What are the Highest Paying Freelance Writing Jobs?

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Becoming a freelance writer was one of the best decisions I ever made. I often wondered what the highest paying freelance writing jobs were and it took me years to figure it out. You don't have to wait for years. I am here to answer this question and help you find a high-paying freelance writing gig. Before we get to the list of high paying freelance writing jobs, let's look at a couple of other questions. Is Freelance Writing Profitable? Yes, freelance writing is very profitable, if you know how to find clients and provide great content for their websites and blogs. Some writers make six figures, while most will earn above $50K per year. The best part, you get to work from home without [...]

Freelance Education Writing Jobs:  13+Sites That Pay You To Write About Education

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Those with an educational background can certainly make a living as a freelance writer. It's not uncommon to scour the job boards for freelance education writing jobs to find plenty of options for those looking to write about education and get paid...

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