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Successful Blogging

Choosing to become a blogger isn’t easy and it’s not for those looking for a quick buck. You won’t write a couple of posts and see the money start rolling in. Successful blogging requires consistency, hard work, learning, and plenty of writing.

Building a Content Library for Successful Blogging


Build a Content Library

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Your blog is like a library for the niche you chose. If you chose to start a blog in the gardening niche, you will be building a content library full of gardening content.

You wouldn’t open an actual library with just a few books and expect people to show up. The shelves need to be well-stocked with books.

As a beginning blogger, it’s important to build your content library if you want to be successful with blogging. It takes more than just a few posts to get people to come to your blog, stick around, and come back again.

Each Blog Post is a Small Traffic Generator

Blog Traffic Generator

For most, the goal with blogging is to make money and leave their 9-to-5 job. If this is your goal, it’s important to understand how you will generate traffic. Your blog posts are the foundation of every bit of your online marketing.

Look at each blog post as a small traffic generator. The more of these little traffic generators you have, the more traffic you can bring to your blog.

Even if you don’t set out to use SEO (search engine optimization) as a marketing strategy, you’ll likely see some traffic from the search engines over time. Whether you build blog content around keywords (highly recommended) or you just write, you will get listed for different topics people search for.

This is one of the ways your blog posts turn into small traffic generators. If you have one post on the first page of Google for your keyword, it will pick up some traffic. However, when you have ten posts, or 25 posts, or even 100 posts on the first page, you’ll get even more traffic.

Most people look for the big payoff and they never get it. They try to write about keyword phrases with a ton of searches every month. These phrases tend to be very general and very competitive. They are hard to rank for and I don’t recommend going after general, highly competitive phrases.

Instead, create your content library around specific phrases known as long-tail keywords. These keywords include at least three words, such as Japanese Tree Gardening and they are more specific, which makes the topic a bit more narrow. They won’t be as competitive and you’ll actually draw in a much more targeted audience.

Think about the way you search for something on Google. If you were interested in figuring out how to plant flowers that will bloom every single spring, you wouldn’t just search for “plant flowers”. Instead, you’d probably search for something more specific, such as “plant flowers that bloom in spring.”

Tackling more specific topics gives you small traffic generators that have a chance to rank high on Google and draw in the right audience. People searching for more specific terms are looking for what you have to offer when you tackle these topics.

Each Blog Post is a Baby Step Towards Success


Baby Step Towards Successful Blogging

Successful blogging requires consistency and each blog post is a baby step towards success. Every single time you hit that “publish” button, you’ll be growing your blog towards success.

Most bloggers say it takes about a year of consistent blogging to build up a full-time income. Many have stated it took them many months of publishing blog content nearly every day to see traffic growth.

Weidert Group stated in a blog post, “Looking back at our first 13 months of blogging (April 2011 to April 2012), Month 5, Month 10 and Month 13 were the months we saw a tipping point of exponential traffic growth.”

Another blog post from talks about how the founder of ProBlogger, Darren Rowse, published 5 to 10 blog posts a day because his wife gave him 6 months to create a full-time income from blogging.

John Bonini stated in a blog post on, “Write every day. Have a free moment at work? There’s nothing more valuable you could do with that time than to create more content, the more you have, the quicker you’ll see results. There are no shortcuts.”

I couldn’t agree more. There are no shortcuts and this is exactly why I am taking on this 100-day blogging challenge. This blog post is my second on a journey to create 100 blog posts in 100 days.

You can follow along my journey on my YouTube Channel where I will post a video every 10 days documenting the experience. You can also check out my Instagram, which will have a daily story introducing the blog post and letting you know when each post goes live. Follow me on Instagram at @LifeInspiredByBen.

What to Expect as a Beginning Blogger

Beginning Blogger

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When you first get started with blogging, you have to have a plan. Yes, you will change that plan a dozen times as your blog evolves and you gain more knowledge, but you still need a plan.

Create a plan for when you will write, what you will write about, and how you will promote your blog. Even if the only promotion you do is posting to social media, have a plan for what you will do.

When you’re first starting out with blogging, you need to make sure you stick to your writing schedule. Missing one day is one thing, but missing multiple days will set you back. I started my blog last year, threw up a few posts and got busy with other projects. When I finally got back to it, I found that the few posts I threw up were consistently getting a few visitors per day. Had I stuck to my original plan and blogged every day, I would have a few hundred blog posts bringing in a couple of visitors every day. Hindsight is 20/20!

Now that I am back to regular blogging I have seen my traffic start to grow already. I cannot even imagine what it will look like after I complete this 100-day challenge. Heck, after this challenge, I may push myself to write 2 or 3 or even 4 posts per day for 100 days!

Consistency is the “Secret to Success” for New Bloggers


Secret to Successful Blogging

I think we all get sucked into thinking the super successful bloggers, affiliate marketers, online influencers, Youtubers, and others have some super-secret they refuse to share. While this could be the case, I simply don’t believe it.

Every single successful person I have encountered says the same thing. It takes consistent hard work and patience to find online success. If you want to be successful with blogging, you have to commit to your craft and blog often.

  • Imagine if you wrote one post per week. After a year, you’d have 52 blog posts in your content library.
  • Imagine if you wrote 3 posts per week. After a year, you’d’ have 156 blog posts in your content library
  • Imagine if you wrote 1 post per day. After a year, you’d have 365 blog posts in your content library.

What if you followed one of these simple writing plans and you were able to get one visitor per day for half of your blog posts? You’d have between 26 and 183 visitors to your blog every single day.

Successful Blogging is a Numbers Game if You Post Quality Content

Blogging is a Numbers Game

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You can’t just throw up anything and expect to hit a certain number of blog posts and see success. Your content has to add value for your audience. For example, I write for those looking to start a blog and become successful with blogging. If I wrote about gardening on this blog, my visitors probably wouldn’t find that to be quality information.

A low-quality blog post isn’t one with typos and spelling mistakes. While this contributes to the quality, the overall factor is how useful the information is for your audience and how that information is communicated.

Create high-quality content regularly and you will see success with your blog.

Action Steps for Consistent Successful Blogging

Action Steps for Successful Blogging

I want you to be successful with blogging, so I am giving you a few quick action steps you can implement right now.

  • Step #1 – Go to my “Start Here” page and follow the instructions to get your blog started.
  • Step #2 – Create a Writing Schedule. Figure out when you can write and approximately how many blog posts you can complete within that time. If it’s one per week, stick to it. If it’s one per day, stick to it. No matter the number, create a plan and stick to it.
  • Step #3 – Get to Work! Consistency is the key!
  • Step #4 – Have patience and don’t give up. So many new bloggers quit before they ever see success even with a great plan, great niche, and everything else they need for success.

Use these four simple steps and get to work. I will never tell you blogging is easy. I will never make it seem like you can become successful overnight. Truth be told, you probably need to make a 12 to 18-month commitment, depending on your niche and how often you post.

I am doing a 100-day blogging challenge. While I expect to see my traffic numbers grow by the end of it, I won’t stop after 100 days. More likely, I will ramp it up because if I can do 100 blog posts in 100 days, the next step is to aim higher and try to do 200, 300 or even 400 blog posts in the next 100 days.

Now, it’s time for you to get to work and for me to publish this post! Remember, consistency and patience are the two “super secrets” to successful blogging.

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