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Successful Blogging Tips

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When it comes to blogging, beginners need plenty of help. Successful blogging tips can go a very long way to helping you put together a plan for your own blog.

From writing tips to marketing tips to design tips, there’s so much to learn and it seems like you don’t have much time. Remember, blogging is a marathon, not a sprint.

It takes consistent effort to get your blog noticed and get it out there. While I can provide you with all the successful blogging tips I can find, you have to do the work and build your blog.

If you haven’t started your blog yet, check out my Start Here page and get my free How to Become a Blogger course by clicking here. I will walk you through many of the basics needed to start your own blog.

Now, let’s get into the 25 successful blogging tips in my series of blog posts called Blogging for Beginners.

You can find more of my Blogging for Beginners posts by going to the “blogging” category or clicking here.

Successful Blogging Tips #1 – Consistency is Key

My first successful blogging tip comes from my own experience. Some of the tips I am about to share with you come from other bloggers that have found success, but this one is from me.

Consistency is the most vital element of any successful blog. Even if you start off as a terrible writer and the posts you create don’t add a ton of value, you’ll get better with consistent posting.

The same goes for marketing your blog. You’re not going to share a blog post on your social media accounts and get a ton of followers and visitors just because you shared it. You have to consistently work your marketing strategy and over time, you will build a following and build up blog traffic.

Blogging isn’t a one and done type of game or something you can put on auto-pilot. You need to put in the effort and work your plan.

Currently, I am doing a 100-day blogging challenge, which requires me to write and publish a new blog post every day for 100 days. This type of challenge is a great way to get your blog moving in the right direction.

The point here is simple, consistency with posting, marketing, and everything else you do for your blog matters. Make sure you are consistent with creating new content, sharing it with the world, and all other aspects of your blog and you will be well on your way to creating a successful blog.

#2 – Get Started – A Successful Blogging Tip from

Successful Blogging Tips - Get Started published a post titled “19 expert blogging tips for 2019” and one of the tips they provided was to just get started. This is a great tip as you cannot reach success without first getting started.

There is no possible way to publish 100 posts on your blog if you don’t first publish post #1. Getting started is one of the hardest parts for new bloggers.

The tip from states, “Begin with exercises to simply get you writing every day. This will help you form the habit that will make blogging easier.” It also quotes Erin Loechner from Design for Mankind and she says, “Write as often as you possibly can, this does not mean publish as often as you possibly can. Get in the habit, work on your craft. Discover your voice. It takes great practice and great patience. Do it anyway. Sit down in your chair and type it out. Edit later. Publish later. For now, just write.”

#3 – Blog Your Passion

This is another one of my tips and it goes against what many experts say, which is fine because the experts really are not always experts, anyway.

In fact, a tip from says to do the opposite as it states, “Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is that not every niche will make you good money. I’m not talking 5 figures a month. I’m saying that some niches will barely make you a couple hundred a month.”

While this is partially true, about 95% of the things someone could be passionate about can make money from a blog. Everything from crafts to car repair to travel to cooking will make you money if you monetize your blog properly.

In fact, it’s very difficult for me to think of a niche that won’t make you money if you blog about it with passion and you monetize correctly. The author of the post I mentioned doesn’t give any examples of niches that don’t make money, which is common when the so-called experts tell you to chase money instead of passion.

I don’t believe in chasing money. Blog about what you’re passionate about and the money will be there if you monetize your blog properly. Even very obscure niches have the ability to make money if you learn how to monetize and you blog with passion. You can even look at the list I created of the Top 17 Blog Niches that Make Money and you’ll likely find your passion fits into one of them

Whatever it is you’re passionate about, become an expert by learning everything you can about it, and share your knowledge through a blog. If you do this, and you monetize your blog properly, you will make money online with your blog.

#4 – Become Familiar With WordPress

One of the best weapons in your blogging arsenal is WordPress. I am not talking about the free version, but the self-hosted version of WordPress.

Since I believe your blog needs a real domain name and needs to be owned by you, not some company letting you use their platform for free, I believe a self-hosted WordPress blog is best. Personally, I recommend using SiteGround Hosting for the hosting part of things and you can read my SiteGround Hosting Review here or watch the video on my YouTube Channel here.

Once you have a self-hosted blog set up, you need to learn how to use WordPress inside and out. It’s a very powerful blogging platform that allows you to do so much. Knowing it inside and out will give you plenty of power when it comes to blogging.

There are several websites out there offering all kinds of information on how to use WordPress. Use them as resources and anytime you want to do something, but you’re not sure how simply Google it. There’s probably a plugin already out there for what you want to do.

Successful Blogging Tips #5 – Write Long, Comprehensive Blog Posts

Another tip I found from someone else, which I am going to disagree with comes from in their article, “Top 18 Tips on How to Become a Successful Blogger in 2018.”

They provide a tip saying you should write short blog posts, which is such a horrible tip for beginners. If you want to be successful as a blogger, this is not the type of tip you want to follow.

