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Replace Your Job with Blogging

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Are you sick of the 9 to 5 (more realistically the 8 to 8)? Do you want to work from home and replace your job with blogging? Building a blog is something anybody can do, even if you’re working full-time. Trust me, if I can do it, anybody can!

You can browse the internet all day for people that have started successful blogs. You’ll hear the same thing over and over again, “I didn’t have any clue how to start a blog.” The beauty of the internet is how much we can do without any experience.

If you want to do just about anything, you can find someone else that has done it online and follow their blueprint. Blogging isn’t much different. I’ve created a simple How to Become a Blogger Guide to help you get started, which you can pick up for free here.

While this guide will get you started, you’re probably still wondering how you’ll find the time to replace your job with blogging while working full-time. There are a few options you can explore.

11 Tips for Building a Blog While Working Full-Time

1. Keep Your Full-Time Job While Blogging

The most common way to build a blog while working full-time is to keep your job. After all, it supports you, right?

You might be thinking this is common sense, but it’s not the only way to enter into the process of creating a successful blog while working full-time. Before we get into the tips you’re probably here for, let’s explore a couple more options.

2. Start Freelancing and Quit Your Job Sooner

Work from Home and Replace Your Job with Blogging

This is the path I took and it works, depending on your job and your financial role in your family. For me, I had to replace about $1,600 in income as I was simply a bartender/server at the time. It took about two weeks to replace this and about a month to double it as a freelance writer.

You may need to find a few clients before leaving your jobs, but this can speed up the process as you will gain a ton of time by replacing your job with freelancing first. It can also lead to something else you may love doing if you don’t enjoy working for someone else or you simply hate your job.

If you’re interested in freelancing, you can pick up my FREE list of 100+ Websites that Pay Writers. It’s a great place to find writing work you can do from home! Get it for Free Here!

3. Quit Your Job and Go Full-Time with Blogging

Maybe you have enough saved that you can make a good run at blogging full-time without a job. If you have three to six months of bills in the bank, this could be the right path for you. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to cut out some of the extras to make your savings stretch even further.

You don’t necessarily need a huge nest egg, however. You could also have a spouse that works and makes a good living. If this is the case, you could speak to them about your blogging plans and see if you can find a way to quit your job and take on blogging full-time.

If you can find a way to make blogging your main focus, it will speed up the process of profiting from your blog.

Now that we have covered the three most likely scenarios, let’s get into some tips to help you with building a blog while working full time.

4. Blog Your Passion and for Fun

Yes, there are plenty of experts that will disagree with me and I simply don’t care!

Experts are usually experts at selling what they do or what they know. While it worked for them, it’s not the only way to go.

When you blog your passion, it will be fun and you can take money out of the equation. At first, you probably won’t make much cash and it’s best to plan on making nothing for the first few months to a year (depends on how aggressive you are about your blogging).

If you blog about something you’re passionate about, you’ll likely stick with it long enough to see profits.

I made the mistake on the other side a few times and have failed several times with blogs in niches picked only for making money. However, when I write about things I am passionate about, I struggle to stop!

5. Set Aside Regular Blogging Time

Building a Blog While Working Full Time

This is where it gets hard for most people trying to replace their job with blogging. They think it’s something they can put off and get to later. It’s not!

You need to treat blogging like a business and set aside specific time for it. Tell your family it’s blogging time, lock the door and get to work.

For me, I do this early in the morning before anybody else is awake. While it’s just my wife and I and two dogs, once they are all up, it can become crazy in our RV. I don’t have a door to lock, so blogging time happens early in the morning or with my noise-canceling headphones on.

It’s best to set aside at least an hour a day, five days a week. Figure out how much time you can give up and be willing to sacrifice unimportant things for blogging. Notice, I didn’t say sacrifice family time as that’s highly important. However, giving up that second or third episode of something you’re binge-watching may be the key here.

6. Devour Blogging eBooks & Courses

The best way to learn something new is to study it. If you were in school, you’d buy a textbook and go to class a few times a week. Blogging is no different, but you don’t have to go to a classroom to learn it.

Invest in courses and eBooks and spend a couple of hours a week or more studying. The more you can devour good guides and courses, the more you will learn and the faster you will be able to replace your job with blogging.

7. Work 5 To 7 Days Per Week

Yes, you have a full-time job, but you now have another job you want to use to replace that job. Blogging cannot be done successfully if you don’t invest the time.

Spending an extra one or two hours a day blogging will make a huge difference. Even though you work 40+ hours a week, find the time. If you want to be successful with blogging and you want to replace your job with blogging, this is the sacrifice you have to make.

8. Always have a Running List of Topics

Replace Your Job with Blogging

One of the hardest things for new bloggers is getting started with each post. Maybe the topic you chose isn’t sitting right with you or it’s boring to you now. Having a running list of topics will help you get going with your blog post even if it’s not the next one on the list.

9. Avoid Unnecessary Tasks

While you should be devouring blogging guides and eBooks, you want to avoid unnecessary tasks they may make you think you have to perform. Focus on two things: Creating New Content and Promoting Your New Content.

You want to create regular blog posts as often as possible and you want to promote your blog when you have time. You can promote by commenting on other blogs, forum marketing, social media, and a few other methods. Keep the list short and make it count.

10. Have Great Mornings

There is nothing more important than starting your day off right when you’re working full-time and growing a blog. You can watch my video about morning routines here to find out how I start my morning.

With a solid start to the morning, the rest of the day just becomes easier. If you get at least some of your blogging time done before you head out the door, you’ll have made progress, even if your boss makes you stay later than you expected or something else happens.

Make it a great morning and you’ll be well on your way to replacing your job with blogging.

11. Set Goals & Make Them Manageable

Maybe your goal is to replace your job with blogging by the end of 2020. That’s very doable if you get started now.

Get my FREE How to Become a Blogger Course. 

You’ll have more than a year to build your blog, monetize it and replace enough income to leave your job. However, if you don’t break that bigger goal down, you’ll likely fail.

Building a blog while working full-time requires 1,000 baby steps towards each giant leap forward. You need to focus on those baby steps.

Maybe you’ve realized you have about 400 or so days to achieve your goal of quitting your job by the end of 2020. Then, you did a little research and found out most bloggers don’t see much income until they write about 100 posts and most don’t see a decent income until post 200.

Now, you can set a realistic goal of creating 200 blog posts by the end of 2020 and break that down into smaller chunks on a monthly, weekly and even daily basis.

Now you should have some workable tips you can use to help you build a blog while working full-time. If you want to replace your job with blogging, use these tips, get my free course here and make sure you have amazing mornings.

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