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wordpress hosting companies

If you are new to the world of WordPress and want to host your blog on your own web domain, you will be able to get started with a variety of different companies. This article will cover some of the most popular and reliable companies, as well as some of the lesser known ones. You will learn about the different features each hosting company offers, and you will also find out the differences between the services.


The best WordPress hosting companies will not only provide reliable support, but also a user-friendly interface. Bluehost is one of these hosting companies. It offers excellent uptime, great customer service, and a variety of technical tools and services.

Founded in 2003 in Utah, Bluehost offers a variety of hosting options. They include WordPress hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting, and shared hosting. Their standard pricing is competitive with competitors.

Bluehost has a dedicated team of in-house experts to help you with any problems you may have. This includes a 24/7 live chat, phone, and email support system.

Bluehost offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on their hosting packages. However, this does not apply to add-ons or domain name registration.

Bluehost offers free domain names and a free SSL certificate. They also offer premium automated backup services. These features help ensure that your site is protected.

Bluehost also offers a WordPress website builder. Their Website Builder includes tools for creating unique pages. You can use the drag-and-drop site builder to create any type of page.

If you need help setting up a WordPress site, the Blue Flash team is there to help you. In addition to helping you install the WordPress software, they can also help you set up plug-ins and other features.

Bluehost has a lot of experience with addressing downtime issues. They can hire the best executives and network engineers to address your problems.


SiteGround is a WordPress hosting provider that has an intuitive user interface. It’s known for its excellent uptime and support.

SiteGround’s support is available via phone and live chat, and is staffed around the clock. The support team answers about 1500 tickets daily.

In addition to customer support, SiteGround offers a variety of tools to help you manage your website. These tools include a free CDN, spam filtering, and email forwarders. You can also give others access to your site from a backend dashboard.

Another great feature of SiteGround is its security department. The SiteGround security team can stop attacks faster than most hosting companies. They also monitor multiple sources of information to prevent security breaches.

SiteGround also uses Google’s Cloud Platform to deliver a variety of services. This includes NGINX web server technology, which is the most advanced option in the market.

SiteGround is an official WordPress recommended host, so you can trust that you’ll be able to run your site. All of SiteGround’s packages have excellent email hosting, and the company has no restrictions on the number of email addresses.

One of SiteGround’s most impressive features is its AutoUpdate system. This keeps your WordPress installation updated with security patches. You can also automate some common WordPress management tasks through the WP-CLI command-line tool.

SiteGround doesn’t offer a virtual private server (VPS), but the company does offer standard shared hosting. There are several plans to choose from, including the entry-level plan for beginners. If you need more storage, bandwidth, or advanced features, you’ll want to look into a premium plan.


Nexcess is a WordPress hosting company that offers a variety of hosting plans. They offer an auto-scaling feature that automatically adds more resources to your website.

There are no traffic or pageview limits, and the company does not charge extra for overage. It also provides free migration services, making it an ideal choice for small to medium businesses and enterprises.

You can use the NGINX Cloud Accelerator that comes with your plan. This micro-cache reduces the size of your static content and increases your page load times. But, remember that purging the cache can have temporary performance degradation.

If you need help setting up your site, you can ask for assistance from their 24/7/365 support team. They can be reached via live chat, email, or phone. Whether you need help with a basic configuration or a complex problem, you will be able to reach the expert.

You can also take advantage of Nexcess’s one-click staging sites. These allow you to try out changes to your site without having to worry about affecting the live version. For example, you can send a staging site to a colleague to get their feedback.

The company offers automated backups and plugin updates. These features are available for all of their hosting plans.

Another great feature is image lazy loading. The host compresses images for you, reducing the file size dramatically. Image lazy loading can help you improve page load times.


Presslabs is a WordPress hosting company that has been offering professional-scale hosting services since 2009. It is built for fast-growing publishers, developers, and businesses. The company is located in Romania and offers support for businesses around the world.

Presslabs aims to serve its customers by providing secure hosting services. This includes an integrated backup system and a scalable architecture on Google Cloud. There are also plenty of options for customization.

The company provides two different plans. One is a starter package and the other is a premium plan. These plans include unmetered storage and bandwidth. Also, the plans come with a WordPress Intelligence dashboard and performance data collection.

Presslabs focuses on developers and publishers, and has a large client list. They also have a CDN that serves static files. Besides, they provide testing environments for local and remote development.

They provide a free trial service. After signing up, you will receive an e-mail from their team. If you decide not to use their service, you can cancel within 14 days.

Presslabs has a 100% uptime guarantee. It also offers 24/7 technical support. Aside from this, they also offer an extensive list of free tools.

Their server monitoring is continuous. They also offer a security scan on a regular basis. Some of the features of the server are Nginx-based enterprise grade caching and a custom delivery network.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is an excellent WordPress hosting provider. They offer managed, unmanaged, and dedicated servers, as well as a variety of hosting packages. You can find a plan to suit any budget, and you can rest assured that you’ll get your money’s worth.

A2 Hosting is known for providing speedy service and impressive features. The company is a great choice for web designers, and even those with moderately web-savvy WordPress users.

The company’s all-SSD infrastructure allows for a fast and reliable website. The company also boasts a well-stocked knowledge base and excellent customer support. Customers can reach technicians by phone or via their live chat service.

A2 Hosting also offers a variety of security features to protect your site from malicious attack. These include a malware scanner and free automated account backups. Other features to look for are their SSD storage disks, which are more efficient than HDDs.

One of the best features of A2 Hosting is the company’s obfuscated WordPress login, which makes it harder for hackers to steal your credentials. The company uses a proprietary Site Accelerator plugin to automatically enable caching options for your WordPress website.

Another good thing about A2 is the fact that their reps are very hands-on, and they often fix problems themselves. It’s also easy to make contact with them through a ticketing system. This is one of the reasons A2 is known for its top-notch customer support.


Cloudways is a cloud hosting provider that offers several packages based on how much you want to spend. You can choose a plan that comes with a free WordPress install and a few other features. This makes it a good choice for small businesses.

In addition to hosting, Cloudways also has options for backups, security and speed. One of its most notable features is its custom control panel.

Other features include a user-friendly dashboard and a full suite of management tools. Aside from WordPress, you can also deploy Magento, Joomla and other web apps.

Cloudways has an excellent uptime record. They use VMAN technology, which helps in providing 50 percent faster loading times.

If you’re looking for a more robust security solution, you may be interested in their servers’ built-in firewalls. As well as that, Cloudways offers a host of other features such as server-level SMTP, advanced caching, and more.

It’s not hard to see why Cloudways is a popular choice among developers and designers. It offers features such as a custom control panel, one-click WordPress installation, and a full set of server-level security options.

Despite being a bit trickier to use than some of the competition, Cloudways is a great option for anyone in need of an affordable, flexible, and reliable cloud hosting service. Compared to other cloud hosts, Cloudways’ customer support is not as robust, but that’s hardly a bad thing.

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