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Choosing the right platform for your blog matters, but this question is a bit silly, to be honest. Asking whether you should use Tumblr or WordPress for your means you’re likely at the very beginning stages of creating a blog. It’s important to understand one simple factor, which will make the decision much easier.

WordPress is a blogging platform, while Tumblr is a social media site trying to pass itself off as a micro-blogging platform.

Answering the question, Should I use Tumblr or WordPress for my blog should be easy. The correct answer is WordPress and for many reasons.

I could start by explaining how WordPress is the largest CMS or Content Management System on the planet. I could point out that WordPress is used by more bloggers than any other platform.

While these stats are true, looking at the differences between WordPress and Tumblr will help provide a better reason why you should choose WordPress for your blogging platform.

Self-Hosted WordPress Only

Should I use Tumblr or WordPress

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Before I get into the differences between WordPress and Tumblr, it’s important to note, I am referring to self-hosted WordPress only. This is the type of blog you actually own with a domain and hosting to go along with it.

Personally, I recommend Kinsta WordPress Hosting or for those without the cash to support Kinsta (the best WordPress hosting) I recommend SiteGround WordPress hosting. Both are excellent choices.

You will need hosting and a domain, but this also means you own your blog, your content, and the profits generated. With the free version of WordPress, you will not gain these advantages and it’s too much like using or another free blogging platform.

You want, not They are different and you will get free of charge when you choose Kinsta WordPress hosting or Siteground WordPress hosting.

Tumblr or WordPress: The Differences

The biggest difference between WordPress and Tumblr is the control you lose or gain. With WordPress, you gain full creative control over your site. Choose one of the thousands of themes, such as the top choices found through Elegant Themes for your site.

Tumblr is limited when it comes to design. You will only be able to do a few things to your profile to make it look a specific way. Since it’s really a social media site, it’s not really going to allow you to do much more than changing a few colors and add a few images.

WordPress is built for bloggers looking to build a blog, make money from advertising, and use affiliate marketing to make money with blogging. Tumblr isn’t built for any of this. Instead, it’s built for those looking to basically journal about their life or a specific topic.

WordPress also offers far more features and many more customizations compared to Tumblr. With WordPress, you’ll gain access to tens of thousands of plugins to do just about anything you could possibly want. For example, the SEOPressor plugin allows you to gain better overall SEO for your blog.

Tumblr doesn’t offer tools like this. In fact, the ability to customize your micro-blog or profile with Tumblr is rather limited.

Using Tumblr and WordPress Together

Tumbler or WordPress for Blogging

You don’t have to choose between WordPress and Tumblr, however. WordPress should be the choice for your main blog with a domain and hosting from Kinsta or Siteground.

However, after you publish a blog post on your WordPress blog, you can share it on Tumblr. This allows you to build your following faster and share information on a powerful social media channel.

Tumblr can be used much like you’d use Facebook, Twitter, or other social media channels. Yes, it’s different from the others. However, it can still be used to share your content and lead people back to your main blog found on the WordPress CMS platform.

My Recommendation for New Bloggers

When you’re trying to answer the question, Should I use Tumblr or WordPress for my blog, the answer should be a simple one. Tumblr isn’t a blogging platform. It’s a social media site offering the ability to use it as a micro-blog.

WordPress is the right choice when compared to Tumblr or any other possible blog platform. Choose self-hosted WordPress through Kinsta or Siteground for the best possible option for your blog.

After you’ve set up a blog on Kinsta or Siteground hosting with WordPress, you can use Tumblr to spread each post to a larger audience. When you do this, you don’t have to choose Tumblr or WordPress. Instead, you can use both!

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