Of course, this tip, along with just about every single one on their list was designed to promote something. While I agree, you should be concise when sharing your ideas, longer, more comprehensive blog posts rank better on Google and they draw in readers that will spend more time on your blog.

The key is to make your longer blog posts skimmable. Use proper formatting to ensure readers can find what they want and skip the rest.

#6 – Format Your Blog Posts Properly

Building on the last successful blogging tip, the proper format will go a very long way when it comes to building your blog readership. You want to use plenty of sub-headings, bullet point lists, and images to split up your content. Also, keep your paragraphs short.

You are not limited for space on a blog like you would be with a newspaper or another publication. Use the space properly by providing plenty of white space to ensure the blog posts looks easy to read and easy to skim.

This blog post is a good example of how to use sub-headers to make your content skimmable. Plus, I use a table of contents so that you can skip right to the tips you need most and you don’t have to read every single word to get the successful blogging tips you desire.

#7 – Choose Long-Tail Keywords

One of the best ways to make sure you’re building a successful blog is to choose long-tail keywords. This is one of my favorite strategies for SEO and I get about half my traffic from search engines, so I know it works.

Instead of just deciding you’re going to write about a topic on your blog, such as “How to Grow Vegetables at Home”, take the time to Google it. Then, scroll down to the bottom of the search results to see the suggestions provided by Google.

Often, these suggestions will help you narrow down your topic. With the example at home, you can see the suggestions are great for creating not only this post but for future posts for a blog about growing vegetables.

Long-Tail Keywords for Blog Success

You get a bit more narrow with the first suggestion, “How to Grow Vegetables At Home in Pots”. The second suggested search term could also be a target of the same post and the third could be another blog posts. In fact, you could create a blog post from just about every one of the suggested search terms, if your blog was about vegetable gardening.

Use this trick to find long-tail keywords people are searching for and you’ll have a better chance of ranking at the top of the search results faster.

#8 – Use Images – A Successful Blogging Tip from

An article found on states,

“Turn your tables into images, so that Google can index it as an image. Tables compartmentalize information and render them simpler to understand. For some information-based keywords, people actively go on Google Images to find tables. ”

Using images is a great way to enhance your content and improve your SEO.

#9 – Use the ALT Tag for Images Correctly

You may not know what the ALT tag for your images is, and that’s okay. When you use WordPress and you add an image, you can add a keyword or a description to the ALT tag of the image. This tag is what will show up when you mouse over the image or if the image doesn’t load correctly.

It’s very important for SEO and helps you score more points with Google. I recommend adding your keyword phrase to the ALT tag of at least one image and trying to add other, similar keywords to the others. Of course, they have to make sense with the images or you won’t be providing value.

Successful Blogging Tips #10 – Be Yourself

Be Yourself for Blog Success

As Bamidele states on the site, “I wasn’t John Chow or Darren Rowse and I also wasn’t Pat Flynn. I knew a lot of successful bloggers before I started blogging and it would have been easy for me to copy them because they were making serious money online but I didn’t, I was myself and it paid off.”

This is a great tip as I believe, if you are yourself, you will attract the right audience. You don’t want to copy someone else and ride their coat-tails. Be yourself and you’ll find the success you desire.

#11 – Promote On Social Media

You want to properly promote your blog and one of the best successful blogging tips I can give you is to promote on social media.

It’s not necessary to promote on every single social media site, however. I recommend focusing on one or two, at first, and growing from there. There are a few reasons for this including:

  1. Focusing on all the major networks take up a ton of time
  2. Building a following on one network is easier than doing it on 5 or more
  3. Building a following on a new social media network is easier if you have a following on a different site
  4. Mastering one social media channel is better than somewhat knowing 5 or 10

Finding your audience isn’t always easy, but it becomes easier when you focus on one or two social channels at a time. Once you build up a following on Twitter, for example, you can build up a following on Facebook by levering your Twitter following.

#12 – Monetize Your Blog Properly

There are several ways to monetize your blog including:

I recommend starting with affiliate products and creating your own products over time. Personally, I think having your own line of products is one of the best ways to monetize your blog, but this can be difficult, at the beginner.

When I talk about blogging for beginners, I understand how difficult it can be, at the beginning. You have so many things you’re trying to do and learn. At first, start with affiliate products, and later on, build your own product line.

#13 – Build an Email List

Even if you’re not sure how to do this, the sooner you start building an email list, the better. You can start with a once monthly newsletter of the new blog posts you created; if that’s all you have time for. Later, you can make it better, but the sooner you start building an email list, the better.

Successful Blogging Tips #14 – Set Goals for Your Blog

With the right goals, you can achieve success as a blogger. This successful blogging tip comes from an article on, which states,

“Set goals (i.e. building community, generating revenue, increasing your social media following, adding email subscribers, etc.) for your blog and establish a timeframe for achieving them so you can measure its success. Construct a one-year plan, including checkpoints where you evaluate whether you have met your goals and to measure the overall growth of your blog.”

