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Most Popular Blog Topics & High Demand Blog Topics

Finding the most popular blog topics to write about isn’t easy. There are several great high demand blog topics out there you can write about, but how do you find them?

When you first start blogging, figuring out what to blog about isn’t easy. The following posts will help you brainstorm and will hopefully make things a bit easier for you. Of course, my resources called Blogging for Beginners: What to Blog About is a great place to start.

One of the best ways to find the most popular blog topics from 2018 is to read this post. I am going to introduce you to some of the most popular blog ideas from last year and cover some of the high demand blog topics for this year.

Now, I am not recommending you take this list and just start writing about every topic on this list. While that may seem like a good strategy, you should know, popular and high demand both mean high competition, too.

It’s best to use this list to brainstorm your own blog topics. You should also do your research to ensure you’re targeting the right long-tail keywords, along with the right readers.

Okay, enough about that, let’s get into the most popular blog topics from 2018 and the high demand blog topics for 2019.

Top Five Most Searched Blogs From 2018

Most Popular Blog Topics 2018

Before we get into actual popular blog topics from 2018, we should look at the most searched blogs from last year. According to SEMRush, there were five that were searched far more than any others each month. These include:

  • Fashion Blogs – 18,100 monthly searches
  • Travel Blogs – 18,100 monthly searches
  • Food Blogs – 14,800 monthly searches
  • Lifestyle Blogs – 9,900 monthly searches
  • Beauty Blogs – 8,100 monthly searches

The results are not much different when you look at a free keyword tool called Ubersuggest. While it’s not nearly as good as SEMRush, it still works well and gives similar results including:

  • Fashion Blogs – 18,100 monthly searches (Same as SEMRush)
  • Travel Blogs – 18,100 monthly searches (Same as SEMRush)
  • Food Blogs – 14,800 monthly searches (Same as SEMRush)
  • Lifestyle Blogs – 9,900 monthly searches (Same as SEMRush)
  • Beauty Blogs – No Results, not sure why this came up with no results

In addition, Ubbersuggest lists the following as very popular blog types:

  • DIY Blogs – 6,600 monthly searches
  • Music Blogs – 5,400 monthly searches
  • Design Blogs – 4,400 monthly searches
  • Wedding Blogs – 4,400 monthly searches
  • Fitness Blogs – 4,400 monthly searches
  • Health Blogs – 3,600 monthly searches
  • Art Blogs – 3,600 monthly searches
  • Sewing Blogs – 2,900 monthly searches
  • Sports Blogs – 2,900 monthly searches
  • Photography Blogs – 2,900 monthly searches
  • Home Decor Blogs – 2,400 monthly searches
  • Finance Blogs – 2,400 monthly searches

It’s important to understand, these are results I found from 2018, and they are people searching for these types of blogs, not for specific topics. Most of these popular blogs also show up on my list of Blog Niches that Make Money.

25+ of the Most Popular Blog Topics for 2018

Most Popular Blog Topics

According to, the most popular blog topics for 2018 were:

  • Love and Wishing Quotes
  • Health Topics
  • Relationship Topics
  • Job Description
  • Video Marketing Topics
  • Content Marketing Topics
  • Teaching and Learning Topics
  • Current Affairs and News Analysis
  • GK and History Explanation
  • Trending and Event Topics

This is great, as it gives a bit more general idea of categories you can hit for hot blog topics. I would throw out the trending or event topics unless that fits with your specific blog. I prefer evergreen topics that will bring in traffic today, tomorrow, and a decade from now. also has a list of the most popular blog topics for 2018, and they list the following 15 ideas:

  • How To Guides
  • Politics
  • Bacon (yes, bacon is on their list)
  • Recipes
  • Beginner guides
  • Ultimate guides
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Interviews
  • Personal stories
  • Charity and activism
  • Product reviews
  • Breaking news
  • Myth-debunking
  • Automation
  • Troubleshooting guides

Again, these are more like categories you can fit blog topics within.

When I looked for blogs that published a post, such as “My Most Popular Blog Posts of 2018,” this is what I found.

This site lists the following posts as the most popular for 2018:

  • 15 Online Stores Similar to ModCloth
  • 10 Quirky Things to Do in New Orleans
  • How to Spend 10 Days in Peru – The Ultimate Itinerary

This website did a post about their 18 most popular blog posts for 2018, and it included:

  • Social Media Hashtag Campaigns: 10 of the Very Best (+ A Few Fails)
  • Build Your Social Media Crisis Management Plan in 10 Steps
  • 5 Influencer Marketing Trends You Need to Know for 2018

Another blog offering a list of their most popular blog posts for 2018 included the following:

  • Top 10 Best New Features in Revit 2019
  • 3 Boring Revit Tasks to Automate with Dynamo
  • 13 Tips to Understand Revit Base Points and Coordinate System

