you can use to set up an autoresponder. Basically, with GetResponse, you can set this up once, and every new subscriber will get the emails you have set up at the intervals you have chosen.

Building a list and using an autoresponder, like GetResponse, gives you a very powerful way to make money by blogging. I recommend all bloggers build a list by giving away something for free.

I provide an example of this by giving away my 10-Day FREE How to Become a Blogger Course here. Get this course, and you’ll see an example of how I am building my list and staying in contact with my subscribers.

New Content + Social Marketing = Blogging Success

The formula to make money by blogging isn’t difficult. Create new content regularly, share it on your social channels, and repeat it over and over again. You don’t even need to use all the social channels out there.

Here’s how I have more than doubled my blog traffic over the past month.

That’s it. That is my entire strategy right now. Yes, there are other things I would like to do, but I have to do what I have time for right now.

The biggest part of this strategy is blogging daily. Since I blog in a way that’s optimized for the search engines, I also gain more traffic from the search engines. This is the final piece to my blog marketing puzzle, for right now.

After I really get a foundation built on Instagram and Pinterest, I will add in Twitter and maybe another social network. I also have plans to use a few other traffic tricks in the future, but for right now, I am growing my traffic every single day with this simple strategy.

Make Money By Blogging: Simple > Difficult

Beginners to blogging make a huge mistake when it comes to starting their own blog. They make things way to difficult when blogging should be simple.

Simple always trumps difficult, and you need to keep your plan simple. Remember, you’re brand new, and you have so much to learn.

When you go to college, they don’t start you with the advanced classes. No, they start you with basic 101 classes to give you a foundation to work with. Blogging needs to be treated in the same way.

  • Start with simply committing to a content schedule.
  • Then, add in one or two social networks, just for sharing your posts.
  • Next, add in the basics of SEO for your blog posts
  • Finally, learn how to build a following on your chosen social networks.

Until you get a good handle on this very simple plan, don’t add anything new. Just keep creating content and sharing it on your social channels.

Can Blogging Pay Me? The Real Answer

Can Blogging Pay Me

The real answer to this simple question is Yes. However, you must do the following, if you want to make money by blogging:

  • Build a blog with the right hosting company (I prefer SiteGround Hosting)
  • Set up your blog on WordPress with the right tools (Go to my Start Here page and join my 10-day FREE course for more information, here)
  • Learn the right format for blog posts (also covered in my course, here)
  • Create a content schedule or figure out a daily/weekly time for writing new content
  • Choose your social networks and create a simple marketing plan (I use the TailwindApp, and it makes things much easier, get it here)
  • Consistently create and share new content
  • Add affiliate links, where they make sense

If you follow these simple steps, and you give it time, you will find success with blogging.

Beginners often want to skip steps and get ahead of themselves. They want to make money by blogging, but they don’t want to put in the work.

If you think you can make money by blogging without putting in work, you will fail, and that is a guarantee!

Ready to start your own blog? Want to make money by blogging as your full-time career?

I will show you how. Go to my Start Here page and get your blog started today. Make sure you join my 10-Day How to Become a Blogger Course at the bottom of the page, and you’ll be well on your way to making money from blogging.


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