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Daily Vlogging

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Daily vlogging can be powerful. If you have great content and plenty of people watching, it could be the formula you use to make money online. However, you should weigh the pros and cons of daily vlogging before you start posting to YouTube daily.

If you’re new to YouTube and you want to make money posting videos, it’s important to choose your style. Some YouTubers post daily, others post weekly and some post a few times a week. Heck, I know a couple of Disney vloggers that simply do a live video once per week on the same day of the week.

Your style is up to you. If you’re considering posting to YouTube daily, read my pros and cons of daily vlogging below. Hopefully, they will help you make the right decision for you.

Pros of Daily Vlogging

There are several pros to daily vlogging and plenty of benefits you will gain from it. If you’re considering vlogging about your life or anything else on a daily basis, these are some of the pros you can expect.

1. Daily Vlogging can be a Ton of Fun

If you love what you’re vlogging about, it will become a time of the day you look forward to. For example, if you vlog about kayaking, maybe you get to hit the water every single day or at least talk about something you love during your vlogging time.

2. The Moments will be Saved

One of the biggest complaints I hear about Snapchat and Instagram stories is the fact that it’s harder to save your stories and posts. While it’s possible, it’s not the same as a vlog. With your vlog, you can easily save the video for later and keep all those special moments.

If you plan to show off your day-to-day life, this could be a huge plus, especially if you have children. Many daily vloggers simply see their vlog as their home videos they will get to keep forever.

3. A chance to Meet New Friends

My wife and I RV and travel full time. We haven’t got our travel vlog/blog up and running just yet, but we have studied several other RVers that vlog daily or at least regularly. They are always talking about how they meet others through their YouTube channel.

If you post to YouTube daily, you will likely meet other people, too. You’ll be able to meet new friends with similar interests as you. Going back to the kayaking example, if you vlog about kayaking daily, other kayakers are going to watch your videos. Then, they may reach out if they live near you or find out you’re going to be in their area.

Vlogging can become very social if you let it. Many people meet through their vlogs and become great friends. It can also lead to collaborative videos to help grow your channel.

4. Topics are Fluid

Instead of choosing a topic to talk about and creating a video about it, you can let the topics be a bit more fluid. Many daily vloggers actually go live each day and just talk about what’s going on in their life or what they are doing that day within their niche or area of interest.

This is common with beauty vloggers that might show themselves getting ready for the day. They may not have some new tip each day, but if they go live, they can answer questions from those watching and share new knowledge every single day.

5. More Content = More Money

One of the biggest things new vloggers or YouTubers struggle with is getting enough content up to really build an audience. It’s pretty easy to quit after a few weeks if you don’t see the results you want.

Daily vlogging will get you there faster, in most cases. If you have good content to share and you do it daily, you’ll have 365 videos in one year. Those only sharing once per week will only have 52 videos by the end of that one year.

Making money from vlogging is easier with more videos because you have more content getting you views, building your subscriber count and building your income. If you couple a daily vlog with a blog (this can literally feature your video and a summary of what it’s about) and affiliate marketing, you can make even more money.

6. You’ll Get Better at Shooting/Editing Videos

One of the biggest pros of daily vlogging is how much better you’ll become at shooting and editing videos. Repetition and practice will make you better and doing it daily will certainly get you there faster.

Cons of Daily Vlogging

Pros & Cons of Daily Vlogging

There are several cons that may outweigh the pros of vlogging daily. If you’re thinking about posting to YouTube daily, consider these cons first.

1. Daily Vlogging is Very Time Consuming

Every single day, you have to set aside time to shoot your vlog, edit your vlog, post your vlog, create a description and share it on social media. It can become a huge drain on your time and you may feel like you just don’t have time to get it all done.

There are ways to combat this and I, personally, like to shoot 3 to 5 videos in one session, then edit them all in one session, too. You could shoot your videos for 2 weeks before you ever post anything. Then, you’ll have a time delay, which means if you ever fall behind on editing, you have time to catch up.

Regardless, daily vlogging takes up quite a bit of time. If you plan to do a decent amount of editing, it will become very time-consuming.

2. It’s not Fun if You’re Not Comfortable in Front of the Camera

If you’re not to the point where you’re comfortable in front of the camera, daily vlogging won’t be fun. It takes time to get rid of that feeling of being camera shy. However, if you’re comfortable, it may be plenty of fun for you.

3. Lack of Privacy

If you vlog daily, you won’t have much privacy, in most cases. Many daily vloggers show off their entire day. They record clips or just about everything from the day, maybe even do a live video, then they edit it down later. This also means you may have to film outside or in public places, which can be scary for some.

4. You will be Criticized

Other people are mean and they don’t like to accept things that are different and seem odd to them. You will likely be criticized by family, friends and even strangers. While it will happen in the comments section, it will also happen to your face and behind your back.

5. You have to have a 100% commitment

If you start vlogging daily and you get a following, then you miss a day, it may be an issue. You have to be very committed to what you’re doing in order to post to YouTube daily.

6. It can Become Thankless

When you’re first starting out, daily vlogging can become rather thankless. You may not get the views and subscribers you hoped to get and it may not grow as fast as you’d like. It’s best to pay attention to what you’re doing and not the numbers, but it can certainly seem thankless, at times.

Starting your own vlog is a wonderful way to show off something you know and love. You can become a daily vlogger, but make sure you weigh the pros and cons of daily vlogging first.

My Daily Vlogging Strategy

Post to YouTube Daily

I don’t use daily vlogging as one of my strategies. I was going to and had started going live on Instagram every day with the thought of editing it later and posting it to YouTube. However, I ditched this strategy rather quickly when I realized I didn’t even find my daily videos very interesting.

Instead, my strategy is to shoot 3 to 5 videos in one sitting. I don’t worry about mistakes or re-shoots or anything like this. I don’t think we need to be perfect as vloggers at all.

I script out my topic for each video with a simple list of points I want to make. Then, I turn on the camera and I get into talking about the topic. Since I have researched it already, it’s pretty easy to talk about the topic without stumbling. Even if I stumble, I rarely edit it out.

When it comes to editing, I don’t do very much of it. I don’t try to edit out my mistakes, as I am human and my audience will understand. Instead, my editing is adding in some graphics, words and a few other things. This saves me a ton of time and allows the video editing process to be very easy.

My process may not be perfect, but it allows me to produce three to five videos per week while working as a freelance writer full time. This also frees up time to write blog posts (like this one) and eBooks (like my How to Become a Blogger Guide & 100+ Websites that Pay Writers).

If you’re getting into vlogging and you want to get started fast, consider daily vlogging. It can be a great way to learn how to shoot and edit videos, along with getting plenty of practice. However, if the pros and cons of daily vlogging make it scary for you, try shooting just a couple of videos a week. Maybe after you’re a bit more comfortable, you will be ready to post to YouTube daily.

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