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If you don’t really know what blogging is about, this article is for you. Understanding the point of blogging means you have to look at the motivation behind blogging and each individual blog.

The main point of blogging is to inform the audience of the blog about the topic. Whether it’s a hobby blog about model trains or a sports blog about Notre Dame Football, the point of blogging is simply to share information.

What’s the Motivation for Starting a Blog?

Point of Blogging

While the point of blogging is to share information, the motivation for starting a blog is wildly different. Most bloggers share information with their audience, but they are motivated by the potential of making money.

For some, money is a necessary means to the happiness they gain from working from home or anywhere else they prefer. For me, the money is nice, but I blog because it gives me freedom.

Your motivation for starting a blog may be different than mine. Maybe you love the benefit of making money and working from home, but you’re really motivated by sharing your beliefs on a specific topic with the world. This is a fine motivation for starting a blog.

While there are many financial incentives for starting a blog, there are many non-financial incentives, as well.

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5 Popular Reasons to Start a Blog Today

Start a Blog

Of course, money and fame probably top this list for most, but let’s look at five of the top reasons to start a blog today having nothing to do with money or fame.

1. Express Yourself

Whether you love fashion, you’re a Christian, or you want to share your political opinions, a blog offers an outlet. It’s much like an online journal you’re opening up to the rest of the world.

Blogging allows you to share your thoughts and opinions on any topic you prefer. From a popular sports team to a specific political agenda, you can share your thoughts and opinions about anything you desire.

2. Help Others

Zig Ziglar once said, “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”

Helping others is very pure motivation for starting a blog and usually comes with plenty of fringe benefits along the way.

Maybe you want to help others become freelance writers and leave their jobs as I do. Helping people like you gives you a chance to give back and improve the lives of those reading your blog posts.

3. Become an Expert

Blogging allows you to establish yourself as an expert in your field. Many business owners use blogs to help show credibility as they share their knowledge with those reading their posts.

You can start a blog and become an expert, even if you’re not already one. The research you do to create high-quality content will help you to become an expert in whatever field you have chosen for your blog.

4. Connect with Like-Minded People

I used to run a Vegan blog because I wanted to connect with other vegans. I have since given up the life of a vegan (although I do eat far less meat and still go days without meat regularly), but the blog allowed me to find others like me, at that time.

Blogging can help you connect with others that share a lifestyle choice, an opinion, or similar thoughts as you do. This can be a great way to find others just like you online and share knowledge with each other.

5. Make a Difference

Whether you blog about a specific political party or you blog about the type of church you attend, you can blog to make a difference. Spreading awareness can be very powerful if you’re passionate about something specific.

There are many reasons why people start blogging. While the point of blogging is to share information, the motivation for blogging is often more than just sharing information. Of course, the fringe benefits of making money, working from home, and quitting your job can be rather nice, too.

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