The Start of My Disney Journey

Walt Disney World Epcot
My Disney Journey

My Disney Journey

I must admit, I haven’t been a die-hard Disney fan all my life. In fact, there are some things about Disney movies and products I simply don’t like. However, there are many things about Disney I enjoy, love and admire.

My Disney Journey started when I decided tickets to Epcot would make a great Christmas gift for my wife. She has wanted to go to Disney World for a few years now and I thought, since we were already going to Florida, this would give us a great chance to check out Epcot. Not only was it exciting to watch her open the gift, but we also had a great time at Epcot.

Our Disney Journey started that day and it will now continue for the next year. Since we are Florida Residents, we get to take advantage of the Annual Pass program (evidence is found on our vehicle as we just got our Donald Duck Magnet yesterday)!

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How it all Started

Epcot Tickets

Epcot Tickets

Originally, my wife and I started our travels in a Class A motorhome we called Clyde. We traveled for about 6 months before having a few mechanical issues and deciding to sell Clyde, move back to Indiana for a few months and save towards a truck and travel trailer. That plan materialized the following spring and we spent about five months in the travel trailer before selling it to travel and stay in Airbnb options.

We were excited as dropping the travel trailer felt like a weight lifted and we could finally go out west, which we did. After a short trip out west and back to Indiana for Christmas, we already had plans to go to Florida. Of course, the Epcot tickets worked their way into that plan and we headed to the Sunshine State to see Daytona Beach, Miami, Orlando and Jacksonville before heading back to Indiana for a wedding.

As we started Airbnb travel, we realized it wasn’t sustainable with our budget and it was more taxing than we had expected. The freedom was nice, but the packing, unpacking, and worries of a host giving you a bad review were not so nice.

We discussed going back to truck and travel trailer but ended up deciding the Class A motorhome made far more sense. We wanted more room and our truck wasn’t equipped to pull anything very large.

Our plans started to come together that day at Epcot when we joked about just staying in Florida for the year and going to Disney for an entire year. Often, our decisions start as a crazy idea or a joke that turns into something serious, which it did shortly after. We realized how much the annual passes were and how cheap they are when you get a full year at Disney.

Excitement followed and a waiting period was next. We had a plan, but didn’t have the cash yet, which put us into a great Airbnb in Lake Wales for about 2 months before we found our current RV and purchased our Disney passes!

We are now Disney Passholders and excited for what the year will bring!

What to Expect in the Disney Section of This Blog

I know, I know, all the experts say you shouldn’t use a blog to promote more than one niche. I already have plans to review many internet marketing products and provide plenty of help in that arena, but I want to cover my time at Disney, too. I don’t care what the experts say – I am doing both!

If you have no interest in internet marketing, that’s perfectly fine. I know it’s not for everybody. It just happens to be one of the ways I support my little family and afford to travel full-time.

The Disney section of my blog will feature my thoughts and feelings about my time at Disney. I will share daily experiences (on days we go), fun tips, tricks we learn along the way and plenty more. My wife has plans to add videos and other tips to our travel site at, but that’s not up and running just yet.

For now, I will be adding a bit of a daily journal with a few thoughts from the first days we spend at Disney with our annual passes. I hope you enjoy it and I hope I can be an inspiration, help or at least entertaining for those reading.

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