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Future of Blogging

It’s not uncommon for beginners to worry about the future of blogging. I have heard concerns from many people trying to make money from blogging or another online income method about whether it will survive in the future.

Blogging isn’t a trend and it’s not going anywhere. It’s here to stay and I believe, as long as the internet still works, blogging will be a part of it.

I think beginners use the possibility of something becoming outdated or not working anymore as an excuse not to start. This happens with more than just blogging, but let’s focus on the future of blogging for this blog post.

While you could easily just take my opinion and run with it, let’s look at the opinions of a few other people.

The Future of Blogging from Casey Kelly-Barton

This article titled, The Future of Blogging, was written in January of 2018 on the HostGator blog. It has some interesting points about the future of blogging, including:

  • Adding videos to blog posts
  • Making your blog more mobile-friendly
  • Producing more content and longer content
  • And more!

These are all points I agree with and have basically come true since this post was written a bit more than a year ago. I believe adding video to blog posts is very powerful and if you’re not mobile-friendly, you’ll never get ranked high on Google, anymore.

Of course, if you’ve paid attention to anything I write, you know I believe in producing more, long-form content for your blog.

Future of Blogging is Finished in 2019! by ShakeB

The Future of Blogging 2019

ShakeB of titled this blog posts, Future of Blogging is Finished in 2019! as click-bait. Most posts with a title that sparks fear, like this one, are click bait.

The article doesn’t really talk about the future of blogging being finished in 2019 because the author believes blogging is here to stay. I don’t like click-bait, but this article does make a few good points, including:

  • The need for Quality Content
  • Optimizing for Voice Search
  • Add Video to Blog Posts
  • Have a Social Media Presence

I agree with all of these points and believe they are necessary for a blogger to find success online. Now, the voice search point is an interesting one and one I wouldn’t be too worried about if you’re new to blogging. This is something you can tackle later, as Google is still many years away from this being a big deal.

However, add voice search to your list, and once you have your feet wet with blogging, start learning how to optimize for voice search.

The Future of Blogging: My Scary Forecast and Predictions from Akshay Hallur

Here’s another blogger creating click-bait and admitting he’s using fear to get you to read his blog. While this isn’t the strategy I like, Akshay makes a few good points in his The Future of Blogging post, including:

  • Authority Blogging is on the rise
  • Quality Content matters
  • Content Marketing matters
  • And more!

This blog post makes some good points and shows that blogging really isn’t going anywhere.

The Future of Blogging: Will Blogs Go Out of Style? from Greg Narayan published this post on The Future of Blogging back in October of 2018. The points made in this blog post, I agree with 100%, and include:

  • New Blogs will Always Survive
  • Corporate Blogs Share Real Opinions
  • Creating a Blog is Only Getting Easier

The author of this post says, “While many talk about starting, a small percentage will actually get a blog up and running and make it work.”

This statement is very true and most will never get started with a blog.

My Thoughts on The Future of Blogging

Where is Blogging Going in the Future

As I stated earlier, I don’t think blogging is going anywhere. In fact, I think blogging still has a long ways to grow before it becomes saturated or something difficult to use to make money online.

Right now, the strategy of blogging is only a little over a decade old. Yes, blogging officially started in 1994, but there were only 3 blogs found online in 1999. It wasn’t until 2006 that we say a large number of blogs online and the early blogs were not like blogging is today. (Source:

Blogging is rather young and the future of blogging is bright. I believe both blogging and vlogging are going to explode and grow exponentially over the next decade.

Getting started with your blog today is the key. If you wait, you’ll only make it harder on yourself. Go to my Start Here Page and get your blog started today!

Use Blogging and Vlogging (or video) Together

As you can see from the articles I mentioned, video is becoming a bigger part of blogging. It’s vital to start using video as a part of your blogging strategy. Yes, you can find blog success without video, but you’ll be missing a large portion of your audience.

You don’t have to shoot daily vlog videos to make it with blogging, however. All you really need is one video for every blog post (give or take) and it can be as simple as a screen capture of the blog post as you explain what you wrote about.

Get started with video as soon as possible. The more you practice, the better you will get at it, and it will become easier to shoot videos for your blog.

Where is Blogging Going in the Future?

I think blogging has a very bright future and here are a few things I think are going to happen with blogging in the future.

1. Social Media Will Dominate Blogging

Bloggers already use social media like crazy, but this will only grow. I think there will be one or two new social sites that will pop up to compete with Instagram and Twitter. Personally, I think Facebook won’t be a huge part of blogging for much longer and I think Pinterest is going to become even more relevant for bloggers.

2. Video Will be Important, but Won’t Dominate

Blogging and Vlogging

There will always be a segment of internet users that don’t want to watch a video. One of the problems with videos, they consume time because they are not skimmable.

Written blog content can be devoured quickly because it can be skimmed. You can even use a Table of Contents to make it easier for readers to find exactly what they are looking for quickly.

Video will become more important, but written content will always be the king.

3. SEO will Continue to Evolve

We’ve seen SEO evolve over the past decade and destroy some websites while rewarding others. It will continue to evolve.

However, as SEO evolves, if you continue to create high-quality, comprehensive content, you won’t need to worry. Google has always rewarded those relying on the most natural methods of SEO and not trying to game the system.

4. Blogging Will be Taught in Schools

I think blogging will become a skill taught in schools within the next decade. I am not talking about just a chapter in a marketing class, but an entire class dedicated to blogging.

5. Growth in Languages Outside of English will Explode

The English language already dominates when it comes to blogging, but other languages are catching up. We already see far more content in other languages on social media and I think this will become bigger when it comes to blogging.

Neil Patel did an article called, How to Increase Your Traffic Through Content Translation, and I think every blogger should pay attention to it. Other languages still have a ton of room for growth for blogs and vlogs.

I did want to point out, Neil recommends the Google Translator tool for your blog, but it’s not available. Here’s a list of nine great translation plugins you can choose from.

The Future of Blogging: My Final Thoughts

Blogging isn’t going anywhere. It’s not dead and it won’t become dead, outdated, or a bad way to make money online in our lifetime. As long as the internet is available to millions (or billions) of people, blogging will remain a viable way to make a living online.

My advice, get started with blogging immediately. Go to my Start Here Page and get your blog up and running today. The sooner you start, the faster you will discover how to become a blogger, and the sooner you will true blogging success.

Don’t delay any longer. Go to my Start Here Page and get your blog up and running today!

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