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what companies use automation

Many companies use automation technology for many purposes. Some of the more popular types are programmable logic controllers, motion control devices, and specialized robotics. It is important to understand how these types of technology work, so you can make the best use of them.

Yokogawa Electric

Yokogawa Electric uses automation to deliver its products and services to the world. The company offers high-precision technology and engineering solutions to process industries worldwide. From test and measurement instruments to industrial control systems, Yokogawa delivers a wide range of solutions for a variety of industries.

Yokogawa is an industry leader in test and measurement and a leading supplier of Industrial Automation solutions. Founded in 1915, Yokogawa Electric is one of the oldest manufacturers of control and measurement equipment. Its product line includes industrial analyzers, pressure transmitters, and recorders. Among its various product offerings, the OpreX brand provides complete solutions.

In addition to its extensive line of measurement and control products, Yokogawa offers support and value for customers as they transition to industrial autonomy. With decades of expertise in a wide array of industries, Yokogawa helps companies boost productivity and improve efficiency.

Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation is a multinational company that has been in operation since 1903. The company offers industrial automation solutions, technology, and services to companies all over the world. It is also a leader in digital transformation.

Rockwell Automation has a strong history of sustainability and returning cash to shareholders. It is one of the largest companies in the industrial automation industry. It has a healthy balance sheet and a low credit risk assessment.

Rockwell Automation is a company that provides innovative, integrated automation solutions that improve efficiency, reduce production costs, and improve the safety of products. For example, the company automates vaccine production, food packaging, and battery manufacturing.

The Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork framework provides a collaborative network of companies to help customers achieve their goals. It is also a platform for machine optimization and plant-wide optimization. Designed to offer best-in-breed solutions, the program will enable companies to face automation challenges together.

General Electric

General Electric is one of the world’s largest industrial companies. It has a diverse portfolio of interests, including avionics, aviation, energy, manufacturing, healthcare, food and beverage, water and wastewater, and transportation.

GE uses automation to support design, commissioning and operating industrial assets. One example is its Mark VIe Distributed Control Systems, a backplane-free system that simplifies operations and maintenance across the lifecycle. Another is a new nozzle production line at a GE Oil & Gas facility in Talamona, Italy.

GE also has a robust substation automation solution. These solutions are designed to meet the needs of a variety of utility clients. They can help you reduce unplanned downtime, improve efficiency, and ensure the safety of your electrical infrastructure.

As a high-tech industrial company, GE has been on the forefront of innovation. Some examples of their technology achievements include magnetic ink character recognition, the first ever digital telemetry system, and the first programmable logic controller (PLC).

GE has been a pioneer in a number of industries. For example, the company has been a leader in the use of additive manufacturing to create products.


Siemens uses automation in companies to improve efficiency, productivity, and output. They offer comprehensive technology solutions and services for all sectors of industry. These include industrial software, process control, and energy management, among other offerings. In addition to their automation products and services, they provide diagnostics and quality assurance solutions.

Siemens Digital Industries’ Software division provides an Xcelerator portfolio of products and services. The company has extended its partnership with NVIDIA and plans to acquire Brightly Software.

Siemens uses automation in companies to streamline business processes, increase operational agility, and boost profitability. Its software helps companies shorten time-to-market and reduce the consumption of resources.

Siemens’ Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) integrates hardware and software to ensure perfect interaction. This enables Siemens to deliver its full range of solutions, from factory floor to cloud, in an interconnected manner.

OMRON Industrial Automation

Omron Industrial Automation is one of the leading global manufacturers of industrial automation equipment. It offers systems solutions for diverse industries. OMRON offers a comprehensive suite of programmable logic controllers, high-precision sensing technologies, power monitoring equipment, and other products.

Omron’s automation technology balances productivity and energy efficiency. By integrating high-speed, high-precision control application technologies with industry-leading sensing technology, Omron supports a wide range of industries.

In addition to its products, Omron also offers services. OMRON provides fast and efficient support to business partners around the world. A network of 150 offices in 40 countries provides support for a variety of customers.

Omron offers a complete solution for robotics production lines. The company’s products include programmable logic controllers, servo motors, power monitoring equipment, and other products. OMRON also provides an extensive line of safety and protective components.

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