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Whether you are a beginner or an experienced video marketer, Thumbnail Blaster is the software you need to create the highest-converting video thumbnails. It will also help you generate the most click-through-rate for your YouTube videos. This tool will provide you with smart recommendations based on your videos’ thumbnails. You can try it out for 30 days for free, and you will get your money back if you’re not satisfied.

Create attention-grabbing thumbnails for your YouTube videos

Creating attention-grabbing thumbnails for your YouTube videos can help drive more viewers and subscribers. However, the task can be time consuming and costly. The good news is, there’s an AI powered software that creates them for you.

The software uses artificial intelligence to help you pick the right images and create the right thumbnails. This is great because it saves you time and money.

The software is also a breeze to use. The interface is clean and the tool is easy to navigate. You can choose from a wide variety of templates that cater to all types of niches. Its drag and drop feature lets you customize the image and text.

The software is constantly updated. Its newest features include a Publish tool that makes uploading thumbnails easy. It also has a large gallery of professional images.

There’s also a video thumbnail generator that’s a breeze to use. This software allows you to create custom thumbnails and change fonts and layouts. It’s also a good idea to use contrasting colors to make your thumbnails stand out. The tool also comes with a handy Color Picker that helps you find the perfect color.

The best part is that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on design elements. It’s easy to see how Thumbnail Blaster can help you get more views and subscribers.

The software also has an A/B test feature that lets you compare different thumbnails to see which one performs better. The site also provides a number of free images. You can also download JPG versions of your thumbnails.

The software is a good way to boost your video views, subscriber count and ranks.

Generate HIGHEST Click-through-rate for video marketing

Using the right video thumbnail software can boost your traffic and sales. However, it’s not always easy to create a high quality one. It takes some time and a good deal of money.

But now, there is a simple tool you can use to generate your own attention grabbing thumbnails. It’s called Thumbnail Blaster.

Thumbnail Blaster uses artificial intelligence to help you create eye-catching thumbnails for your videos. It has several in-built tools, such as image editing and image spit testing, to help you achieve the best results. It’s also a drag and drop application that makes creating thumbnails quick and easy.

The Thumbnail Blaster software features more than 30 templates, and over 100 different designs to choose from. You can customize them with images, fonts, background colors, and layers. It even has a library of free visual elements you can use.

The best part about Thumbnail Blaster is that it helps you to increase your YouTube video click-through rate. It does so by analyzing your images for content that is inappropriate for the site. It also has an auto-update function that updates your existing videos. It’s easy to set up and use, and you can get your money back if it doesn’t work out for you.

Thumbnail Blaster also has an impressive library of proven templates. It’s not just limited to YouTube; it can be used by any online marketer or video maker. And it even works on popular sites like SnapChat.

There are several other advantages to using Thumbnail Blaster, including the fact that it saves you time and money. It allows you to create eye-catching thumbnails quickly, without hiring a designer.

Provide smart recommendations based on thumbnails and videos

Using Thumbnail Blaster to generate video thumbnails for social media is a great way to drive traffic to your videos. Thumbnails are the first line of defense in the battle to gain views. If your thumbnails are eye-catching, visitors are likely to click on them. In the long run, this leads to more traffic and higher rankings.

With Thumbnail Blaster, you can create beautiful and eye-catching thumbnails for your videos. It has a library of over 100 stunning templates and high-quality elements. You can also download the JPG versions of your thumbnails. It has image filters and other features to make your thumbnails pop out.

It can be used for any video format and it is compatible with Vimeo. It offers a split testing module that lets you compare two thumbnails to determine which one converts more.

It is also very easy to use. Its drag and drop interface makes it user friendly. You can customize your thumbnails and change its color, brightness, and hue. The program will also remove green screen from your images.

Thumbnail Blaster’s agency upgrade lets you manage your clients on the interface. This can help you sell your thumbnails to other people.

You can also purchase monthly recurring template subscriptions. The software comes with a money-back guarantee. It is hosted online and has a great support team. They work around the clock.

The program is also known for its ability to generate Vimeo thumbnails. In addition, Thumbnail Blaster’s artificial intelligence application helps you make decisions for you. The app will automatically set a thumbnail that has a better conversion rate. It will check your views hourly.

30 days money-back guarantee

Whether you are an experienced video marketer or just starting out, Thumbnail Blaster can help you to increase your earnings. It provides you with an easy way to create eye-catching thumbnails that will grab the attention of viewers. You can also upload these thumbnails to the most popular social networking sites.

One of the best things about Thumbnail Blaster is that it offers a 30 days money back guarantee. This allows you to try the software out for a full 60 days to see if it will benefit you.

There are two versions of Thumbnail Blaster – the Standard version and the Pro version. Both are incredibly easy to use. You can either create a single account or you can have multiple accounts. The Pro version has several features that make it even easier to design your thumbnails. You can resize images, change the font, and crop them. It also has click-bait templates.

Another great feature of Thumbnail Blaster is that you can get custom templates that are customized by artificial intelligence. You can choose the template that suits your needs and customize it to perfection. This is a very time-saving feature that makes it possible for you to increase your earnings.

It is also important to note that Thumbnail Blaster comes with a great customer support system. It has a support team that works around the clock. You can always contact them by email. If you are having problems, you can also call them and speak to a real person.

The Thumbnail Blaster library contains more than 100 high quality templates that will catch the eye of your audience. It also has a split-test module that will show you the best performing thumbnails. The software will automatically update your thumbnails, too.

Feature comparison to Canva

Using Thumbnail Blaster is an easy way to create beautiful, attention-grabbing thumbnails for your videos. It makes it easy to create professional-looking thumbnails without any graphic design experience.

Canva is a cloud-based graphics design tool that allows you to create and share designs online. It includes hundreds of templates and design tools to help you create stunning visuals for presentations, blogs, and social media posts.

Canva is one of the best online graphic design tools available today. It’s packed with features and offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface. You can get started right away with a 30-day free trial.

Canva is also a great tool for creating thumbnails for YouTube videos. Many of the top professional YouTubers use it to make custom thumbnails. Its design grids are highly versatile and can be filled with photos or solid colors.

Canva has a very user-friendly interface and offers tons of time-saving features. In addition to design grids, Canva also includes tools for social media posts and book covers.

Canva’s free plan doesn’t allow you to download high-resolution designs. You’ll need to upgrade to the Pro or Enterprise plans to create designs with higher resolution. However, Canva’s free plan is a great option for beginners and for those who only want to edit images.

With a Thumbnail Blaster account, you’ll have access to more than 100 stunning templates. These templates include text holders, fonts, and other elements. You’ll also be able to customize the template and insert new elements. You can choose to save the design in a JPG or PNG file.

There are also hundreds of integrations. For example, you’ll have access to more than four thousand templates, over a hundred design types, and over five thousand social media images.

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