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What is a Waste of Time & Are You Wasting Time on These Things?

Today, as my wife and I were getting ready to head to Walt Disney World, I was reminded of how much some things are a waste of time. As humans, we are often caught wasting time when we don't even realize it...

A Day in the Life: RV Issues, Pizza Hut Drama, & Sore Muscles

Usually, I write about blogging, not my life. Occasionally, I will fit in a story or something going on, when it relates. However, yesterday was just one of those days, and I feel it's necessary to blog about it.

Starting a Blog in 2019 That Actually Makes Money

Starting a blog in 2019 is easy. Starting a blog in 2019 that makes money, not quite so easy. The process seems to start out the same, but it's very different, from beginning to making money.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Blogging for Students

As a student, you may want to make some money during your time in school. One of the best ways to make money and build your skills is with blogging for students.

Top 5 WordPress Hosting Sites for Beginning Bloggers

The very first step you must take when you want to start a blog has to do with hosting. You must choose one of the hundreds of WordPress hosting sites, and this can become very overwhelming for beginning bloggers.

Is Blogging Dead (2019)? Or Is Blogging Alive?

I chose a topic for today's post that has sparked controversy and has been written about by most successful bloggers. Is blogging dead? That's the question I will be answering today.

The Future of Blogging: Where is Blogging Going?

It's not uncommon for beginners to worry about the future of blogging. I have heard concerns from many people trying to make money from blogging or another online income method about whether it will survive in the future.

Blogging for a Living: The Business of Blogging

There have been several articles written on the topic of blogging for a living. When it comes to the business of blogging, beginners often misunderstand what it means to blog for a living.

Blogging Under a Pen Name: Should You Blog Anonymously?

Many new bloggers are afraid to put themselves out there, so they start blogging under a pen name. There are good reasons to blog anonymously and good reasons not to blog under a pen name. Let's look at both.

SEO Optimization for Blogging: Do Blogging and SEO Work?

SEO optimization for blogging is one of the most powerful marketing strategies. However, many bloggers are stuck wondering if blogging and SEO actually work together and how to use SEO properly when blogging.