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Using Viper Cache can greatly improve your page speed and reduce the workload of your website. This is because it detects changes to your website and automatically triggers an auto-cache. It also blocks known bad bots and site scrapers. This helps ensure that your site is clean, secure, and easy to navigate.

Blocks known bad bots & site scrapers

Using a tool to block known bad bots and site scrapers can make your WordPress site faster and more secure. There are a few tools out there, but Viper Cache stands out.

The system detects suspicious clients by recording their behavior. It then tracks this data by session. It can also set up anomaly detection. It can block suspicious requests as well as session transactions.

It also has a unique bandwidth-saving feature for large websites. This will reduce your server’s processing load and help you resist DDOS attacks.

It is also easy to use and boasts a high level of dependability. It’s designed for all types of WordPress site owners. It’s built on a secure framework and features smart clearing and rebuilding technology.

It blocks over 1000 bad bots. It also automatically disables hotlinking. It uses a full list of known bad bots to block them.

Its smart clearing and rebuilding technology makes it extremely fast and easy to use. It is also one of the most reliable cache solutions on the market.

In addition to blocking known bad bots, it has a number of other features that can increase your security. It has an intelligent preload feature that loads cache to your website plus five of the most popular pages. It even allows you to reset your repository.

The tool is also able to identify scrapers. It uses a static analysis tool to look at structural web requests. It also collects attributes such as browser information and header information.

It can be configured to block specific bots, by IP address, referrer, user agent, and referrer. It also includes a feature that allows you to modify the web server configuration files to block bots by user agent.

Reduces site workload & increases page speed

Using Viper Cache on your site is a great way to reduce the workload and increase page speed. While there are several different caching plugins available, Viper Cache is one of the easiest to use and quickest. This plugin can improve page load times, reduce website traffic, and increase conversions.

It has been shown that a slower page can cost you conversions. It is estimated that a page with a load time of five seconds can lose 7% of conversions. A faster site can help increase the number of conversions, which leads to more sales and free targeted traffic.

When you use Viper Cache, you can keep your site fast without slowing down the server. This is important to maintain your user’s experience. It also keeps your site safe from bad bots, rogue scrapers, and hot links. The site will automatically block these threats.

If you have a large site, Viper Cache can save you money by decreasing the amount of bandwidth and CPU needed. It also protects your website from DDOS attacks. The only downside is that you will have to activate the plugin.

Viper Cache can help your site load faster by tracking all changes to your website. The plugin will also keep track of your most popular pages. If you are changing a lot of content, it will automatically clear the cache. This means that you will not have to manually save your content each time.

It can also boost your page speed by optimizing code. This means removing formatting, unnecessary characters, and other unused code. This can also reduce the size of your page.

You can test your page speed with Google PageSpeed Insights. It can analyze your page and show you what you can do to make it faster.

Detects site changes to trigger auto-cache

Using Viper Cache on your WordPress site will help you speed up your page load time, reduce your bandwidth and protect your site from DDOS attacks. Viper Cache monitors all changes to your site and automatically clears your cache. This eliminates the need for manual saves and ensures your site is always fast.

Viper Cache is compatible with almost all themes. It also helps you improve image compression. It has a dashboard that is easy to understand. It has extensive documentation, beautiful screenshots, and videos.

It is one of the easiest caching plugins for WordPress to use. It’s simple to configure and it’s optimized for practical hosting environments. Unlike other cache plugins, Viper Cache detects changes to your site and triggers auto-cache.

During our tests, we found that Viper Cache is 77% faster than the competition. In addition, it has fewer configuration settings for WordPress caching. It’s also compatible with 99% of themes and plugins.

In addition to speed, Viper Cache’s auto-cache feature prevents hotlinking and known bad bots from scraping your pages. It also lowers bandwidth and server load.

Viper Cache’s smart cache preloading feature preloads your cache with the home page and the 5 most popular pages. This reduces bandwidth and CPU load and helps your website run more efficiently.

You can also customize the caching section to allow or block specific caching mechanisms and URL strings. This is especially important for ecommerce websites, since you want to ensure that checkout and order confirmation pages don’t get cached.

Viper Cache can also be used to protect your site from hotlinking, DDOS attacks, and other malware. It also tracks tools, posts and pages, and can be used to remove plugins and refresh external content.

Easy to use

Using a cache on your website is an easy way to speed up your site. There are many free caching plugins for WordPress. The primary purpose of a cache is to reduce bandwidth. You can also compress images to make your page more efficient. However, the best way to improve your site’s speed is by focusing on how your page loads.

Viper Cache is a new cache plugin that claims to be the fastest and most effective in the industry. It can help you get your WP site up to 10 times faster.

The tool works on almost any theme. It also blocks known bad bots and hotlinks. It monitors and tracks all changes to your website. The plugin then automatically clears the cache when major changes occur. It will also preload the pages you most commonly visit.

Viper Cache is easy to use. It’s packed with traffic protection technology, and is designed to work with modern themes. You can even remove your plugins and reset the repository.

The tool can block rogue bots, hotlinking, and site scrapers. It will also automatically rebuild the cache on associated pages if you make any small changes. It has been tested on hundreds of thousands of sites.

It also has a working procedure that allows you to troubleshoot your problems. If you notice that your site is slowing down, you can turn off every switch and see what’s causing the issue. If your page is still freezing, you can use the Reset Repository function to fix the problem.

Lastly, it helps you weather DDOS attacks. Viper Cache’s smart clearing and rebuilding technology prevents delays in WordPress processing.

Money-earning opportunities

Using Viper Cache can improve your WordPress website’s performance. It works by automatically blocking hotlinking and known bad bots. It also helps to make your site load faster.

There are many different caching tools on the market. Free options are available, but they may not be as effective as the more expensive ones.

Viper Cache is a full-featured, high-performance cache plugin for WordPress. It offers a bunch of features and it even makes your site load 10x faster than it would if you weren’t using it. The best part about this caching software is that it doesn’t slow down your server or cause lag. It doesn’t play god with your themes and plugins, and it’s a lot easier to use than its competitors.

It’s based on the most reliable cache engine on the planet. The product also boasts an intelligent preload feature that automatically loads the cache on your site, plus the five most popular pages.

It’s also very easy to troubleshoot. The product boasts a tutorial video on speed testing. This is important because troubleshooting your website can be a time-consuming task, and it’s good to know that you have someone on the other end of the phone.

The Viper Cache product does a great job of answering the most common shortcomings of other caching products. It’s super fast, and it can lower bandwidth usage and the cost of your hosting plan. It’s also extremely simple to set up, and it’s compatible with almost all modern themes.

Overall, it’s a good option for any WordPress user. It’s not the most powerful cache, but it does the trick. You’ll have to spend some money and time to get the most out of it, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

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