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There are several reasons why people start blogging. For me, I started blogging because I was already working from home as a freelance writer. It seemed like a sensible move to go from writing for others to writing for myself.

Blogging provides a way to reach a massive audience without actually advertising to that audience. Whether you run a business or you want to become a blogger, figuring out why people start blogging is a good place to start.

Let’s look at some of the top reasons why people start blogging.

5 Top Reasons People Start Blogging

People Start Blogging

If you own a business and you’re considering starting a blog for your website, these reasons may not apply to you. I will go through a few reasons why businesses start blogging later in this article.

These are the top 5 reasons people start blogging that don’t own a business.

1. Make Money From Home

The number one reason anybody starts blogging is to build an online income. This was one of my main reasons for starting my blogging career and it’s paid off nicely.

Making money from home offers many benefits, but the main one is the most obvious. If you run a blog that makes a full-time income, you can quit your job and stop working for someone else.

2. Share Beliefs

Whether it’s your belief that a specific sports team is the best or you believe the government is run by some evil organization lurking in the shadows, many people start blogging to share their beliefs.

There are many beliefs you can share through a blog from your religious beliefs to what you believe is the best way to parent a child. Many of the best blogs were started to share someone’s beliefs and they become so popular because beliefs are subjective and controversial.

Blogging about what you believe will likely take guts and you will need a thick skin. There will be haters and you will end up with people posting nasty comments. Unfortunately, that’s just a part of blogging, especially if you hit a nerve with someone on a political, religious, or another sensitive topic.

3. For Fun

Not as common, but also a valid reason to start blogging, some start for fun. Blogging can certainly be fun as you can share information about your favorite hobby or something else you love.

4. To Become Famous

With so many people trying to become famous these days, it’s not uncommon for someone to start a blog to become famous. However, there are other ways to become well-known that move faster, so most bloggers that find success were not looking for fame.

5. For Documentation

Whether you’re documenting your personal journey or a trip, blogging is a great form of journaling. It can help you save memories and share them with the rest of the world.

There are several valid reasons to start a blog, but the most common is to make money.

3 Reasons All Businesses Should Start Blogging

Businesses Start Blogging

If you run a business and you’ve been considering blogging, this section is for you. I could list a few dozen benefits of blogging for businesses here, but let’s just look at the main three.

1. Blogging is Passive

Most types of advertising cause you to sell to your customers through an ad. Blogging has very little to do with selling.

Instead, you’re inserting your business into the research stage of your customer’s buying decision. When you do this properly, your message will be in front of your target audience and they will have found you, instead of you finding them.

2. Blogging is Long-Term

When you build a house, you start by preparing the site and laying the foundation. Then, you start to build.

Blogging is the same. You have to prepare your website and your blogging strategy. Then, you have to lay a foundation of around 50 to 100 solid blog posts before you can really start building.

It’s a long-term strategy with the ability to bring you plenty of hot leads and new customers. If you blog correctly, a year from now, you may not need to use most of the other advertising you use today.

3. Blogging is an Investment

Maybe you use Pay-Per-Click advertising or another form of paid online advertising for your business. What happens when you stop paying for it?

With blogging, you never have to worry about whether you paid for new content or you decided to take a break. Every new post you’ve created or paid a writer to create will still bring in new traffic and new leads until the internet is no longer used by humans.

Paid advertising requires you to continue to put in cash, while blogging allows you to gain control over how much traffic you desire.

You can start by going very aggressively and posting every single day. Then, when you reach a traffic level you like, maybe you dial it back to just a few posts per week.

Your older post will continue to bring in traffic, even though you stopped blogging daily.

People start blogging for many reasons, but money is the main motivator. If you’re ready to start a blog, make sure you download my Free How to Become a Blogger Guide by going here now.

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