#15 – Read Regularly

Successful Blogging Tips - Read

One of the best things you can do to become a better writer is to read. If you’re in the gardening niche, read about gardening as much as possible. Find the biggest and best blogs, books, and websites out there about gardening and devour their content.

You’ll find reading will not only help you develop better writing skills, but it will also help you to become more knowledgeable about your niche. The more you know, the faster you will be able to write, and the more of an expert you will become.

#16 – Know the Basics of SEO

This successful blogging tip comes from a list found on, which states, “SEO may not be something you thought you’d have to worry about when you decided you wanted to become a blogger, but it’s an important component integrated into every successful blog on the web.”

SEO is a very powerful way to build your blog traffic. As I stated earlier in this list, you can use long-tail keywords to rank better on Google and gain traffic from the search engines.

I also recommend using the Yoast SEO plugin, as it’s one of the best for SEO. You can use the free version and it will tell you how good you’re doing for your target keyword phrase.

With long-tail keywords and a basic understanding of SEO, you’ll be able to build a successful blog.

#17 – Don’t Forget the Mobile Reader

About 50% of the people reading my blog are doing so on a smartphone or tablet. This is pretty standard and you have to consider the mobile reader when you design your blog.

Start with a responsive or mobile-friendly theme, if using WordPress. Then, make sure you format your blog posts to show up well on a smartphone.

You can always check this yourself by going to your blog on your phone and becoming your own reader.

Successful Blogging Tip #18 – Commit to At Least 6 Months of Blogging

Blogging is a daily grind and it takes time to hone your skills, build your following, and truly see traffic start to roll in.

You won’t become a successful blogger overnight and it won’t happen due to one or two posts. You need hundreds of posts and you need to follow the ABCs of blogging: Always Be Creating.

If you want to be a successful blogger you need more than a 30-day plan. Even my 100-day blogging challenge I am currently doing won’t be enough and I know it. It’s a great start, but I will have to keep moving forward and keep creating new content after the challenge is over.

NOTE: If you want to follow along with my challenge, you can follow me on Instagram @LifeInspiredByBen. I post a story video every day introducing my next post and I post a notification in my story when it’s live.

#19 – Engage Your Audience

When people comment on your blog posts or on social media, engage with them. At the very least, thank them, but if they have a question or you can add to their comment, do so.

The more you do this, the better as your audience will see you as a real person and respect you more for engaging with them.

#20 – Forget About the Traffic, At First

Too many beginners to blogging focus on the traffic. This leads them to quit after a few weeks or less than 10 new posts.

Forget about the traffic for the first 6 months of blogging. You should have some way of tracking it, whether it’s the JetPack Plugin for WordPress or Google Analytics, but don’t pay attention to it for 6 months.

Instead, focus on providing quality content for your audience and working your blog strategy.

#21 – Have a Blog Strategy

You don’t want to go into blogging blind. Have a strategy and you’ll have a better chance of succeeding.

Your blog strategy should include:

  • Content Schedule
  • Marketing Plan
  • Goals

There are other things you can throw in there, but to get you started, just have a content schedule, a simple marketing plan, and some blog goals.

#22 – Keep a Running Blog Post Idea List

My list is packed with hundreds of potential long-tail keywords and blog post ideas. If you keep a running blog post idea list, you’ll always have fresh ideas for writing.

As you’re reading other blogs and websites, add ideas for your own as they come to you. I do this with a simple notepad list. You can also add ideas by using the long-tail keyword tip I included in this list of successful blogging tips.

#23 – Add Social Sharing Buttons

Your blog needs a way for others to share your posts. With one of many plugins for WordPress, you can easily add social sharing buttons.

My 10-Day How to Become a Blogger course covers the plugins you should use for WordPress. Get it for free by going here now.

#24 – Turn Your Blog Posts into YouTube Videos

If you want to repurpose your blog content to create more traffic, turn your blog posts into YouTube videos. You don’t have to go crazy here and you can literally just read the post if you want.

I do this with my YouTube Channel called One Quick Tip. Instead of providing the entire blog post, I give one simple tip so that I can create shorter, easy to digest videos for my channel. You can check it out here.

Successful Blogging Tips #25 – Get to Know Other Bloggers

This successful blogging tip comes from an article found on by Ryan Biddulph under the section called “How to Befriend Pro Bloggers.” Ryan states, “Help them. Comment on their blogs. Share their content. Incredibly easy thing to do, when you focus on your success and helping your readers succeed. Being positive and helping people is our natural state.”

This doesn’t just apply to the blogging niche. You can do this in any niche with the top blogs and websites in your niche.

I just gave you a roadmap to success with blogging. Now, your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to take these tips, along with my 10-day blogging course found here, and turn them into a blogging plan you can follow for the next 6 months.

If you put in 6 months of effort and you follow a good plan, you will find blogging success. Now, get to work with these successful blogging tips and put together your plan.

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