In their posts, “Our Most Popular Blog Posts of 2018” Positive Routines lists:

  • The Best Apps for Productivity to Make 2019 Your Year
  • Best Meditation Apps to Get You Through the Holidays
  • Top Fitness Apps for Effective HIIT Workouts

The National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy also did a post on their most popular blog posts for 2018, which included:

  • Corporate donations to public schools are a poor substitute for government funding by Nick Faber
  • A humbling (foundation) admission about Indian mascots … and a glimmer of hope for the future by Raymond Foxworth
  • Announcing Power Moves for consultants! by Caitlin Duffy

This popular travel blog had some cool posts at the top of their most popular blog posts for 2018 list including:

  • Holiday Gift Guide for Travellers
  • The 10 coolest castles in Europe
  • 2019 travel horoscopes

These sites are all a bit different. They may not fit with what you’re trying to blog about, but we can see some common types of posts popping out here. Lists and guides seem to be very popular, no matter the niche.

25+ High Demand Blog Topics for 2019 & (2020)

High Demand Blog Topics

If you’re looking for high demand blog topics for 2019 and you want to gain traffic, has a list of the most popular blog topics for 2019. Their list includes the following:

  • Travel – Specifically, Hotel reviews, Travel Gear recommendations, and travel guides.
  • Health – Specifically, Women’s Fitness, Supplements, Health books, and Gym Gear recommendations.
  • E-Learning – Specifically, Guitar Lessons, Photoshop Tutorials, Web Development Courses, and Teaching.
  • Fashion – Specifically, Personal Fashion, Men’s Fashion, Makeup Tutorials, and Clothes.
  • Tech & App – Specifically, Tech News, Tech Gadget Reviews, App Reviews, and Mobile Reviews.

Again, these are a bit more category driven and not as specific, but there are similar themes here. Guides, how-to posts, lists, and reviews are very popular.

Another great source for high demand blog topics in 2019 is

She lists 171 total Lifestyle blog post ideas with the following making the top of her list:

  • What to Wear During the Summer
  • Your Favorite Fashion Pieces from the Current Season
  • Write a Book Review
  • Tell Us About Your Monthly Goals
  • DIY Gift Ideas

The list goes on and on, and you could literally take it and use it to build a blog in the Lifestyle niche. Imagine, if you wrote a blog post for each blog idea found on her list, you’d have 171 new blog posts, which will give you a great content library for others to enjoy.

Another great list of high demand blog topics you can reference comes from This list provides 101 Fun & Popular Blog Topics, such as:

  • Recipes for Young Professionals
  • Digital Photography School and Learning
  • Bone Broth Blog About Making the World’s Finest
  • Bad Girl Fashion and Accessories
  • Blog About How to Become Instagram Famous (become so in the process)

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your blog in 2019, you can check out a post done by They provide plenty of inspiration with blog topics from other bloggers, such as Skint Dad, Miss Thrifty,, and

These resources are all very good and provide you with plenty of the most popular blog topics for 2018 and many high demand blog topics for 2019 and beyond.

I mentioned earlier that I prefer blog topics that are evergreen. It’s important to understand what this means and why this is my preference for most of my blog posts.

What are Evergreen Blog Posts?

Evergreen Blog Topics

Basically, an evergreen blog post is one that will last for years. It’s not about something that will come and go or something that will become outdated. Instead, it’s about a topic of interest today, tomorrow, and a decade from now.

Does this mean all evergreen blog posts are set it and forget it?


You may have to update an evergreen blog post over time as it could become outdated as things change. For example, if you wrote the top 25 tips for starting a blog in 2008, some of those tips may not work today. However, others may, and the blog post can still be a great resource with a bit of updating.

Why I Prefer Evergreen Content

There’s nothing wrong with writing about the current news topics or events if that’s what you’re into. This isn’t my business model as I prefer evergreen content for a few specific reasons:

  1. More consistent traffic to my blog
  2. Create it once and let it do its’ thing for years
  3. Provides a higher return-on-investment
  4. Helps establish me as an expert in my field

Evergreen content offers plenty of value to readers, and you don’t have to worry about it falling off a cliff. It will continue to produce traffic for many months and even years after you hit the publish button.

When you start looking at the most popular blog posts from 2018 and the high demand blog topics for 2019 and beyond, consider blog ideas that are evergreen. You’ll find more success writing most of your posts as evergreen content, and you’ll get a larger return on the time you invest in each post.

If you’ve been thinking about starting a blog, you now have a great resource for brainstorming more topics. This post, along with my post on What to Blog About will help you create a long list of blog post ideas for now and the future.

Of course, you can get your blog started today by going over to my Start Here Page by clicking here. I will walk you through the most important steps to get you started on your journey towards blogging success.

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