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Blogging Guides

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When you’re a beginner, choosing the right blogging guides matters. Some beginners have the luxury of spending a little bit of money on really good paid blogging guides, while others start off with free blogging guides.

I have spent well over $1,000 on blogging guides over the past few years and have downloaded dozens of free ones. Some are complete garbage, while others have easy to follow information anybody can use.

In this Blogging for Beginners post, I will cover the free and paid blogging guides I think are the best. I have used many of these guides myself and I am writing from experience with these.

If you’re ready to get started with blogging, you can go to my Start Here page and use my How to Become a Blogger course. I won’t be including my own guide on this list, as that would be completely biased and I would obviously put it right up at the top! Just go to the Start Here link if you’d like to get started with blogging for free.

Free Blogging Guides


Free Blogging Guides

Finding a good free blogging guide really isn’t super difficult. However, there are some out there that simply aren’t that good and you have to be aware of the hosting company they promote.

Most will promote Bluehost for some reason (maybe they offer the largest affiliate commissions) and there’s nothing wrong with Bluehost. However, you will find in my guide (get it here) I promote SiteGround Hosting. The reason for this is simple; SiteGround Hosting offers the best WordPress Hosting for new bloggers looking to use SEO (search engine optimization) as a part of their marketing plan. Plus, it’s the most secure I have found for the price.

Anyway, let’s move on to the first free blogging course on my list.

Blog Launch Blueprint

If you’re a mom, you’ll love this specific blog guide because it was written by a mom. This one comes from and offers a seven-day course to walk you through how to get your blog up and running.

It even includes a lesson for building your email list and a few money making lessons for your blog, as well. It’s one of the top choices you will find out there, especially if you’re a mom working from home.

Free Blog Traffic Bonus Guide

This one comes from Adventures in Blogging and offers a great choice for those looking to improve their traffic. It was created by Lena Gott and provides three traffic generation tips you can use to grow your blog. I have used these tips to help me build my blog and I can tell you, they do work.

The only thing negative about this guide is the process to get it. You have to sign up, and then enroll and it will finally download. It’s a bit confusing on her page, but the guide it worth the trouble.

190 Catchy Headline Templates

A blog post is only as good as the headline. You have to attract attention quickly or you may struggle to ever get visitors to your blog. This simple little guide will give you more than 190 fill-in-the-blank headline templates you can use for your blog posts.

Top Paid Blogging Guides (Courses)

Paid Blogging Guides

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The free courses will get you started, but a good paid course will give you a step-by-step plan for success. I have used or at least purchased most of the courses on this list and I can tell you, they are all worth every penny.

The Blogging Guru Blueprint (One of the Best Blogging Guides)

Paid Blogging Guides

Cost – $23.50 for now, but will go back up to $47 soon and may go up to $97 in the future

While the free blog courses above are really in no particular order, the paid blog courses are. This first one is the VERY BEST paid blog course I have ever purchased and used. It’s everything you will need, (after using my free course here) and the one resource I believe every blogger must have.

This paid blogging course gives you a ton of information. When it comes to blogging for beginners and you want value, this is the course for you.

The Blogging Guru Blueprint is set up to work with WordPress sites, which is exactly what I recommend. You’ll learn everything from the basics all the way through to the more advanced things you need. The best part, this course teaches you how to target your audience using smartphones and tablets, while many courses don’t really cover this topic much.

You get over 100 total training videos with this program and two incredible bonuses. This paid blog course comes from Patric Chan, which is one of my favorite bloggers and one of the smartest online marketers I have ever met.

You can get The Blogging Guru Blueprint by going here.

Part-Time Blogger, Full-Time Freedom

Cost – $97 for now and will go up to $197 soon

If you want to make money from your blog, this is the blueprint to your success. It’s a great choice and includes four recorded sessions covering everything from the basics to the more advanced strategies you need to become a success.

The final session of Part-Time Blogger, Full-Time Freedom actually includes done-for-you solutions with a section on how to make $500 commissions and how to use sub-niches successfully. There’s even a section on how to set it and forget it.

Blog Hatter V4

Cost – $17 for now and will go up to $67 or even $199 soon.

A great course for those looking to create a passive income from their blog, Blog Hatter V4 offers plenty of resources for bloggers. It will allow you to manage your posts and multiple blogs all in one tool.

It works with WordPress self-hosted blogs, which is my recommendation and you can get your first self-hosted WordPress blog started here. You can also use Blog Hatter V4 with, which may be free, but I don’t recommend it.

Those are my three favorite paid blogging courses and they all have good information you can use to grow your blog.

Personally, I prefer The Blogging Guru Blueprint because it’s the type of guide you can use now, next year, and ten years from now. It’s a great choice for beginners looking to get started. Of course, if you don’t want to spend any cash on a course, you can get started with my How to Become a Blogger course here.

Now you have several options for free and paid blogging guides. Choose the one that fits you best and start your first blog today!

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